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jailhouse-door-2Wake up was at four-thirty. On the first morning Bill did not understand why so early, but by seven everyone was fed and out for their work details.

An alarm sounded over the PA system. That meant get your ass out of bed because by four forty-five line up for mess was made. If you were late, you got a demerit. Three demerits and you lost commissary privileges for a week.

Bill had no idea what he was doing but he was smart enough to follow along with those who knew the routine. So he got up. He hadn’t slept much and was tired, but he dragged himself along. He was already dressed. He slipped on his shoes and lined up with the others. He made the trip to the mess hall simply following the man in front of him.

Breakfast! Really? Bill slid his tray along the metal slide-shelf and sleepily watched as some white, runny stuff was slopped on in the middle compartment. Next came equally runny yellow eggs and two pieces of burnt toast. Finally came a choice between chocolate or regular milk. Bill chose chocolate.

As he had done with dinner, he didn’t touch his tray. He drank the milk almost greedily, so fast it nearly upset his empty stomach. Luckily, or maybe by the grace of God, he didn’t heave it up. Then he sat staring into space. When cleanup came, he dumped everything in the trash and returned the spoon.

They got one double-edge razor blade each morning. That was for forty-eight men. You didn’t have to shave and Bill decided that first morning he’d skip the pleasure. He did wash up. He did  brush his teeth best as he could since he didn’t have toothpaste. He was dying for a smoke, but he didn’t have cigarettes. After washing up, he lay on his bunk waiting.

The razor was passed around according to who knew whom. No matter who got it first, Bill would learn, the tough would end up with the first shave and his friends would get it next. Then it went by who was associated with whom or who was paying off.

At six-thirty work details started getting called out. A few names would be called, the people would line up at the door and then within minutes they would be led out. Bill’s name got called in the fourth set. He and two others from D dorm went out.

Bill found himself in a paddy wagon with five other inmates. He didn’t know where he was going or what the work was, but he was on his way. The other men were a mixed group of young and old, three a bit older than Bill, two in their forties or fifties. They all knew each other and joked around. Bill sat quietly until one of the older men asked him his name. That loosened things up. Next question was what he was in for. Bill told them. Each inmate then introduced himself  in turn and told what he was in for. “Jesse, drunk driving.” “Warren, domestic violence.” “Newman, drunk and disorderly…”

“Where we headed to?” Bill asked when each man had said his name.

Bill discovered he was on the way to the police shooting range. The work detail was one of the tougher ones, pure physical labor.


A Note About the Fiction Outtakes:

The  Fiction Outtakes  are based upon my fiction. Very often they utilize characters which appear in different pieces of fiction written over the years.  However, the events and incidents do not generally appear in the fiction. For the most part they are outtakes, pieces written and not included in the actual works or pieces written for fun. All  of  The Ghost Writer outtakes are not actual events  depicted in  the upcoming novel (tentatively to be released in February 2017) but  the characters are actual characters from the novel. Similarly, Bill Wynn is a character from  The Kitchen Stories (written over many years and also to be released in 2017).  However,  the actual experiences depicted in the outtakes do not necessarily appear in  The Kitchen Stories.


quill-pen-300x300About a week ago there was an article in the paper in Worcester, MA talking about two civilian groups petitioning the local government to furnish information about spending involving immigrants that had been brought in by the Federal Government. The groups wanted to know how much taxpayer money had been spent on housing, education and assorted other items since the relocation. The government refused to respond to the petitions, refused to furnish any information whatsoever.

Who do they think they are? Or when did this government, or any government here in America, become unaccountable to the taxpayers who fund it? Taxation without representation was one of the causes of the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party occurred not too far from Worcester. We’ve come full circle, right back to where we started, only this time it’s our own government, here, that’s doing it.

Interestingly, these “hidden” things come in the time of the most transparent administration ever. That’s what Obama and his lapdogs would have us all believe. They think if they say it enough times, over and over, loud enough, and if they have the media repeat it, over and over, often enough, loud enough, people will actually believe it. Obama would also have us believe he is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. Again, if his lapdogs say it enough…

So this is about hiding things, about government not being transparent. But more important, it’s about the government not being responsible to the people it represents and basically telling those people to stick it.

