kitchen-4Tommy didn’t go in to call orders until he had to on this day. He knew better. He knew to stay out of their way and let them do their jobs.

While Henry Lee greased the grill and cooked off hamburgs and bleus, Bill helped Mary. He went around to where she was, catching her from behind at first, reaching around her and feeling her up. He put his hand inside the open collar of her kitchen dress, reached inside her bra and felt away. Mary, happily high, closed her eyes and let him feel until it was enough.  “Get the baked potatoes out,” she finally said.

Bill kissed her on the back of her neck, went to the convection oven. He took the potatoes out two at a time in each hand. They stung his left hand, but he had no feeling in the fingertips of the right hand, one of the benefits of having suffered that burn on his first day as a cook.

Potatoes out and set into a steam table insert, he covered them with foil and brought them around to the line. Then he went back for au jus, Bordelaise sauce, vegetables and soup.

Henry Lee was all set up. He greased the broiler a second time now that the burgs and bleus were off then went into the hall to smoke a cigarette. Bill double checked to make sure he had enough French-fries, fried shrimp and pickerel. Satisfied, he joined Henry Lee in the hall and lit himself a smoke.

“Yeah, Bill,” Henry Lee said. “What it is.”

Bill didn’t say anything. He was pretty blitzed. He stood quietly and was leaning against the wall when Bea came out. She stepped past Bill to sit on the empty milk cases but stopped to grab a feel of him. Her hand lingered on him and she fondled him unabashedly.

“Damn, Bea,” Henry Lee said.

“Love them white boys,” Bea said.

“Ordering,” Tommy called from inside the kitchen. They all went in without delay.

Of course their little escapade made quite a stir. Tommy called over to Robert who called back to Mary who apologized, not for what they did but for getting caught. Henry Lee would never apologize. This was during the time he was doing Marie, and later that afternoon he took Marie into the bathroom and did her against the sink. Bill had his way with Eleanor. She had her way with him too. They used the party room.

The only one who wasn’t happy was Bea. Bea wanted some of Bill and Bill wasn’t paying her any mind and this ticked her off. She felt him up every chance she could. Bill let her and sometimes he made comments. Bea was never adverse to his sexual suggestions but he never followed through or initiated anything with her.

Curiously, Drenovis didn’t say anything. Tommy put it up to the night manager who carefully suggested they halt such activities. In turn, they said they were only playing around, goofing. The manager said he was talking about the drinking and smoking.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Drenovis was out on his split shift banging Norma in the back seat of his Buick Riviera. She was the newest waitress. He showed up out East about eight o’clock with his usual stupid face poking into the kitchen to see what was going on. He was going to say something, but he thought better of it. He was figuring other ways to play the power game.