cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgNow that he’s won, things are pretty amazing. Really.

For starters, the media that lambasted Trump regularly, actually pretty much to the point of persecution, wonder why he is keeping them at bay. Then those wonderful Hillary supporters who were shocked and awed by his saying he would wait until the election was over to see if he would accept the results have decried that he is not their president and have rioted in the streets. And those that have cheered Hillary in calling him every “ist” name in the book, including those people in the media, continue with their attacks, insisting it is Trump who is divisive.

The same hypocrisy that was so apparent during the campaigns continues after the election. It wasn’t even artful enough to call it irony as opposed to hypocrisy. Now it’s downright disgusting.

And they wonder why they lost the election!

Do they really believe they can shove anything they want down the mouths of the American people without the American people standing up for themselves?

It started with Obamacare, rammed through in the middle of the night after blatant bribery for votes and without a single Republican vote. It ended with a president politicizing and corrupting the IRS, the State Department and the FBI (which is why Comey didn’t recommend indicting Hillary in the first place), and that same president treating our enemies better than our allies and our illegal aliens better than our veterans.

HRC called what turned out to be half the voting populace deplorable and irredeemable and she continually stated that those who disagreed with her are not only those bad “ist” things but also stupid and misguided. So did her advocates, including the president who is supposed to be the president of all the people. Turns out he was never that, never wanted to be that and pushed forward his policies by saying he had a pen and the power.

Well, now that Trump’s won, the American people have showed that they accepted the liberal-socialist ways and the bold-faced lies extremely tolerantly up to the point where their religious beliefs were mocked, their gender-bathroom sensibilities turned upside down, even their traditional definition of marriage uprooted. And that’s not to mention their jobs lost, their wages stagnating, even lessening, their uranium sold to an enemy, and on and on.

Yes, now that Trump’s won, the American people have demonstrated that there’s always a saturation point and they had reached it.

The media are freaking out, continually attacking, criticizing and belittling the President-Elect, yet crying that he won’t let them close. Why? So they can backstab him?

The lefties are trying their hardest to see how they can change vote counts and positioning themselves to fight the new administration from the get-go. (See what that famous American Indian Elizabeth Warren already said.) And Chuck Schumer too. He’s another beauty, truly unworthy of public office. Shouldn’t they be looking for ways to move the country forward?

Finally, our weeping college students–if we’d taught them all along about winning and losing, growing up, standing on their own, fiscal responsibility and sensibility, about being self-respecting, independent human beings, they could accept the election results. One such student said on the news she was now afraid she wouldn’t be allowed to remain on her parents’ medical insurance until she’s twenty-six. Our enemies must be peeing in their pants from laughing so much.

Now that he’s won, sit back and take a look at the actions of the HRC-Obama following, at the end products of their nanny-state, they’re-stupid-we-know-better policies. See what they’ve created? And they wonder why they lost?

Now that he’s won, let’s see what he can do. So far, he’s been gracious, humble and willing to work for all the people with all the people. Maybe we should wish him well and help him in his endeavors. That would be the human thing to do.