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You cheated, you lied, you said that you loved me…Love is something you know nothing about.

Hillary is shocked that Donald won’t say if he will respect the outcome of the election. She says he is disrespecting the very pillars upon which America was founded and cites free and open elections as that which he is specifically disrespecting.

Give us all a break, Hillary!

The more one considers what Trump said last night in light of this election, the more credence his position takes on. The more Hillary stands on her high moral ground there, the more hypocritical she appears, the more disgusting and distasteful she is.

Me thinks the lady protesteth too much.

Trump’s only real problem in the debates is that he is not a debater. Last night was no exception. She has the words, beautiful words, practiced and rehearsed. She is the living proof that the pen is mightier than the sword.

That her words are empty, even meaningless, that her words change depending upon who’s paying her, these are the things that matter, not how artfully her words disguise what she truly is.

Free and open elections died when Obama failed to prosecute the Black Panthers for intimidating voters. They had them on tape and could have prosecuted. But his lack-of-justice department had the memo circulated not to prosecute Blacks.

Free and open elections died when the media gave up any pretense of not having bias in this election. It died when the Washington Ragpost put twenty reporters to  finding dirt on Trump. It died when the NY Slimetimes echoed the Ragpost, posted opinion as news and of course posted stories about Trump it knew were false. Free and open elections died when NBC, formerly owned by GE whose CEO is on Obama’s energy team in the White House, pushed out the Trump tapes the night before the second debate after sitting on it, when it purposefully attempted to influence the election and has successfully done so.

Free and open elections died when the grassroots organizations that supported Obama went to work for Hillary, registering how many dead people in how many states? Registering how many non-Americans who are not eligible to vote? Free and open elections died when the laws of the land, this land, refused to uphold showing ID and American citizenship to prove eligibility for voting.

Free and open elections died when those same grassroots organizations, we now know for a fact are tied to you, Hillary, organized and paid people to  create the very violence at Trump rallies you accused those deplorable and irredeemable Trump supporters of perpetrating.

Free and open elections died when the Democrats nominated and America allowed a felon to run for office. Hillary has corrupted the State Department and the FBI. She talks about Trump’s taxes, but really no one knows about the finances of the Clinton Foundation, where it is estimated that two billion dollars have gone in but only several hundred million are accounted for. She had it backwards in last night’s debate. Ninety percent of the money goes to administration and ten percent to charity. She, of course, in her pretty words, stated it the other way around, and Donald—never the debater—didn’t correct it. (I don’t want to misalign her, so the real estimates are eighty – twenty, eighty percent for her people and twenty percent for actual charity work.)

Free and open elections?  That’s a joke, right? Hillary claims on the one hand that seventeen intelligence organizations say Russia is behind the Wiki-leaks and that Trump is in collusion with Putin. Yet her email server was eons less secure and she claims it was never hacked. Trump also missed that thanks to her pay-for-play, she sold our uranium to Russia who now sells it to Iran who buys it with one hundred-seventy billion dollars in cash that we gave to Iran. In part, her deal. Selling our uranium to Russia alone should disqualify her from running for president.

Give us all a break, Hillary. You’ve peed on all those pillars of America you claim Trump is disrespecting. If your pretty words get you elected,  America Beware!