quill-pen-300x300They can accept 32 different genders. They can accept that Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. Pocahontas! They can accept that a boy of fifteen is allowed to walk into a girl’s dressing room because he says he feels like a girl on that particular morning. They can accept just about anything, no matter how preposterous, as long as it fits in with their narrative, with their beliefs, with their vision of how America should be according to them.

But they can’t accept that maybe, just maybe, their vision of how America should be isn’t the vision shared by the mainstream, Joe Q Average American, that same mainstream Joe Q Average American family who voted for Donald Trump. In not accepting that “maybe,” they’ve become The Election Deniers, those very same people Hillary Clinton was outraged by, those very same people Ms. Clinton was appalled by, those very same people the poor, misunderstood, always-being-attacked Mrs. Clinton who never did anything ever that she’s been accused of, said were challenging the very pillars of our democracy.

Yup. Now, among everything else, she has become an Election Denier. Of course, as is her style, she would never say that. As is her style, she has her front people do all they can to disrupt, discredit and misalign the dignity of the election while she gives statements of her deep concern for the well-being of America and the American people. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

But this isn’t about Hillary per se, as despicable as she is. (As an aside, however, because it is interesting, her approach to election denying, that same self-righteous, holier than thou, two-faced approach, is the same approach that caused her to lose the election. It’s the story of that naked emperor whose subjects were too afraid to tell him he was naked though everyone could see it but him. He thought he had the most beautiful set of new clothes on. She thought no one could see what she was doing, could see what her MO was and has always been. She thought she was a shoo-in, especially since she had the lack-of-justice department, the state department, the bulk of the media and the president in her pocket.)

So that in-her-pocket president now calls for an investigation into hacking of the election boxes, the effect of [Russia’s] hacking on the election. Now, he calls for it. This is after Jill Stein and the recount fiasco, shameful as it is and which is still ongoing, though of course there will be no election result changes, after all the Hillary-backer supported protests, after all the other accusations by the Clinton front-people about how something must be amiss because even though the results were not favorable to her, she didn’t lose since it was false news, Jim Comey, hacking and whatever else she can throw in there to see what will stick on the wall. Not her of course for she only speaks to her concern for the well-being of the American People. Gag. Gag.

Why now would Obama call for it? Why now would he become an Election Denier? Why all The Election Deniers?

That answer is simple. It’s because they simply can’t believe that America isn’t the way they say it is and want to force it to be. They simply can’t believe that most Americans, regardless of race and ethnicity, believe in simple, straight-forward old-fashioned American values, values like believing in God and being allowed to express such a belief, even in a Judeo-Christian God. They simply can’t believe that most Americans want safety, secured borders, good jobs and good education for their kids. They simply can’t believe that most Americans are tired of the PC police, are tired of the false narratives (Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, for one) they’ve been yelling at us for over fifty years, narratives that are belied by the results of their failed policies.

So they’ve become The Election Deniers specifically to discredit the President-Elect, to undermine his presidency before it begins by casting doubt on whether or not he is the legitimate president. For Obama, who has consistently shown himself to be petty and spiteful, maybe it’s payback for Trump’s birther-issue stuff even more than trying to protect his legacy,  a legacy only he thinks, like that naked emperor, is a good one.

That’s why now. That’s why. And the more they hold to the moral high ground, like what Palmieri said to Kellyanne Conway about her rather lose than “providing a platform for white supremacists,” the more lowdown they are and the more lowdown they are seen to be.

The Election Deniers: the more they deny, the greater the chance they lose more and more of their support base and their power.