police-9-11I had a beef  with the police. It happened in 1970 at an anti-war protest. The police and the FBI acted wrongly and I was beaten, jailed and railroaded through the legal system ending up in a workhouse after having been threatened so severely that I copped a plea rather than face time in a state penitentiary. That changed my whole life, and I still have feelings about it, but I grew up and don’t feel ill will toward the police. In fact, working as a Dean for more than twelve years in one of the toughest high schools in the Bronx, I met and worked with a lot of cops in one of roughest neighborhood precincts there are in NYC. Most of those cops were good souls and good Samaritans and damn nice people. They’d go out of their way to protect our kids, but make no mistake about it, they’d do what they had to to the bad eggs so the good ones, the 99.9 %, could go to school safely.

So I ask now, how did we take this wrong turn down that disrespect-the-police road? How did we let them sell us the false narrative that police brutality is rampant and that cops go out every day looking to shoot blacks? When did the PC police actually start to control the narrative that would have us believe it’s open war by police on minorities?

Of course that’s a rhetorical question. The turn down that road was made by the racist president about to leave the White House, the one who spent twenty years listening to a racist Reverend in a racist, anti-American church. This president hired a racist Attorney General who circulated a memo in his lack-of-justice department not to prosecute blacks and empowered them in their reasoning that they could flaunt authority by failing to prosecute the  black panthers (capitals deliberately left out) for intimidating white voters even when they were caught on video. That was a notorious error in a most public case, the first of many that were to follow in public cases, the sum total result of which was the false hands-up-don’t-shoot narrative whose direct result is the open warfare on The Boys In Blue, America’s finest by far, for the most part.

The truth is that under this administration, the one about to exit, the truth doesn’t seem to matter too much. If it did, the truth would be front and center. Statistics show that blacks commit more than 50% of the violent crimes each year while only being 12.5% of the population. In black/white violent crimes and black/latino violent crimes, blacks are the attackers consistently more than 80% of the time. (This is per the DOJ report and the Manhattan Institute report.) Still, only about a quarter of the people killed by police each year are black. This is to say many more whites are killed by police than blacks. This is to say that the racism attributed to the police is a lie, nothing more than a fiction bolstered by the PC Police, the left-leaning media and the racist president and his attorneys general.

So how many police must die? How much more will the false narrative be carried forward by self-serving politicians and their media lapdogs? How stupid can we be as a society as to disregard the hardcore facts for the false racism narrative that has become wholly counterproductive to our very well-being?

If the democrats wonder why they lost in 2016, it’s because they cannot sort the truth from the fiction. It’s because they have misread the real feelings of the American people. One of those real feelings is that the American people  are tired of cops being killed, of laws being flaunted and  disregarded, and they are tired of feeling unsafe.