liesLies, lies and more lies: that is the way of our times. It’s not new. It’s just more pronounced.  With the media being what it is, one might think the people would get the truth. That’s not the case. The reality is that our leaders and the media have spent their time and craftiness developing ways to circumvent and/or obfuscate it.

Harry Reid, of all people, best articulated the current complete disregard for the truth seemingly endemic to our times. Not only did he lie outright about Mitt Romney and his taxes, but later, when asked about it, Reid said he was glad he did it since Romney didn’t get elected. The inference is that lying as a tactic is now quite all right, even acceptable. After all, the Senate Minority Leader and former Majority Leader sanctioned it, even proudly defended it.

Shoot forward and there’s Susan Rice out on all the Sunday talk shows blatantly lying about what happened in Benghazi. That lying was concurrent, we now know, with Hillary Clinton lying to the parents of those killed in Benghazi while simultaneously emailing her daughter Chelsea that they knew it was a planned terrorist act. Susan Rice, despite lying outright and being exposed for it, was almost promoted to a high cabinet post, but since that didn’t go over too well, she was promoted to Ambassador to the UN.  Within the last two week or so, she is purported to have accompanied John Kerry in a meeting with the Palestinians which Kerry says never took place but which internal government sources allege is documented. That meeting precedes the US not blocking the anti-Israel resolution just passed in the UN that Israel claims the US secretly initiated, helped draft and pressed for. Israel claims it has incontrovertible proof of what it claims. Obama holds to what may very well be another blatant lie.

This last one regarding Israel represents the issue. By the time the people get the truth, Obama will have sworn to his lie (if it is a lie) so many times many people will simply accept it’s veracity, real or not. The media, NY Slimes, Washington Compost, Clinton Network News and all the NBCs, the ones admittedly in the tank for Obama and his cronies, will have sworn to his lie so many times that it will simply be accepted.

This is ominous stuff. Consider!  Obama announced sanctions on Putin and the Russians for interfering in the recent election. First he announced that  seventeen intelligence agencies concurred. He called for a major investigation to be completed before he leaves office, but that investigation is maybe ongoing, maybe not. Then there was some push back from the FBI. Then the FBI acquiesced. Obama said they have proof but no one has ever shown any proof.  So as far as anyone not in his loop knows, the claims he’s been making and intelligence report conjectures thus far are just that: conjectures, inferences.

Now, the media reports the intelligence agency conjectures as fact. It refers to Obama’s claims about Trump imploring Putin to hack in and help him as fact. It reports as fact that Putin knew and personally directed the hacking. The most the media has is that Obama said nothing happens in Russia without Putin knowing.

And so without the American people seeing one iota of actual factual evidence, Obama has slurred the President-Elect, purposefully attempting, perhaps, to delegitimize his election and cast doubt on his presidency before it starts while sanctioning Russia, starting stuff he won’t be there to finish, handcuffing the new president purposefully.

Lies, lies and more lies. When it’s all said and done, regarding selling out Israel,  sanctioning Russia and casting aspersions on the  legitimacy of the incoming administration, Obama will have achieved his ends without presenting one concrete piece of evidence such that the truth is inconsequential, not important.

Lies, lies and more lies. Obama isn’t the first president to lie or the only one or the only leader to be selling some pretty big whoppers. But he and his cronies and his people have perfected the art. But then, as Hillary said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”