The scene opens to the wasteland which is the aftermath of the devastation. Only a few people have survived, but all the Hollywood elite, the politicians, the exceptionally rich and the cartel drug lords, who are part of the very rich, are thriving in their bubble-cities. The bubble-cities are scattered. California hosts the Hollywood elites. DC hosts the politicians. Mexico hosts the drug lords. You get the picture. It’s Mad Max, Book of Eli time.

The regular regulars are the walking dead. Mutated into zombies by the sinister corporation that was secretly testing chemical and biological weapons, they roam the rubble searching for victims to cannibalize. No one from the gated cities ventures outside. Everyone inside is glad they stockpiled wealth. They always knew being among the rich rich was the only game in town. They always knew those socialist ideological words they spewed were meant for the suckers.

There’s Whoopi. She was gonna leave, as were some fat-cat Hollywood would-be idealists with big mouths and no real beliefs except me, me me. She’s really glad she was all talk and no action. She knew she was full of crap, but the words sounded good at the time. Such words got her show ratings. Ratings got her better contracts. Better contracts made her wealthy enough to be in the gated bubble-city safety zone.

Suddenly things are different. The politicians are worried. Their intelligence community has gotten wind of the fact that the cartel lords are plotting overthrows of the weaker bubble-cities. The zombies don’t use drugs, don’t need them. The drug czars realize that depleting savings is no fun, and with no income they have no other option than to do what they know best–destroy the others and take their wealth. In Darwinian terms, the drug czars are the fittest for survival.

The politicians, miraculously, have all banded together. No more lefties and righties.  No more in-fighting or filibusters. They are a bit sorry they didn’t realize sooner that all that talk  about global warming and protecting the rarest form of frogs as being the greatest threat to humankind  (which was great for rallying their constituents and hoodwinking the populace)  was pure idiocy. It kept them from taking care of the real business of protecting the American people. No illegal aliens are getting into their city. They aren’t spending their own money to take care of people who broke the law, who don’t belong there in the first place. Those people have no right to occupy their space. Neither do the poor or the elderly or the infirm. Taking care of them is a real burden when they have to use their own resources. So, the hell with them.

Zombies will soon be banging on the gates of the secure, gated bubble-cities. The drug czars are looking for ways to infiltrate the other bubble-cities and use their inhabitants to appease the zombies until they can obliterate them. Those diabolical mad scientists will be necessary. The drug czars, now all working together, plan to pay them with the the Hollywood and politician wealth. Then they will repopulate and rebuild.

Understanding they are doomed, the wholly unprepared Hollywood elite and mostly unprepared politicians see that the crap they’ve been pushing on the people is just that, crap. Even their outrageous wealth won’t protect them against the very prepared drug czars. In the end, smart money would bet on the evil and ruthless to defeat the silly pseudo-idealists who have no clue.

Up in space, the super, uber-rich like George Soros are laughing. At least for now they are safe. But the drug czars have not forgotten about them. As much as the drug czars are already plotting eliminating each other, they are plotting eliminating the super-uber and taking the pot of gold.


Coming at the end of May 2017:

The Ghost Writer, Rose’s Story: A Look At The Worlds We Hide