cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgRemember the old saying, point a finger at someone and three are pointing back at you? Try it out on your own hand.

So Hillary blames Comey. And the Dems blame Putin and Wiki Leaks. Obama blames anyone and everyone as long as it isn’t himself. And poor Bill Clinton might not be able to be a predator in the White House again or get anymore flights on the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express.

They just don’t get it.

It’s interesting! Watching the Democrats come to grips with why they lost the election and didn’t take control of either House is better than going to the movies. They call for abolishing the Electoral College. They say that Hillary didn’t lose because she won the popular vote. They say it was a white backlash perpetrated by a racist candidate whose supporters (all deplorable and irredeemable) are racist, misogynistic xenophobes. Wow!

They just don’t get it. Harry Reid, proud of the fact that he lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes since Romney lost the election, goes on and blasts President-Elect Trump and the people who elected him. Give em hell, Harry. And his stunning partner, Nancy Pelosi, vows to fight for her power, threatening those who would switch leadership in the House with that she has two-thirds of the votes to keep her position. You go, girl!

They just don’t get it!

The media doesn’t get it either. The New York Slimes is so out of whack that it may never find its way to being a newspaper again. The Washington Compost is further out of the world than The Slimes. The Compost may never find earth again. Clinton Network News is dedicated to Obama, and the NBCs, all of them, are still in bed with him.

They just don’t get it.

Maybe they don’t get it because it’s sitting right in front of their noses. Like the Brit’s did with Brexit, the Americans have done here in this election. Clearly, they have said they don’t want the status quo. Clearly, they have said they don’t want someone under at least two Federal investigations as their president. Clearly, they have said they don’t want someone who has, over a thirty-year period, been involved in scandal after scandal and whose husband, an ex-president, is a sexual predator, in the White House. Clearly they don’t want someone who has failed as Secretary of State, lied repeatedly to the people and demonstrated absolutely no regard for America’s safety and security repeating such behavior as their chief executive.

No, they just don’t get it. And the fact that they don’t get it is utterly shocking. But it’s not surprising. It’s not surprising because they are, and this includes the in-the-tank-for-Obama-and-Hillary media, so arrogant as to think that the American people might not ascribe to their failed socialist economic policies which have put millions of people out of work and on welfare  and their uber-liberal social policies which treat illegal aliens better than veterans and mock traditional religious beliefs.

They just don’t get it.

Their arrogance and their smarter-than-thou attitude is what prevents them from getting it. It’s really quite simple, so simple that they just don’t get it. And as long as they continue as they are, they will never get it.