Start with Fast and Furious, that misguided effort to track guns. Of itself it might not have been so bad. The cover-up, the dodge: that was the real travesty. Start with Obama’s speaking out in favor of that black professor before he even knew the circumstances and move on to the memo not to prosecute blacks.  Then continue on to his support for black lives matter, to his refusal to say all lives matter, to his inability to label ISIS (which he refers to with more respect than he does to Catholics) as Islamic extremist terrorists: there’s a pattern there showing disdain for traditional American values and for a large part of the American populace. His divide and conquer practice has served him well by creating the chaos he has used to undermine America’s institutions, to destroy America’s standing in the world and to double America’s national debt. That at least half the American public doesn’t agree with what he’s done seems not to matter to him in the least.

Obama, pedant in chief, couldn’t give a flying f–k about the people he serves and he has made the government unresponsive, even combative toward them. Local governments have followed suit, like Worcester is doing about the illegal immigrants housed therein. By the way, this is the same Worcester where a woman at a city hall meeting said she didn’t call the police when a bullet went through her window and landed in her living room wall because the police don’t respond unless someone is shot. Maybe they’re too busy protecting the imported aliens. Or maybe they are too shorthanded because of the expenses incurred as a result of the newly placed immigrants.

Spend twenty years in the church Obama went to and start your political career in Bill Ayers’ home, the Weatherman bomber terrorist, and no wonder the government you run is unresponsive to its people. No wonder more than half the people feel left out, left behind and unjustly taxed because they must pay for programs and actions they neither like nor want. No wonder, in the end, your party lost the election and was pretty much repudiated.

A government like ours must answer to its people. It can only be unresponsive to and disdainful of its people for a short period of time. Eventually the people will force a change of direction as they have just done.




quill-pen-300x300One thing Obama practiced was the policy of shoving it down their throats. He did just that with Obamacare. He did just that with his decision to take over GM. He told those who opposed him that he didn’t need them, that he had a pen and the power. And he used his pen and executive power repeatedly, thumbing his nose at Congress, the States and the Supreme Court. So he did just that with his wild use of executive orders.

What a guy!

Obama wasn’t alone. He used Susan Rice to shove down their throats, our throats, the falsified narrative of the video causing protests in Benghazi. Hillary joined her in shoving that down our throats at the same time, we know now, she was emailing her daughter that it was an organized terrorist attack on our embassy. Now, by the way, the Dems are getting ready to shove Chelsea down our throats by making her a Congressman. Chelsea, we now know, had a three-million dollar wedding and remember Hillary said they were dead broke when they left the White House. Not bad! Of course we now know that the Clinton Foundation paid for that wedding and for the first decade of Chelsea’s married life.

Lies, lies, lies: that’s what Hillary tried to shove down our throats. What a woman!

Interestingly, back to Obama, he tried to shove down our throats that he was a president of all the people. We all know what bull that was. He had his lapdog Eric Holder send out a memo not to prosecute blacks and he made sure to have his lack-of-justice department made good on that memo. He was a president of none of the people as it has turned out. His economic policies have hurt blacks and minorities. He openly accused whites of being racists and other things too. Sixty-five percent of whites voted for him. Ninety percent of blacks voted for him. Want to make some inference about who’s racist?

Shove it down their throats is a philosophy practiced by the Democrats. Harry Reid used the nuclear option in the Senate, changing longstanding rules to do so for just that reason. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren: now they are bastions of honesty and integrity. They tried, along with Wasserman-Schultz, to shove Hillary down our throats. They were aided by the media and big money too, especially socialist/anarchist/Anti-Semite George Soros.

Worst of all, Obama spent his entire eight years as president trying to shove his vision of the world down our throats. Perhaps it never occurred to him that his vision of the world is not our vision of the world and his perceptions of the United States are not our perceptions. He believes we are a shameful nation, arrogant and elitist, and that we should assume the posture of a global country subject to UN laws and regulations and part of the global economic network, which means not necessarily placing America and American workers first. He believes we should not be the world leader. He believes that we are a racist people, an ignorant people who need someone with his visions and policies to guide us to…mediocrity, complacency and self-destruction.

He has shoved birth control down the throats of Catholic Nuns, forcing it upon them through Obamacare and the courts. He has forced his definition of marriage down our throats and his gender-identification policies, to wit, bathroom policy changes, down our throats too.

