images-1Bernard Baruch said: “Anyone taken as an individual is tolerably sensible and reasonable—as a member of a crowd, he at once becomes a blockhead.” Thoreau said that “The mass never comes up to the standard of its best member, but on the contrary degrades itself to a level with the lowest.”  Nietzsche said about crowds that “Madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.” Thomas Carlyle said: “I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” Le Bon stated that when the crowd did act, it invariably acted foolishly. He felt that a crowd might be brave, cowardly or cruel, but it could never be smart. He said, “In crowds it is stupidity and not mother wit that is accumulated.” Crowds “can never accomplish acts demanding a high degree of intelligence,” and they are “always intellectually inferior to the isolated individual.”

Enough said?

Maybe the Democrats and anti-Trump demonstrators ought to read a little bit, maybe stop walking out of their schools and start attempting to learn some of the things the people inside the schools are trying to teach them. But then that would attribute a sense of intelligence to the crowd of idiots clouding the cities where the demonstrations are taking place. Maybe those crowds should stop destroying property, polluting the air and perpetrating the ridiculousness the left-wing leaders have put them up to, not for the good of the country but for the good of, who else, the leaders.

This is about education and sensibility. A while ago the absolute idiocy of Nancy Pelosi’s famous “you have to sign it to see what’s in it” was discussed here and it has been referred to several times since the first discussion of it. Write your own mortgage terms and even with an 850 credit score from all three credit bureaus you couldn’t get a bank president to sign it without reading it. It’s beyond preposterous to think that anyone could hear what Pelosi said and not ask themselves how such an idiot got elected, let alone to be a leader of her party. In her case, the term leader is used only for want of another term. But she has led her party in the House (that Dem crowd) into its policies, policies that have aided her socialist president in perpetrating the destruction of their party and thrown them into the chaotic state they seem to be in now, wondering how they lost an election to, of all people, Donald Trump.

The Democrats, as a crowd, well…look up above to that first paragraph. They still don’t get it. They continue in their hypocritical, nonsensical idiocy and yet they think they will pull themselves out of their free-fall. The New York Slimes, part of their crowd, apologizes for being biased against Trump and then goes on to continue being biased by publishing misguided and slanted articles about Trump’s transition team. Harry Reid continues to slander Trump and his choices and shouts out about them invoking Antisemitism and racism. Wasn’t it George Soros who was a major player for Obama and Hillary? Isn’t it that same George Soros and his cronies who are leading the flock of crowd-idiots into destroying the cities that voted against Trump? Maybe Reid and Pelosi and Obama (who began his political career in the home of a known domestic terrorist and spent twenty-some-odd years in a church led by a known racist) don’t know about Soros and his ties. Not!

Oh well. Not in a crowd but individually, Trump supporters went to the voting booths and elected him as the next President. Maybe the people in the demonstrating crowds ought to look at what they’re doing and see who gets what for their efforts. If they actually stopped, looked, read a little bit and checked out some things, they might stop being part of the vile crowd their selfish and misguided leaders use to maintain control over them.