quill-pen-300x300The Democrats are the single most ominous threat the United States faces. In the midst of the chaotic world they have created (look at Iran and the Middle East, Russia and China, and North Korea), they would have us believe it is climate change. That statement, especially coming from the president himself (when Trump takes office president can be capitalized again), is not only absurd, but it is a dangerous read on the world situation, a gross misconception, and a clear indication of why the Democrats are the most ominous threat.

Climate change the way it is depicted by this administration is a ruse. In its modern form, climate change began as the baby of Al Gore’s pity party, something Gore advanced to enrich himself after losing in 2000. Obama’s administration has taken it to the next level. It calls it the greatest threat America faces, which it is not. But worse, much worse, it practices the policy of attacking climate change skeptics through investigation and prosecution by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her lack-of-justice department.

Think about this. If one disagrees conceptually with what Obama’s administration wants to be believed regarding climate change, one is subject to investigation and prosecution.

In America, what could be more nefarious? What could be more ominous? Since when did the government, in America, control what we were allowed to think and believe?

This isn’t a rant against climate change. To be clear, there are sane and responsible positions about it. The science shows that adding carbon dioxide to the ozone layer is destroying it to an extent. No one knows exactly how much and no one knows precisely what the effect of this is on the earth’s climate since changes in climate are periodic. No one can foresee the future, no one predict what will be. What is sure, however, is that stacking the science with government-funded scientists whose livelihoods are dependent upon results favorable to the government’s beliefs and prosecuting scientists who dare to disagree with the government’s beliefs will definitely stifle a true and realistic examination of any climate change that is actually occurring. Thus it is irresponsible and dangerous. The practice of controlling scientific experimentation and controlling thought is ominous, nefarious and outright un-American.

The Democrats, particularly under Obama’s administration have flaunted the law and bullied the people. Early on, under Eric Holder, the lack-of-justice department decided what laws it would uphold and what laws it would disregard. Similarly, it decided who it would prosecute and who it wouldn’t based upon the color of skin. Isn’t that a racist practice? Yes, that is racist! And it is another reason the Democrats, under Obama’s leadership, are the most ominous threat America faces.

Obama’s administration has used the lack-of-justice department as a political tool. Similarly, it has used the IRS as a political tool too. Allowing the IRS to continue its practice of unfairly investigating right-leaning organizations and businesses seeking tax–exempt status is beyond outrageous and ominous. The result of this practice was to stop (at best) and thwart (at least) most of them from forming, thereby stifling political opposition. Obama knew about it, lied about knowing and did nothing about correcting it. In fact, Lois Lerner, the perpetrator, retired happily on the public dime with a taxpayer-funded pension to the tune of nearly $130,000.

This could go on and on. And then it could go on and on more about the Despicable Dems. In light of their actions now, after the election, it should. Meanwhile, the real reason they are the most ominous threat America faces is because they do what they do with a sense of entitlement and under the auspices of being the champions of freedom. They do it under the guise of advancing civil rights and protecting the minorities. Their record over the past 50 years belies this. In fact, their record shows how full of BS they are in their self-righteous selves.

If after reading this, you think it hyperbole, consider how the people who voted for President-Elect Trump feel when Trump is compared to Hitler and Mussolini. Think about how the surviving families of those killed and otherwise hurt by them and others like them feel when such a comparison is made, thereby diminishing the true effects of dictators and despots. The left-wing praises of Fidel Castro are kind of along the same lines, just another reason they are The Despicable Dems.