The liberal progressives, the anarchists, the lefty Dems, Hillary, the DNC, Obama and his cronies and global billionaire supporters–they believe in the shove-it-down-their-throats doctrine. In this do-or die election, the American people said they’d had enough of stuff being shoved down their throats.

About time!




jailhouse-door-2The ruckus started well into the night. Bill didn’t know what time it was, but he had lain awake for what seemed an insufferable amount of time before finally dozing off. He’d slept a bit—he didn’t know how long—only to be awakened by the “shh” sounds and then the clear tumult of people moving around. Next was the unmistakable sound of a struggle.

They carried him to the back corner behind the toilet partition and from the sound of it, they threw him down so part of him, maybe his head, hit the wall, the partition wall or maybe even a sink. Then came the punches and the kicks.

Bill didn’t stir. What he most noted was how the punches and kicks sounded so different from how they sounded on TV. They were much duller and more blunt than on TV. Quite remarkably different, he thought.

There were a lot of them, he noted. No talking at all. The only sounds that resembled those on TV were the grunts. Each thud and dull pop was followed by a grunt.

The whole thing took less than a few minutes, Bill guessed, a moment in time that would be etched into his mind forever.

His own ordeal had only taken a moment. At least that’s how he remembered it. He went to help this kid, to pull one of the six people beating on him off. He was hit from behind and knocked out. He woke up in a paddy wagon with a split skull and split eye, blood dripping from him like it had been dripping from that guy yesterday. Like that guy yesterday, he’d been unable to wipe his face or anything like that since his hands were cuffed behind him and the cuffs cuffed somehow to the side of the paddy wagon behind him.

Bill remembered. He hadn’t felt anything at the time. He didn’t feel anything until after he’d come to, and even then not immediately. That was the adrenaline. But then, like a sledge hammer, boom, his head exploded in pain and his skull and eye burned. He didn’t get to the hospital until ten hours later, after he was bailed out.

He wondered. The inmates who had dragged the one who was beaten slipped quietly back to their bunks. The one beaten didn’t get up for what seemed a long time. Bill’s heart thumped. All he could think was there but for the grace of God.

 Finally, the beaten man stood up. Being toward the back and in the top bunk, Bill could see him. His face was bloody. He wobbled as he tried to stand on his own. He stumbled to the first sink and ran the water, washing his face by rinsing with his hands. Then he simply ducked his head into the sink and let the water run over his head.

Bill wondered if the man at the sink thought he was going to get away with causing someone to be beaten by a guard. Bill was sure now there was no way that he would get himself in such a situation, not if he had any say in it. He was also sure now that copping a plea deal so as not to go to the penitentiary was a smart play. In the pen, Bill thought, that man with his bloody head in the sink would have caught a shiv.


A Note About the Fiction Outtakes:

The  Fiction Outtakes  are based upon my fiction. Very often they utilize characters which appear in different pieces of fiction written over the years.  However, the events and incidents do not generally appear in the fiction. For the most part they are outtakes, pieces written and not included in the actual works or pieces written for fun. All  of  The Ghost Writer outtakes are not actual events  depicted in  the upcoming novel (tentatively to be released in February 2017) but  the characters are actual characters from the novel. Similarly, Bill Wynn is a character from  The Kitchen Stories (written over many years and also to be released in 2017).  However,  the actual experiences depicted in the outtakes do not necessarily appear in  The Kitchen Stories.

jailhouse-door-2Dinner call was at four-thirty. Dinner was four forty-five on the button. They lined up outside the prison mess hall, passed along the serving line and were herded into the metal stool seats attached to the metal tables. They ate with metal spoons on metal trays that were partitioned.

Everything was strictly regimented and routines were never broken unless an emergency occurred. They lined up in D dorm and every dorm. They marched in silence from the dorms to the mess hall. They passed their trays on the assembly line where the food was dished out. They took their seats.

After the last inmate had been served, ten minutes of eating time was measured. Then, table by table, first in first out, they marched along, cleared and discarded their trays and spoons, marched back to their dorms. All the marching was done in silence. Guards were positioned all along the way and they were in their stations too. Two guards watched to make sure the inmates turned in the spoons.

Back in the dorm at about five, there was nothing to do. Bill had nothing to read, nothing to write with. There was no TV and no radio. He was bald but for the stubble the clippers left on his head, the stubble he could feel when he ran his fingers over his scalp. He’d done that twice then stopped. He still hadn’t looked at himself in the mirror.

