quill-pen-300x300About a week ago there was an article in the paper in Worcester, MA talking about two civilian groups petitioning the local government to furnish information about spending involving immigrants that had been brought in by the Federal Government. The groups wanted to know how much taxpayer money had been spent on housing, education and assorted other items since the relocation. The government refused to respond to the petitions, refused to furnish any information whatsoever.

Who do they think they are? Or when did this government, or any government here in America, become unaccountable to the taxpayers who fund it? Taxation without representation was one of the causes of the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party occurred not too far from Worcester. We’ve come full circle, right back to where we started, only this time it’s our own government, here, that’s doing it.

Interestingly, these “hidden” things come in the time of the most transparent administration ever. That’s what Obama and his lapdogs would have us all believe. They think if they say it enough times, over and over, loud enough, and if they have the media repeat it, over and over, often enough, loud enough, people will actually believe it. Obama would also have us believe he is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. Again, if his lapdogs say it enough…

So this is about hiding things, about government not being transparent. But more important, it’s about the government not being responsible to the people it represents and basically telling those people to stick it.

Start with Fast and Furious, that misguided effort to track guns. Of itself it might not have been so bad. The cover-up, the dodge: that was the real travesty. Start with Obama’s speaking out in favor of that black professor before he even knew the circumstances and move on to the memo not to prosecute blacks.  Then continue on to his support for black lives matter, to his refusal to say all lives matter, to his inability to label ISIS (which he refers to with more respect than he does to Catholics) as Islamic extremist terrorists: there’s a pattern there showing disdain for traditional American values and for a large part of the American populace. His divide and conquer practice has served him well by creating the chaos he has used to undermine America’s institutions, to destroy America’s standing in the world and to double America’s national debt. That at least half the American public doesn’t agree with what he’s done seems not to matter to him in the least.

Obama, pedant in chief, couldn’t give a flying f–k about the people he serves and he has made the government unresponsive, even combative toward them. Local governments have followed suit, like Worcester is doing about the illegal immigrants housed therein. By the way, this is the same Worcester where a woman at a city hall meeting said she didn’t call the police when a bullet went through her window and landed in her living room wall because the police don’t respond unless someone is shot. Maybe they’re too busy protecting the imported aliens. Or maybe they are too shorthanded because of the expenses incurred as a result of the newly placed immigrants.

Spend twenty years in the church Obama went to and start your political career in Bill Ayers’ home, the Weatherman bomber terrorist, and no wonder the government you run is unresponsive to its people. No wonder more than half the people feel left out, left behind and unjustly taxed because they must pay for programs and actions they neither like nor want. No wonder, in the end, your party lost the election and was pretty much repudiated.

A government like ours must answer to its people. It can only be unresponsive to and disdainful of its people for a short period of time. Eventually the people will force a change of direction as they have just done.