quill-pen-300x300So it’s three weeks since the election and we’re starting into the recounts in what could be three states. Not too long ago Hillary was appalled that Donald Trump wouldn’t commit to accepting the election results. She used that as a ploy to win votes for herself, or try to, as it might have worked out, damn near saying Trump was challenging the very pillars of our democracy. We as Americans should be outraged, she said. But that didn’t stop her from joining in on the idea of having a recount. That didn’t stop her from challenging the pillars of our democracy, although of course she wouldn’t admit it as that.

Go on and keep it up Hillary!

Hillary and the Dems wonder why they lost, her specifically and the Dems overall. And they’re still wondering. Honestly it’s amazing, but not surprising. In fact, their lying ways that are clearly continuing, and their outrageous, outrageously apparent hypocrisy are both par for the course, even expected, and part and parcel of why they lost.

As an option to joining in the recount endeavor, which Hillary so easily did, she might have shown she had some decency (instead of the none whatsoever the American people already suspected she has) by opposing the effort for a recount and refusing to participate in it. She might have spoken up for how it isn’t going to change the election results. She might have said how difficult and divisive an election it was and advocated for unity and healing. She might have shown she really cared about America by speaking  to how unsettling a recount is, by advocating that what the country needs is for the people to wish the President-elect well and to stand behind him.

But no, she did what she always does, what she’s always done: she lied, again. Oh, we know. She didn’t actually lie. She misrepresented herself, again, which we all know is tantamount to lying. Shamefully, or in her case shamelessly, she is trying to sell us the notion that she joined in to make sure it’s done honestly and there are no irregularities. Right! Once again she is the knight in shining armor, our white knight, our protector of liberty.

That in a nutshell is why the Democrats lost the election. This, more than anything else, is why Hillary Clinton lost the election. She lied. She lied. She lied. She misrepresented herself and her real intentions and she attempted to deny her improprieties and indiscretions by accusing her opponents of falsely accusing her. Her history with this process spans the greater part of her career and her husband’s career. They are notorious for it.

So Hillary and the Democrats should keep it up. Push further and further left. Keep denying that the loss was anything they did. It had to be external factors, couldn’t be that they no longer represent the values and sensibilities of the American people. They should continue looking down at us as ignorant children needing their moral guidance and economic welfare. They should continue believing that if we disagree with anything they say, we are an ist, racist, misogynist, etc. They should continue thinking only they know and we can’t survive without them. And they should continue convincing themselves that we can’t see their lies, their hypocrisy and their charades.

Yes. Keep it up. We know that if they keep doing what they’ve done they’ll keep getting what they got. Keeping Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader is a good move for keeping it up!