cropped-quill-pen-300x3001.jpgIt’s really hard not to be indignant about the purposefully posing Despicable Dems attempting to look self-righteous as they go after the new president over Michael Flynn. What one doesn’t see is the smug glee on their faces, the crossed fingers hoping that not even a month into his presidency they can bring Trump down. But that is what is really there.

Make no mistake. That is what is going on here. The Democrats, with virtually no power in the House or Senate, have but one  play now and that is obstruction with the intent upon destruction.


Because he’s not a Democrat and what the Dems want is their power back?

Because he’s white?

Because he’s a man?

Because he intends to do away with political correctness, support Israel and defend Christianity?

Because he invokes God?

Because he believes in lawfulness?

The same Despicable Dems standing up there and calling for more investigations regarding Flynn and what the President knew are the ones who did not attend the Inauguration and called the new president an illegitimate president. They are the same ones who obstructed any inquiries into Eric Holder or Barack Obama (who we now know is organizing and instructing the protests against President Trump). They are the same ones who would not call for Susan Rice’s resignation even after she willfully lied to the American People about Benghazi, who did not do anything to Eric Holder even after he was in contempt of Congress. They are the same ones who defend criminals (because they are not white), who  were complicit in the first black president’s black attorney general circulating a memo to his department not to prosecute blacks. They are the same ones who still delay the new president from having his cabinet, their MO: obstruct, obstruct, obstruct and the American People be damned.

So let’s not kid ourselves, please. These Despicable Dems want to obstruct the government. Their only goal is to destroy President Trump because he stands a chance of preventing  them from allowing enough people into the country to ensure they are always elected. These are the same Despicable Dems who do not accept the election results, an action their own candidate declared un-American and an attack on the very pillars of our Democratic Government.

What we don’t hear (because the media is in the tank for the Dems and the libs) is that for the first time in history, not even a month into the new president’s term, the exiting president is organizing demonstrations against his successor. What we don’t hear is that the Democratic supporters and money people, to wit George Soros, are bankrolling the demonstrations and promoting anarchy. What we don’t hear is that the media, specifically the New York Slimes and Washington Compost are owned by people who vowed to prevent Trump from getting elected, who financially supported the Democratic slate throughout the country and who colluded against Trump, often defaming him and his family wrongfully and maliciously. This is part of the media that shared debate questions with the democratic candidate and lied about it.

Make no mistake. The Despicable Dems feel threatened and are striking out like the proverbial cornered cat, claws out, with no regard for the damage being done to the country, and even worse, with no regard for the American People for whom they so desperately claim they speak.

Yes, John Lewis said we’ve come to a dangerous time. But it’s not because of anything Michael Flynn did or President Trump has done. It is because the democratic party’s entire goal is to destroy the newly elected president simply to keep their own power and their failing status quo which the new president threatens. They will stop at nothing, spare no one (not even the President’s ten-year-old son). They distort facts, control the media and  promote anarchy.

Perhaps it is the beginning of the end, for surely if the Despicable Dems continue in their wanton destruction of the peaceful transfer of power, we are  doomed to their social policy failures and overall ineptitude which now span over sixty years.

Either we have a country or we don’t. Either we have law and order or we don’t. Either we have our Democracy or we don’t. The Despicable Dems clearly aim to usurp our Democratic way of life. The greatest sadness is that it is for nothing more than their own desire for power.