Tradng places monkeyWay back when…Actually it was just about a week ago I said I wasn’t going to talk about politics much anymore. The reasoning was that these days such talk, if it is not liberal PC BS, falls upon deaf ears, ears thinking with the small head. Many people won’t get that reference. That many people won’t get the reference is part of the point. In the post modern, revisionist-history era we are losing our sense of history, of perspective and, of course,  our sense of rationality. Yes, our society has become irrational and illogical and our leaders are absolutely ridiculous.

Many times in the past, this blog has pointed to the Nancy Pelosi statement regarding Obamacare: “you have to sign it to see what’s in it.” Having taught forensics for more than a dozen years and coached a high school forensics team for that same period of time, it is fair to say that the least knowledgeable forensics student could see through that argument and would label it stupid. Not only is it ridiculous, but it is sublimely absurd. Try going into a bank with your own written mortgage contract and telling the bank it has to sign it to see what’s in it.

Nancy Pelosi, in some sense, has set the bar for the ridiculousness of our leaders and our society.

Shoot forward to the Gorsuch hearings. There was Al Franken (D MN) lecturing and yelling at Neil Gorsuch about having spent his career recognizing absurdity. The picture above  attached to this blog is from the movie Trading Places. The bottom gorilla in the middle is Al Franken when he was a would-be actor/comedian.

Let’s be clear, Al Franken was elected in 2008 having won by 315 votes. Initially he lost the election, filed for a recount, was supported by the heavy-hitter Democratic lawyers and then won. It was widely rumored that he won by voter fraud. In that election 1099 felons illegally voted. That number is contested. Some say it is only about 450 and only 26 of them have been convicted of voter fraud. But since that election and germane to it, 243 people were accused of voter fraud, 177 of them convicted of it and another 66 “not brought to trial” per the reports of it that can be found which date back some years. This contested election made for a veto-proof senate for then president Obama. Al Franken was for Obama a faithful lapdog, the idiot who would say and do anything he was told to say, the same idiot who now perpetrates the craziest of crazy democratic lunacy.

Al Franken, perhaps akin to an idiot, not even a first-rate actor or a competent comedian, lecturing Neil Gorsuch on absurdity? In and of itself, that is absurd and reflects the ridiculousness of our leaders. Regardless of whether you like Gorsuch as a Supreme Court nominee, he is an accomplished judge who was unanimously appointed by Congress to the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. His record is impeccable, and you may not like it, but he is an upstanding, well-balanced citizen.

So it is really hard to talk politics anymore. When the idiot gorilla lectures the accomplished judge about “recognizing absurdity” (Franken’s words) what more can be said? When colleges start removing scales because students’ feelings are hurt by the presence of them, when laws are only selectively enforced (as sanctuary cities do, as Eric Holder’s lack-of-justice department did), when a known liar like Susan Rice comes out to lecture the sitting president about lying…We are in the era of ridiculousness. When the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many and the rights of criminals outweigh the rights of law abiding citizens, we are in the era of the ridiculous.

Our leaders are ridiculous. Where they have taken us is ridiculous. America is now America the ridiculous.