Dinner wasn’t anything Bill had recognized. Up on his bunk, eyes closed, all he could think about was SOS, army talk from his father for chipped beef on toast, Shit on Shingles. That was what the main thing looked like, or more like slop. Then there were runny mashed potatoes, grayish colored peas and two yellowed slices of bread, stale since it was hard to the touch.

Bill didn’t eat anything. Nothing. He’d sniffed it all once and made the executive decision easily. He was hungry and tired and scared and forlorn. He didn’t drink anything either, and skinny as he already was, he knew he was going to lose weight.

No one had returned to the bottom bunk. When Bill looked around, he could see there were several groups that had congregated. The members of those groups hung out, sat and stood around the bunks of one of their members. One of the groups was playing cards. Playing cards was forbidden. Possessing playing cards was forbidden too, so that group had a lookout.

Other inmates hung out in pairs. Bill, totally new to the place, didn’t know anyone. He was happy enough to be by himself and keep to himself. No one paid him any mind. That was a good thing.

At seven was commissary call. Bill didn’t know anything about the commissary, but inmates lined up and were taken out. They came back with all sorts of stuff, from cupcakes and donuts to shaving cream and cigarettes. Bill needed cigarettes and decided he had to find out about how to get money go to the commissary.

After commissary, the man in the bottom bunk returned. He was a bit older than Bill and had a thin, reddish beard, two side straps leading to a scraggly goatee-like thing. He wore the workhouse shirt open and untucked now, the short sleeves rolled up high to show his muscles.

“I’m Ronnie,” he said. Bill came down from his bed. They shook hands.


“What you in for?”

“Assault and battery. You?”

“DWI. Got thirty days. You?”


“All the way to Thanksgiving,” Ronnie said. “You married?”


“What do you think your wife’s doing while you’re in here? Who you think she’s with?”

“It’s not like that,” Bill said.

“That’s what they all say,” Ronnie said. “You’ll see.”

Bill didn’t say anything. He watched as Ronnie’s lips formed a mean grin. Ronnie turned and walked two bunks down to talk with someone he knew. Bill decided he wouldn’t talk with him again if he could help it. He climbed back up on his bunk having already decided he’d sleep in clothes.

The lights flashed twice at nine-fifteen. At nine-thirty it was lights out. Two dim bulbs cast a dull light by the toilets. Otherwise it was dark except for the bright lights out in the hall.

Bill lay awake a long while.


 A Note About the Fiction Outtakes:

The  Fiction Outtakes  are based upon my fiction. Very often they utilize characters which appear in different pieces of fiction written over the years.  However, the events and incidents do not generally appear in the fiction. For the most part they are outtakes, pieces written and not included in the actual works or pieces written for fun. All  of  The Ghost Writer outtakes are not actual events  depicted in  the upcoming novel (tentatively to be released in February 2017) but  the characters are actual characters from the novel. Similarly, Bill Wynn is a character from  The Kitchen Stories (written over many years and also to be released in 2017).  However,  the actual experiences depicted in the outtakes do not necessarily appear in  The Kitchen Stories.

images-1Bernard Baruch said: “Anyone taken as an individual is tolerably sensible and reasonable—as a member of a crowd, he at once becomes a blockhead.” Thoreau said that “The mass never comes up to the standard of its best member, but on the contrary degrades itself to a level with the lowest.”  Nietzsche said about crowds that “Madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.” Thomas Carlyle said: “I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” Le Bon stated that when the crowd did act, it invariably acted foolishly. He felt that a crowd might be brave, cowardly or cruel, but it could never be smart. He said, “In crowds it is stupidity and not mother wit that is accumulated.” Crowds “can never accomplish acts demanding a high degree of intelligence,” and they are “always intellectually inferior to the isolated individual.”

Enough said?

Maybe the Democrats and anti-Trump demonstrators ought to read a little bit, maybe stop walking out of their schools and start attempting to learn some of the things the people inside the schools are trying to teach them. But then that would attribute a sense of intelligence to the crowd of idiots clouding the cities where the demonstrations are taking place. Maybe those crowds should stop destroying property, polluting the air and perpetrating the ridiculousness the left-wing leaders have put them up to, not for the good of the country but for the good of, who else, the leaders.

