brain for irrational mindsWe are losing our minds. It’s quite clear and it’s been clear for some time.  The Democrats have totally lost it. The silly videos by the Hollywood left confirm it.  We must be really careful not to allow them to lead us over the precipice.

For too long the progressives have been moving this country toward abandoning the principles upon which it was founded and toward the ideological ideals of the socialists. History has shown that socialism does not work and will not work because the underlying premise is akin to the notion of the least common denominator and that means the poor, who are almost everyone, work for the few rich, like the Soviet Politburo was/is. Why else would Al Gore and the Clintons and more than half of our ruling class cherish and hoard money, that is practice capitalism to its extreme while telling us, the others, we must be global citizens and support the peoples of the globe by continually paying higher taxes (the 51 % of us in America who actually do pay taxes) so they can perpetrate their socialist redistribution of wealth, which is everyone’s wealth but theirs?

The progressives’ intent is clear, to reduce us to zombies, which we already are (see Why There Are So Many Zombie Movies, June 2016), and for them to live in the gated cities a la  The Hunger Games  series or the Resident Evil series. George Soros, their chief funder, major  funder of Obama’s presidential campaigns, Hillary’s record-costing campaign and now the left’s anti-Trump, violence-ridden protests, cares nothing for America. He actually detests America. He makes his money unsettling countries, by causing chaos then swooping in to take economic advantage of the chaos.

So here we are. Recently, I’ve stayed away from political writing because I’ve come to doubt whether it’s worth the time and effort anymore. Irrational minds have taken over on the left. The left’s only game is destruction of President Trump, and even worse, they continue to hold to the unsupported notion that they have a mandate to do this. Obstruction, obstruction, destruction: that is their game. They claim they are the morally correct position, the advocates of the First Amendment. Yet they do the most immoral things and are the least tolerant of differing opinions. They are supported and encouraged by an openly biased media who no longer deny their own aim of destroying President Trump.

And so have we irrationality squared.

One of rules of AA is not to try to talk to an alcoholic while s/he is drunk. There’s no point in it. It’s kind of the same situation here. Part of the country is drunk on anti-Trump vitriol. That part is blinded by an insatiable thirst for the blood of he who dared to defeat she who they believed was the heir apparent. They call him Hitler, yet only they perpetrate Hitler-like tactics. That their social and economic policies have proven to be failures and promise to enslave us all to insurmountable debt seem not to matter. That their bank-rollers are hoping to benefit from our decline seems not to matter as well.

This is complete irrationality and tantamount to insanity. There’s little point in even attempting to talk to them

The election of Donald Trump has momentarily put the brakes on their momentum. Looking at current trends in Europe, the backlash to the irrational left may be happening there as well.

Let’s hope the progressives finally come to understand that their goal is to work toward a strong, free America. They were not elected to support the world and to take from the  American taxpayers to do so. Let’s hope they come to understand that if they continue to break America the world will lose what is already it’s greatest benefactor ever.

But then that’s rational. Being blinded by their irrationality and their irrational thirst for power, they probably will miss the opportunity to actually do good for the country they claim to love.