fleasWe’ve all heard this one: if you lay down with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas. That’s what happened to James Comey, and his latest move was merely an attempt to shed his fleas. It won’t work, of course, because all the dogs around him are infected too.

It was reported that Comey is a religious man and that his wife has been telling him he did wrong in July by not recommending that Hillary Clinton get indicted. His wife, per the report, said he needed to redeem himself. So the speculation is his move last week was his attempt at redemption.

Boy, haven’t we heard it all this time!

Of course yesterday’s move, whether true or not (but who really believes they went through 650,000 emails) only shows that the fleas have gotten worse despite any attempt at getting rid of them.

And so it goes.

Moving upward, the analogy changes, gets worse. The infestation starting in the White House isn’t just fleas. It’s termites. The termite infestation began a long time ago, surely not with Obama per se, but Obama put it into hyper-drive. It started with his lack-of-justice department and Eric Holder, with the purposeful decision not to prosecute blacks. With that and Fast and Furious, the termites really took hold, such that the lack-of-justice department is a crumbling house.

It’s almost redundant to mention Loretta Lynch, her connection to Bill Clinton (no one seems to talk about his 26 flights on the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane labeled the Lolita Express, at least 5 of them without Secret Service Agents and heading to Asia—long flights) or the tarmac meeting followed by the HRC announcement she would keep Loretta as her AG. It’s not even a pseudo-justice department anymore. Of course, finally, there was the lack-of-justice department’s blocking the FBI investigations and the President saying, like he always does, that he would never attempt to influence the FBI, then going on to blast Comey.

No sympathy for Comey, but the house is crumbling all over.termite-damage

Under Obama, the IRS is a crumbling house too. It’s another politicized agency, one that isn’t supposed to be political. Targeting of conservative groups so as to withhold their ability to form—not an accident, to be sure. No one was punished or fired. It was all okay because the White House is a termite-ridden, flea-infested structure that should be condemned.

The VA? Another termite-ridden, flea-infested structure that should be condemned. The truth there, though no one will admit it, is that our illegal aliens are given more benefits and considerations than our veterans. The flea-bags in our government should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not because they are depraved souls. If you don’t believe that, consider that HRC’s ads say her foundation gives 90% of its funding to the charities it supports, but the foundation’s tax returns show that it gives only 6%. Depraved!

The State Department? Iran deal, Russia being sold our uranium—is there really anything more to be said? Another termite-ridden, flea-infested structure that should be condemned.

Comey put himself in the bed that he knew was flea infested. If HRC is elected, our government will not only be in crisis, but  it will continue being termite-ridden and flea-infested, a  structure that should be condemned.

Would Trump be any better? Who knows? But if Hillary is elected, buyer’s beware. She’s corrupted everything she’s touched. Her husband too. Leopards don’t change their spots.