This is about education and sensibility. A while ago the absolute idiocy of Nancy Pelosi’s famous “you have to sign it to see what’s in it” was discussed here and it has been referred to several times since the first discussion of it. Write your own mortgage terms and even with an 850 credit score from all three credit bureaus you couldn’t get a bank president to sign it without reading it. It’s beyond preposterous to think that anyone could hear what Pelosi said and not ask themselves how such an idiot got elected, let alone to be a leader of her party. In her case, the term leader is used only for want of another term. But she has led her party in the House (that Dem crowd) into its policies, policies that have aided her socialist president in perpetrating the destruction of their party and thrown them into the chaotic state they seem to be in now, wondering how they lost an election to, of all people, Donald Trump.

The Democrats, as a crowd, well…look up above to that first paragraph. They still don’t get it. They continue in their hypocritical, nonsensical idiocy and yet they think they will pull themselves out of their free-fall. The New York Slimes, part of their crowd, apologizes for being biased against Trump and then goes on to continue being biased by publishing misguided and slanted articles about Trump’s transition team. Harry Reid continues to slander Trump and his choices and shouts out about them invoking Antisemitism and racism. Wasn’t it George Soros who was a major player for Obama and Hillary? Isn’t it that same George Soros and his cronies who are leading the flock of crowd-idiots into destroying the cities that voted against Trump? Maybe Reid and Pelosi and Obama (who began his political career in the home of a known domestic terrorist and spent twenty-some-odd years in a church led by a known racist) don’t know about Soros and his ties. Not!

Oh well. Not in a crowd but individually, Trump supporters went to the voting booths and elected him as the next President. Maybe the people in the demonstrating crowds ought to look at what they’re doing and see who gets what for their efforts. If they actually stopped, looked, read a little bit and checked out some things, they might stop being part of the vile crowd their selfish and misguided leaders use to maintain control over them.

cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgRemember the old saying, point a finger at someone and three are pointing back at you? Try it out on your own hand.

So Hillary blames Comey. And the Dems blame Putin and Wiki Leaks. Obama blames anyone and everyone as long as it isn’t himself. And poor Bill Clinton might not be able to be a predator in the White House again or get anymore flights on the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express.

They just don’t get it.

It’s interesting! Watching the Democrats come to grips with why they lost the election and didn’t take control of either House is better than going to the movies. They call for abolishing the Electoral College. They say that Hillary didn’t lose because she won the popular vote. They say it was a white backlash perpetrated by a racist candidate whose supporters (all deplorable and irredeemable) are racist, misogynistic xenophobes. Wow!

They just don’t get it. Harry Reid, proud of the fact that he lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes since Romney lost the election, goes on and blasts President-Elect Trump and the people who elected him. Give em hell, Harry. And his stunning partner, Nancy Pelosi, vows to fight for her power, threatening those who would switch leadership in the House with that she has two-thirds of the votes to keep her position. You go, girl!

They just don’t get it!

The media doesn’t get it either. The New York Slimes is so out of whack that it may never find its way to being a newspaper again. The Washington Compost is further out of the world than The Slimes. The Compost may never find earth again. Clinton Network News is dedicated to Obama, and the NBCs, all of them, are still in bed with him.

They just don’t get it.

Maybe they don’t get it because it’s sitting right in front of their noses. Like the Brit’s did with Brexit, the Americans have done here in this election. Clearly, they have said they don’t want the status quo. Clearly, they have said they don’t want someone under at least two Federal investigations as their president. Clearly, they have said they don’t want someone who has, over a thirty-year period, been involved in scandal after scandal and whose husband, an ex-president, is a sexual predator, in the White House. Clearly they don’t want someone who has failed as Secretary of State, lied repeatedly to the people and demonstrated absolutely no regard for America’s safety and security repeating such behavior as their chief executive.

No, they just don’t get it. And the fact that they don’t get it is utterly shocking. But it’s not surprising. It’s not surprising because they are, and this includes the in-the-tank-for-Obama-and-Hillary media, so arrogant as to think that the American people might not ascribe to their failed socialist economic policies which have put millions of people out of work and on welfare  and their uber-liberal social policies which treat illegal aliens better than veterans and mock traditional religious beliefs.

They just don’t get it.

Their arrogance and their smarter-than-thou attitude is what prevents them from getting it. It’s really quite simple, so simple that they just don’t get it. And as long as they continue as they are, they will never get it.


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