gamingOur socialist-leaning government, so far from what it was intended to be, is selling the minorities a false narrative. Aimed particularly at African Americans, it is selling a pity party, telling minorities time and time again that they are victims, that they must be taken care of, or, by implication, telling them that they are less than.

Obama and the Democrats own this one, and actually their narrative, spewn recklessly as they have always done it, is a major cause of minorities having failed to effectively integrate en mass into the middle class. It is also the single underlying ideological difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

A few simple facts: slavery ended about 155 years ago; segregation ended about 55 years ago; we have an African American president; African Americans run some of the cities that have recently had major riots; Democrats have run the cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore for anywhere from 50 to 100 years; the war on poverty, a Democratic initiative, has cost 23 trillion dollars and spanned 55 years yet it has not effectively lessened the poverty rate in America or changed the demographics of the poverty.

There are many more facts of all kinds that could be cited. But the single most germane ones are that children born into single-parent families are much more likely to live in poverty than those born into two-parent families and 74 percent of African American kids are born to single mothers.

The Democratic narrative of inherent racism in America, heightened by two black attorneys general and a president more intent upon demonizing Caucasians than advancing the quality of life of the African American citizens he governs, has crippled African Americans while simultaneously inciting their ire. This president and his attorneys general, in deliberately and purposefully not prosecuting the Black Panthers and wrongfully defending a host of African Americans (Hands Up Don’t Shoot) despite their clear criminal actions, have incited the racial divide we now face, caused chaos in our streets and endangered the lives of every police officer on the job. They have told African Americans they are less than, that they should strike out and that they are deserving of payoffs called reparations. Poor me, Poor me.

This is so far from the truth it’s amazing they’ve gotten away with it. We know how and why they did, but that’s for another time. What they should have been selling, if they really wanted to help their people, are hard work, education, and self-dependence. That is what has allowed every other group in America to rise up and that is what is allowing other minorities to surpass the African Americans now.

Fredrick Douglas taught himself to read at a time when Blacks were forbidden to have education. He used ingenuity, hard work and determination. This is what Obama and his cronies should be selling.

But they’re not, and the reason they’re not is because they are the modern-day slave owners. They offer the African American community a variety of government handouts that keep it in virtual poverty and abject dependency. In return, the Democrat masters get 90 percent of their votes and continue to run their inner cities which they have decimated.

The Democrats are gaming the African American community. Their economic policies and current social policies are continually proven untenable and ineffective. Their rhetoric is often pretty. They have the backing from the left-leaning media (check out the owners of much of that media) and billionaires like George Soros (check him out). But make no mistake, they have no one’s interests at heart but their own–their own selfish self-interests.

Attack them and they call you every “ist” in the book to shut you down. Contradict them and they use the lack-of-justice department to prosecute you like they’ve done to those whose scientific findings don’t align with their political agenda, as in climate change. They even use the IRS to prevent organizations which might oppose them from forming.

It took a civil war to end slavery the first time. What will it take this time to prevent the Democrats from continuing to plunder the very community they purport to represent?