cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgHave Whoopi and Barbara gone yet? Didn’t they say they would leave the country, go to live elsewhere, if Trump were elected?

There were at least eighteen celebrities who said they would leave America if Hillary lost. Well, if they haven’t gone, what’s keeping them from going? Good bye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

For most of them, going to live somewhere else should be no problem. Many of them have homes in other countries. If they haven’t been smart enough to have the foresight, still, no problem. They all have made enough money in this country they want to leave to simply buy another home. They can probably do it for cash too.

Most regular people have trouble paying their mortgages or their rent. If they manage that, they often have to choose between health care and groceries. Sometimes they can’t fill up their gas tanks to go to work or afford child care while they’re at work. They haven’t had a raise in years, their salaries are diminished, worth less than in the 1990s. Even those regular folk, the deplorables and irredeemables, who are retired haven’t had an increase in Social Security twice in the Obama years.

But no matter. You poor downtrodden celebrities, you multi-millionaires, you wonderful voices who so care for the regular people, you are so hurt and despondent that you must move out. You don’t have to move because you can’t make your payments, like the regular folks. No. You are just too distraught, too upset that the system worked exactly as it is supposed to. Yes, we had an election, the people chose, and now we’ll have a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.

So all you poor, downtrodden celebrities, fulfill your promise. Go. Get out. Your ostentatious, luxurious lives won’t change one bit, will they?  You’ll still make your movies, come here when you want, even stay here in the homes you won’t have to sell. Unlike us regular folks who have to sell a house to be able to move and buy another house, you can afford many residences. Oh you would have us believe you’re making such great sacrifices, but you’re giving up nothing at all. Poor, poor you.

Truth is, you won’t be missed. Even if you stopped making movies, records and giving concerts, you won’t be missed. But you won’t do that, will you? You probably won’t even go. Why is that?  It’s because you must make your money and keep your fame. Your ideology is simply empty words.

The American people showed in this election that they understand that you don’t speak for them, that you’re not with them or one of them. They showed that they understand that like most really wealthy people who support socialist ways, you do so, so we regular people will be kept down at the lowest common denominator while you continue to live regally. That’s your game. Look around. Socialism doesn’t work. It has failed everywhere. The regular people know this. The regular people have shown that when all is said and done, they uphold traditional American values and beliefs.

So go. Goodbye. God be with you. And if you don’t go, if you don’t fulfill your promise to leave, then shame on you. At least do us all the courtesy of shutting up.