quill-pen-300x300A lot of people could have said “he’s not my president” about Obama back in 2008. They might have asked who this man was who promised hope and change, the first African-American to win his party’s nomination, the first African-American to become president.

Throughout much of the country there was jubilation. Throughout much of the country there was trepidation. Blacks felt as if they’d arrived. Many whites rejoiced. Many others wondered and feared. But no one spoke out in divided terms (with the exception of fringe groups perhaps) or demonstrated or destroyed things or called him names. In fact, no one even deeply vetted the shady past from which he emerged, to wit, his ties to a known terrorist and a racist Reverend. No one seemed concerned that he was a  left-wing socialist.

Along with Obama we got a first lady who said that only since her husband was nominated was she for the first time in her life proud of her country, or perhaps that always until then she was ashamed of it. Of course, now in her exiting the White House she has said that her husband’s departure means that hope is gone.

Obama is a narcissist beyond any ever seen in the White House. He claims many things, yet most of his claims are nothing more than that, empty words. He had no real accomplishments before entering the White House and given his actions in the transition period thus far, it’s safe to say that he will leave no positive legacy to speak of. Instead, he leaves the country more divided than he found it, the Middle East in turmoil and chaos, Russia and China threatening and even taking aggressive military actions inclusive of annexing territories. And that’s not to mention his leaving a politicized and corrupt IRS, State Department and lack-of-justice department that selectively chooses which laws to enforce and which to disregard. Of course, he also leaves a failing medical care system, Obamacare, in which unless you’re so poor that you’re totally subsidized, your deductible is so high you might as well not have insurance, which you can’t do since you’re penalized monetarily.

So he leaves a mess all around while claiming he’s the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. Shame on him! Shame on him for the lies like Benghazi and for rewarding and promoting the presenter of the lies. Shame on him for his overt racism and for sympathizing with Black and Muslim criminals and traitors like hands-up-don’t-shoot and Bo Bergdhal. Shame on him for being more supportive of illegal aliens than the families of those innocent American citizens they’ve killed.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

And now the worst. He began his presidency by first visiting Arab countries and apologizing to them for America’s “actions.” He’s ending it by selling out our one Democratic ally in the Middle East and our greatest ally, Israel, by changing the longstanding American policy of supporting Israel in the UN. Along the way of his time in office, he supported every Muslim enemy and foe while snubbing and demeaning every Democratic ally. Remember that insulting gift to Queen Elizabeth? No wonder a good many people still believe Obama is a Muslim!

Shame on you, Mr. Obama. The only transparencies in your administration have been your blatant disregard for American values, for American citizens other than Blacks and Muslims, your blatant disdain for our allies, for Christianity and for anyone who does not hail you as the legend only you believe you are.

Most of all, the greatest shame of all on you for stabbing Israel in the heart and once and for all showing your personal anti-Semitism while again unleashing world anti-Semitism.

You alone think yourself a legend, Mr. Obama. But you’ve shown yourself to be a petty, shameful, ignorant, bigoted empty shell of a president.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.