quill-pen-300x300Ask a Jew in Nazi occupied territory before and during WWII about Nazis. Ask him/her about the ghetto.  Ask if they could have ripped off the Star of David they were forced to wear and freely walked out of the gates to go move someplace else.

Then, let’s talk about Nazi comparisons and Hitler comparisons to President-Elect Trump. Rational minds do not even entertain such ridiculousness. Irrational and politically-oriented minds post such comparisons on social media to incite the unthinking lambs who think they  are cute and then re-post the idiocy. The media people eager to make a story or further their careers and/or  their political ideology exploit  the posts on the airwaves and in the newspapers by making them into stories.  This is not normal. In fact, it’s as abnormal as a man saying he feels like a woman on any given  morning and so he’s considered a woman and allowed to use the women’s bathroom.

Rational minds know better. Rational minds know that if people could be classified according to their feelings on any given day, then every April 15th the fifty-one percent of the American people who pay taxes would say they feel poor and would be classified as poor so as to get money back instead of having to pay.

Rational people know that what the blacks in America refer to as the ghetto is not really a ghetto. It may have some similarities, but even that’s a little stretch. It’s hyperbole and nothing more, a rhetorical device they use to keep themselves where they are.

And so we come to the leftist rhetoric and the destructive Democratic rhetoric specifically designed to denigrate and de-legitimize President-Elect Donald Trump. But in this case, at this time, it works simultaneously to serve another equally destructive purpose. It organizes and further enslaves those minorities who still believe that the Democrats have their backs. Yes. Those lambs are enslaved by the Democrats who are without doubt paying the bill for Fascist/Nazi/Hitler rhetoric aimed at blocking the Republicans from doing what the American people elected them to do. Not only did the American people elect them, but in doing so they rejected the despicable Dems who labeled more than half the American people as deplorable and irredeemable. Those are the same despicable Dems who cannot accept their loss and who still believe that only their vision for America is the vision. Or, like the chief despicable Dem, the exiting the White House one, that belief, that only their way is the right way, is the irrational cry of extreme egotists.

Look at what their more than half a century’s control over our inner cities has wrought. Then it is clear how truly delusional their proclamations are, especially the ones coming from their leaders about how only they care for the little people. Just look at what their care has done.

The Hillary Clinton team’s billionaire patrons paid for the Nazi/Hitler/Fascist rhetoric that the Clinton campaign leaders laid on Trump through the biased media because they thought it  would make her a winner. Along with Obama and the narcissist leftists, they have perpetrated the narrative to scare their troops into thug behavior in the name of righteousness. It stinks to high heaven.

Anyone with any common sense can see what is going on. The leftists think if they can say it enough, people will believe that Trump is Hitler reincarnated. Such comparisons insult any person who fought the fascists in the second world war. Furthermore, they insult every Jew alive and especially those who are Survivors or relatives of Survivors.

Leftist scare tactics only incite fear and chaos. The lefties know this and are purposeful about it. But such tactics only make the right-wing more popular and accepted because the tactics are so underhanded and evil in and of themselves.