quill-pen-300x300It’s a different ballgame if you have skin in the game. Everyone in America should have skin in the game and should be made to have it if they don’t.

If your family has someone in it who is a veteran that has gone to war, you see foreign policy, threats from enemies and from radical Islamic terrorism differently from families that have no one in them who has ever served. Similarly, if you are part of the Joe Q Average family that is paying taxes and is not receiving any benefits from the government even though your family may be struggling, you see things differently than if you are part of a family that has been on welfare for generations and has not ever contributed to the tax base.

Remember Geraldo on TV being called out for saying he was in favor of the ban on handguns and that he supported stricter carry laws when he personally has armed bodyguards with him just about 24/7? That pretty much says it in a nutshell. And if this example is carried further, past the rhetoric and the slogans and the heartbreaking, carefully chosen examples, if the facts of the issue are carefully examined, considered and presented, then it’s clear the gun control issue is not really the issue but that it is a smoke screen for something much bigger. Yes. It is subterfuge for something much more nefarious–control.

The freebies like free college, like benefits for illegal immigrants (which they are not supposed to get but actually do in many places), like medical insurance as in Obamacare, are really efforts by the Democrats and Democratic part of the government to get control of the government and keep control of it. That is nefarious.

Those freebies aren’t free. The Joe Q Average families pay for it with their tax dollars. They pay for everything for themselves with their hard work and they pay for those not contributing anything with their hard work too. That is why Trump won.

Does anyone really think Hillary or Barack or Nancy or Harry or Elizabeth actually care about them, about the people? They are not subject to the same laws as the people. They belong to the American Politburo. Hillary tried to call Trump out on his taxes, but who called her out on what her family has pulled from the Clinton foundation? And the others, aren’t they doing the same thing with taxes Hillary accused Trump of?  So let’s not kid ourselves. It’s the Joe Q Average family who is paying for everyone. Hillary and Harry and them only have skin in the game for themselves and their cronies.

Let’s face it. People in this country with no skin in the game, most specifically the people who live in what they themselves call the ghetto but who have no clue as to what a ghetto really is, have been sold a bill of goods by the very people who claim to be representing them and who claim to care about them, by those people, the ones referred to above, who only represent themselves and couldn’t care less about anyone else, especially the people they’ve been raping and enslaving for the past fifty years.

So everyone must be made to have skin in the game. It’s the difference between getting something for free or having to pay for it. The studies show people take much better care of things they pay for. If everyone has skin in the game, their views of taking care of this country will change for the better. Everyone won’t agree on all things, but everyone will have a vested interest in protecting the sanctity of America.