cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgThe Silent World is speaking. It spoke in the UK by voting for Brexit. It spoke here on Tuesday by voting for Trump. The not-so-silent world spoke there following their referendum. It is speaking here now. And what we see is how ugly the not-so-silent world people can be, how ignorant they are. What we see is their deep-seated, dark feelings of hatred and disdain for anyone who does not agree with them.

Let’s get something straight from the get-go. We are really talking about less than one half of one percent of those people, the rioters, many of whom are paid professional rioters. They are followed by the idealistic lambs who have been led astray. Those lambs, by the way, are the victims of a failed education system and the false promises of a failing leftist government whose policies preach a false sense of entitlement and which have consistently failed socially and economically for more than fifty years.

Let’s get something else straight. Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Cher, Madonna and all the other celebrities who publicly supported Clinton immediately went on about their luxurious lives doing their concerts, making millions and capitalizing on Hillary supporters who will go to their concerts and buy their materials. The normal everyday people, 99 percent of the populace, will plod on in their everyday struggles exacerbated by the failed Clinton-advocated Obama economic policies.

Furthermore, Mark Cuban and George Soros won’t lose any of their billions, probably made money on the big drop in stock futures followed by the market run-up, and won’t have lost any sleep by Hillary’s loss. Bill Clinton had already begun finding work-arounds for continuing foreign contributions to the Clinton foundation when Hillary was elected. Now there’s no conflict. The Clinton Foundation paid for Chelsea’s three-million dollar wedding. That’s a 3 followed by 6 zeros. It also paid for a full decade of Chelsea’s life. Those dead-broke Clintons…

The not-so-silent media that orchestrated the rise of Clinton and tried to orchestrate the demise of the President-elect continue to stoke the fires of division and hate they attempted to paint upon the President-elect but which we clearly see is painted on them. They profit from the fires they stoke; many of the media outlets are owned and run by those who benefit economically from the leftist policies that destroy the silent world people and, believe it or not, the 99.5% of the minorities the leftist, Obama-Clinton policies have enslaved and kept captive.

Yes. The silent world is speaking. It didn’t create the violence at Trump rallies. Whether you like Wiki-leaks or not, they showed that the Clinton campaign bought and paid for that. It didn’t call the Clinton supporters deplorable and irredeemable. The not-so-silent world did that. It simply voted for upholding traditional values like religious freedom, a non-interpretive Constitution and a lawful America where the laws are enforced. It voted for self-dependence, self-determination and an end to the nanny state which has created a modern, bastardized form of slavery. It voted for defending itself against radical Islamic terrorist threats, reestablishing it’s sovereign borders and protecting itself against foreign enemies.

What’s so bad about that?