cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgWho are the American people the Democratic leaders keep saying they speak for? the American people they claim President Trump and the Republicans do not speak for?  Why are the democrats working so hard to continually script that illegitimate-president narrative? (They’re working so hard at it they’ve enlisted the same media that was in the tank for Hillary and the same anarchists who perpetrated chaos during the campaign and after  the election, claiming they speak for the American people too.) Why do the Democrats, the anarchists and the media insist so emphatically they speak for America? that their values are the American values? Where do they get off making this claim?

These are real questions. Of course the Democrats would say they are not questions at all. In fact, they claim it is un-American to even ask them. So, I ask, when did they become the gods and we become  the deplorables?

I would suggest that any one political party or any one group that claims to represent “American values” or “The American People” is delusional, and I would further suggest that in so doing the Democrat-Progressives-Leftists have become delusional, disoriented and have lost their way.

So, Thursday we had about fifteen inches of snow. My neighbor plowed my hilly driveway with his tractor, which helped me out immensely. I finished the work with my snowblower, a snow shovel and a broom. Friday morning, we had a two-hour school delay so the time the school bus was coming for my ten-year-old now conflicted with the doctor appointment that I had scheduled a month ago. I took my child with me then dropped her off. Friday night my furnace went out. We had an emergency repair, but the furnace only worked a few hours and then quit again. My wife, my child and I slept in clothes with four quilts and blankets.

It snowed during the night, another few inches. I called for furnace service at one in the morning and the repairman said he’d be here at eight. I was up and out at seven with the snowblower, shovel and broom so he could get the truck up the hill and have the access to the furnace  he would need.

He came and left. The furnace worked for less than an hour. We’re on the third service call now. We’re all bundled up in the cold. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have another nor Easter and at least another foot of snow. I’m hoping the furnace will be fully repaired so we’ll have heat. We have nowhere else to go, no second and third home. I’m on a pension and Social Security, a fixed income, so I’m hoping the furnace repair bill will not mean I have to deplete savings to cover it. Thank God I have savings.

Get the picture?

I’m not complaining and actually I’m very thankful. I worked all my life, two and three jobs and as much overtime as I could get. I have a pension and a home. Many people don’t. I’m relatively healthy. Many people my age aren’t so fortunate.  I have savings to draw upon if I need to.

But here’s the point: Madonna, Ashley Judd and all the silly, Democrat proselytizing Hollywood elite don’t speak for me. They don’t share my concerns or my values. They have bodyguards, spare houses, people to shovel for them and drive them, even fly them. Al Franken, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton (who just  bought her daughter a ten million dollar home), don’t speak for me. They are far removed from real American values. So are most of our leaders, all those millionaire Senators and Congressmen. The more they say they speak for the American People, the more the American people know they don’t.

It takes a big “pair”  (lots of chutzpah) to claim you should be elected because you’re a woman or because you’re African American. It takes a bigger pair to say you are the authority of what the American people think or feel. Maybe those Despicable Dems and their in-the-tank media and Hollywood elites and their George Soros paid anarchists ought to check out their minds.