quill-pen-300x300One thing Obama practiced was the policy of shoving it down their throats. He did just that with Obamacare. He did just that with his decision to take over GM. He told those who opposed him that he didn’t need them, that he had a pen and the power. And he used his pen and executive power repeatedly, thumbing his nose at Congress, the States and the Supreme Court. So he did just that with his wild use of executive orders.

What a guy!

Obama wasn’t alone. He used Susan Rice to shove down their throats, our throats, the falsified narrative of the video causing protests in Benghazi. Hillary joined her in shoving that down our throats at the same time, we know now, she was emailing her daughter that it was an organized terrorist attack on our embassy. Now, by the way, the Dems are getting ready to shove Chelsea down our throats by making her a Congressman. Chelsea, we now know, had a three-million dollar wedding and remember Hillary said they were dead broke when they left the White House. Not bad! Of course we now know that the Clinton Foundation paid for that wedding and for the first decade of Chelsea’s married life.

Lies, lies, lies: that’s what Hillary tried to shove down our throats. What a woman!

Interestingly, back to Obama, he tried to shove down our throats that he was a president of all the people. We all know what bull that was. He had his lapdog Eric Holder send out a memo not to prosecute blacks and he made sure to have his lack-of-justice department made good on that memo. He was a president of none of the people as it has turned out. His economic policies have hurt blacks and minorities. He openly accused whites of being racists and other things too. Sixty-five percent of whites voted for him. Ninety percent of blacks voted for him. Want to make some inference about who’s racist?

Shove it down their throats is a philosophy practiced by the Democrats. Harry Reid used the nuclear option in the Senate, changing longstanding rules to do so for just that reason. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren: now they are bastions of honesty and integrity. They tried, along with Wasserman-Schultz, to shove Hillary down our throats. They were aided by the media and big money too, especially socialist/anarchist/Anti-Semite George Soros.

Worst of all, Obama spent his entire eight years as president trying to shove his vision of the world down our throats. Perhaps it never occurred to him that his vision of the world is not our vision of the world and his perceptions of the United States are not our perceptions. He believes we are a shameful nation, arrogant and elitist, and that we should assume the posture of a global country subject to UN laws and regulations and part of the global economic network, which means not necessarily placing America and American workers first. He believes we should not be the world leader. He believes that we are a racist people, an ignorant people who need someone with his visions and policies to guide us to…mediocrity, complacency and self-destruction.

He has shoved birth control down the throats of Catholic Nuns, forcing it upon them through Obamacare and the courts. He has forced his definition of marriage down our throats and his gender-identification policies, to wit, bathroom policy changes, down our throats too.

The liberal progressives, the anarchists, the lefty Dems, Hillary, the DNC, Obama and his cronies and global billionaire supporters–they believe in the shove-it-down-their-throats doctrine. In this do-or die election, the American people said they’d had enough of stuff being shoved down their throats.

About time!