hypocrisy meterNo one said anything when a junior senator from Chicago with no real government experience and no administrative experience whatsoever was elected president. Only a few people, people like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, brought up the facts that this young, inexperienced junior politician started his political career in the home of a terrorist who had bombed a police station or that he’d spent twenty years in a church whose pastor’s sermons were laced with racist and anti American venom.

No one petitioned the electors of the Electoral College to abandon their sworn duty and not vote for the person who’d won the election then. No. No one said he had no experience or that he used drugs in college or that he was unqualified and unfit for office by his associations, his actions or his beliefs then.

The incumbent president was cordial, facilitated a smooth transition of power and quietly left the White House. In fact, no matter what the new president did, that president who had served his two terms stayed quiet for the duration of his successor’s two terms. He was a professional, a gentleman, a man who served his country and did not believe that his beliefs were absolute, that it was his way or the highway.

So how have we come to this? How is it that in this election cycle electors of the Electoral College are being threatened not to vote for the President-Elect? Yes, their lives are being threatened! How is it that the incumbent is taking potshots at the President-Elect and his press secretary is openly accusing the President-Elect of colluding with the Russians to alter the outcome of the election? Even the first lady has chimed in by saying now that the election ended as it did, hope is gone.

How did we come to this? Why would the losing party be so invested in discrediting the winning one before it even assumes office?

These are real questions, questions the American people must grapple with and come to terms with. These questions actually ask all the American people to check out what is going on in this country, to examine the actions of the losing party that is attempting to undermine the very core of our democracy.

It was Hillary Clinton who was so appalled that her opponent might not accept the results of the election. In fact, her opponent only said he would wait to see the results before he answered the question. He never said he would not accept them. Nevertheless, she viciously attacked him, called him un-American, said his words, his position and his attitude were un-American. Therefore, by her own words and logic, she must be un-American, and her actions (of course perpetrated by her front people, as is her way) must be challenging the very pillars of our democracy. Shame on her, shame on them, shame on the community organizer who became president who spent his entire presidency organizing, campaigning and playing politics, even going so far as to do it using the IRS, the State Department, the lack-of-justice department, the CIA and the FBI. Even more shame on him for taking potshots at the President-Elect and for being so arrogant as to think only his ways are right.

The left’s beliefs, the beliefs of the Despicable Dems—that only they are right and that anyone who doesn’t see this is so stupid that they need the Dems to lead them and take care of them—are a main part of the reason they lost the election. Their arrogance and self-righteousness are the cause of their being totally blindsided by the results, by the mere possibility that maybe a good part of America doesn’t want what they are pushing, that maybe they haven’t been as successful as they think they’ve been.

Nevertheless they plod on. They don’t look inward at their actions or at why they lost. They look outward, fund riots, recounts and bogus excuses for why they were rejected. They even support harassing electors of the Electoral College. In sum, they perpetrate all the worst behaviors and actions they attributed to the other side thinking it is okay because they are morally right, thinking their own poo doesn’t smell.

More hypocrisy! Maybe if Hillary had looked at how often she lied, how often she was insincere, arrogant and self-righteous while being nothing more than a self-serving, common thief, she might have been the first woman president. Her pretty words, front people and feigned indignation didn’t do it for her. America does not need the lefties to lead it by the nose. It needs to take inventory of where the Despicable Dems have taken it and where it wants to be. The election results reflect the beginnings of that inventory.