didnt-talk-dirtyThe check is in the mail. We’ve all heard this one. I won’t…in your mouth. We’ve heard that one too. This election has all come down to which lies you choose to want to hear.

Make no mistake. Trump is a liar. Make no mistake. Clinton is a liar.  So the choice is in the flavor of the lies you want to palate. Interestingly enough, the two samples above reflect the flavors of the two sets of lies in the campaign.

Here’s another one for you. How do you know when a lawyer is lying? When her lips are moving. Hillary is a lawyer, isn’t she? Or maybe she can’t recall.

So let’s put out a few things before moving on. The only people who don’t believe in conspiracy theories are those who’ve never been involved with the system. If you’ve read here before, I have first hand experience in two separate matters where the authorities and courts conspired to perpetrate major injustice. The authorities lied, pure and simple, and the courts knew they were lying and helped them get away with it.

So I believe Donald Trump when he says the system is rigged. I believe him when he says the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton and is overtly aiding and abetting her in her getting elected. I believe that free and independent press in America is dead.

Similarly, I believe Trump when he says that the State Department, the lack-of-justice department, the head of the FBI and Obama himself conspired and colluded to ensure that Hillary Clinton did not get indicted and did get a free pass for the crimes she committed in regard to her emails, the Clinton Foundation and pay for play. Furthermore, I believe she lied to the families of the people killed in Benghazi, even standing there before their coffins. Personally, I consider that to be one of the most despicable things she’s ever done. Also personally, I believe that shows what she will be as a president. Truly.

So there it is in a nutshell. For this election it’s pick your poison. Hillary and her friends, along with the self-serving press, are conducting a major character assassination on Trump. It’s inconceivable to view it any other way. She has out-campaigned him by using her global network of liars and corrupted government agencies, president on down, to make this election about something which may be reprehensible yet which pales in comparison to the things she has done. Even as this is being written she is fundraising, has raised more than a half billion dollars and has used the money to trash Trump. Kudos for her ability to pull this off, but shame on anyone who doesn’t think she is ten times more immoral than him. From selling our uranium to Russia to ripping off the people of Haiti, there’s no limitations to what she wouldn’t do for her own self interests. Choose her and that is what we’re electing.

Trump, in continually falling into her traps, has shown he is not presidential material. But what he’s done doesn’t even rate as small potatoes compared to her. He underestimated her. He surely underestimated the depth of the corruption of her and her campaign and our government which protects her to protect being outed for how corrupt it really is.

So, pick your lies. That’s this election. Sleaze? Or total unadulterated corruption, perjury and use of government for personal gain to the tune of a about 175 million that we know about? Weigh it on your balance scale.

And then consider that if you’re unhappy with how things have been going through the Obama administrations, Hillary’s Supreme Court picks will ensure we continue down that way for some three decades. Can America afford it? Will America survive it?