kitchen-4When Bill did the onion rings, the eggs were still trippy eggs. He saw all kinds of things in them from flowers to cartoon dinosaurs. But he could see things now and still work-function. He could do the onion rings, even keep one hand dry, and he could follow what was going on in the kitchen. He watched Mary, followed what she was doing, watched Bea washing a  big sink full of iceberg. He could look down the open part of her kitchen dress as she leaned over that sink, peek in at what he could see of her bosom. At about 45 and a good fifty pounds overweight, that was more than an ample bosom. Bill had felt it several times, two large, floppy mounds capped with big dark  raisins. He was going to bite those raisins one day. He knew he would.

While he was on the second tray of onion rings, Mary brought Bill another espresso. He drank it down, but then Evelyn came into the kitchen. She needed some salt and pepper to fill the shakers in the side dining room. Bea went to the store room to get it for her and Bill told her to bring him a beer. She went out of the kitchen and came back with  a cold one. Bill grabbed her and kissed her, right there in front of Mary.

“That’s your mind on drugs,” Mary said.

“Is he on drugs?” Evelyn asked.

“He’s all messed up. But he’s cute.”

“He is cute,” Evelyn said. As she said this, Bill reached up her skirt and pinched her privates. She flushed red in the face and stepped away from his reach.

When Bea returned with the salt and pepper, after Evelyn had left the kitchen, after he’d finished the tray he was working on and set it in the freezer, Bill took a cigarette from Bea’s pack and lit it with her lighter. He stood on her station smoking, drinking the beer and watching her work. Really he was looking at her wide ass and thick legs and Bea knew he was looking.

“Why you so horny today?” she asked.

“He’s on drugs,” Mary said. “That’s why I’m feeding him all that coffee.

“Shit,” Bea said. “Too bad I didn’t know sooner.”

“Good thing,” Mary said. “If it’s moving…”

“Yeah, I got the idea,” Bea said.

“Ever skinny dipped?” he asked Bea.

“Not with you.”

He remembered the time they’d all tripped and gone to the quarry to skinny dip. He was driving Hank’s ’60 Chevy and the road was going up and down in ocean waves. He opened the driver’s door to make sure he was on the road. It was a three-speed standard on the column, fun to drive. Nina and Tony, in the back, had already gotten naked. Pam, next to him in the front, was stripping. When they got there, Bill stripped and dove in. He remembered that trippy dive. He remembered it all, all the way down the rabbit hole.

“With anyone?” he asked.

“Ain’t had that pleasure. You?”

“No,” Bill lied. He had no idea why he lied, but once he’d crossed that threshold, it was done.

“Why you ask then? Wanna see me naked? Hell, I ain’t shy.”

“Gonna finish those onion rings?” Mary called out.

Bill drank the rest of the beer. He put out the cigarette on the floor and kicked the butt under the table. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m ready now.”

“You could see me naked any time,” Bea said

“Don’t wear underwear tomorrow,” Bill said.

“Crazy ass white boy,” Bea said.

Bill wondered if she would do what he said and he toyed with notion.