quill-pen-300x300So, the furnace was repaired after three service calls on a weekend, one late at night on Friday, two on Saturday. Finally, Saturday afternoon we were comfortable enough to leave the house. The cats needed cat food and with the new storm coming we were unsure if we could get out on Sunday.

The furnace repair bill was quite hefty. Labor rates are more on weekends and the furnace needed expensive parts. A large chunk of my monthly income (from pension and Social Security only) went, and it isn’t even mid-month. It being cold and snowy, we’ll need an oil delivery too. I also had to pay car insurance this month–it just worked out that way.

Hey, all you big shot Democrats who claim you speak for The American People, on my pension and Social Security I still have to pay Federal and State Income Tax, so my take-home is already diminished.  Maybe this month, with all the extra bills, we won’t eat out as much as we sometimes do. Maybe we won’t eat out at all. I might not buy some things for myself that I need. We actually joked about spending the money on  the cat food. We bought soft food, the ones they like. But we have a big bag of hard food.  They could have eaten only that. They would have been okay.

Hey all you multi-millionaire Hollywood elites who pretend to be like the regular American people, claim to speak for them and go on to incite them, you know who you are, my considerations here are pretty common. I don’t have a home in Florida so I can live in Beverly Hills and use Florida residence to not pay taxes in California. Hey, one who wants to burn down the White House, you live in London a good deal of the time, don’t you?  If I’d said what you did, little old me, I’d have been arrested. Your considerations aren’t like mine, like what most of The American People’s considerations are. We turn off lights to keep electric bills down. We make selective decisions to figure out what we can afford. If gas prices soar, we don’t buy new washing machines when we need them. We fix the old ones. On fixed incomes, we repair furnaces and live in the cold while they’re being repaired. We don’t replace furnaces unless it’s the only option, and then we look for zero percent financing if we can find it. We don’t advocate for welfare benefits and free college for illegal aliens when we have to pay higher taxes to support it and doing so means we can’t take care of our own kids the way we would want to. We think about things like inflation, job security (working means we might be able to afford to go to one of your movies or concerts) and getting by from week to week. Those are our considerations.

Now I’m lucky, better off than many people. I have savings and my income in retirement is sufficient for now. I don’t know if it will be sufficient ten years from now since, hello, it’s fixed income and won’t increase. I bought the cat food and if I cut corners this month, it won’t be at the expense of my wife or child. I’d only cut on myself. I think about those real American People less fortunate than me but equally put upon by your leftist ridiculousness. Many of these people would have to pay fifteen percent interest on a furnace repair like I just had done because they would need  to charge it and not be able to pay off the credit card bill all at once. Many of them never eat out. Many of them skimp and cut and clip coupons much more so than we do in my household. And many retirees eat the cat food I bought for my cats themselves.

Hey, you Leftist Hollywood elites and self-appointed Democrat spokespeople for The American People, how about taking into your neighborhoods a few busloads of illegals that the Feds send in in the dead of night? How about putting them in schools with your kids?

Oh, I forgot. You only pretend to be like us so you can claim you speak for us.