josh-eFrom his comments about Trump asking Russia to assist in finding Hillary’s missing 33,000 emails, Josh Earnest would have us believe that a real way to shore up the world economy and end world hunger would be to have us eat babies. Here in America, he, his friends and the all the Politburo Politicians wouldn’t have to do that, but it would be, according to his understanding of jocularity and sarcasm, a viable alternative for the rest of us here and all over the world, for all the little people.

After hearing him all this time, his name fits right in with his pattern of not recognizing sarcasm and jocularity. The spelling of his last name is spot on, not, for one thing he is not is his last name. If he is actually being earnest in his comments all this time, then really, God help America, or maybe it is too late already for God to help America.

So the latest is that now, all of a sudden, the intelligence community (they cite 17 intelligence agencies) have concluded that the Russians hacked our elections and that their intent was to assist President-Elect Trump in getting elected. The FBI has not signed on with those 17 agencies, contends that despite what they call conclusions, there is not a single shred of concrete evidence and asserts that CIA Director John Brennan, the only intelligence official actually prepared to claim that Russia sanctioned the hacking, “takes his marching orders from president Obama.” Comey further asserts that leaks to the press about this stuff are  an attempt by the Democratic Party to delegitimize Trump’s election.

The Earnest Man, Josh, (is he joshing?) marched forward today despite the lack of any definitive proof and amidst the controversy by saying that President-Elect Trump asked Putin and Russia to assist in finding Hillary’s lost 33,000 emails [during the debate], concluding that Trump knew Russia was hacking, approved of it and was complicit in it. He even states this is a fact.

Wow! That’s a mouthful. No one has seen any facts yet, just conclusions drawn by political people based upon no-one-knows-what-facts-if-any which are then labeled facts by them. A fact is a fact, a conclusion is an inference unless it is of itself a fact. We can conclude it is 22 degrees outside if that is the temperature. To conclude it is cold is an inference based upon the temperature fact. It may be warm to someone who lives in sub zero weather all the time.

This fact/conclusion, observation/inference stuff is taught to second graders and reinforced from then on. It may even be taught earlier than second grade. Their reasoning is faulty. They want us to believe it. Shame on us if we do!

So we come back to eating babies. Yes. Yes. Yes. Being earnest is such a vital quality in our leaders and their spokespeople. They need to be earnest with the American people, for the American people need to believe that they are being told the truth and not being joshed.

Are we being joshed, Josh? Is Josh really earnest? Or is he a shill for president Obama? Is he only being earnest to the president?

Given that his candidate of choice didn’t win, the president surely sees all chance of his having any sort of positive legacy slipping away. It is clearly to his political advantage to have Trump accused of actually asking Putin for help to find those lost emails. It is his partisan politics at its ugliest to have Trump directly accused and being complicit in the hacking as the earnest Josh front-man so happily, it seemed, did yesterday.

They play so nicely at that game of having a front man speak what is said behind the scenes while they profess innocence, concern for the country and love of the Democracy.

Yes. Josh, being earnest, would have us eat babies. Swiftly, as this comes to the end, he must be joshing. Methinks The Despicable Dems doth protest too much.