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The playbook did not exist prior to election night. The Democrats never imagined, in their wildest imaginings, that they could lose. Hillary and Barack leading them, they were beyond any dream-team ever, interstellar, out of this world. Actually, what they were was beyond conceit, narcissism and hubris. Why, Hillary should have won simply because she’s a woman, just like Barack won because he is black. Yes, twice, in fact, and with 65% of those irredeemable, deplorable, racist whites voting for him.

So considering that they could not conceive of losing, they were at a loss for how to handle the election results. That night was quite interesting, truth be told. The procuring of two ballrooms for the win by the heir-apparent turned into one semi-dark room with people in tears. The music stopped, the lights dimmed, one celebrity peeked in, turned around and left. The networks held off as long as they could. The old refrain that Trump had no road to 270 suddenly turned to Hillary had no road to 270. And in the end, she didn’t have the road. Trump was a better developer than they gave him credit for.

Well, a bit more than eight weeks passed. The Despicable Dems Losing Playbook was being written.

It started with  some rioters, the same ones who were paid to go to Trump rallies and start stuff, the same ones who are professional rioters, who go from city to city to create chaos and perpetrate the false racism narrative. It then went to college campuses where the students cried, claimed Trump is not their president and they are afraid.

The riots didn’t gain much steam although they did a lot of property damage. The poor, crying students and libs didn’t get much of a rise, so the Dems’ next play the was what’s-her-name, that’s right she’s so memorable…Jill Stein calling for a recount in three states. Jill Stein had no hope of achieving anything except collecting money, which she did, for her ailing finances. That didn’t go over well, didn’t achieve anything, didn’t gain any traction and fizzled out. She took the money and disappeared.

Then came the first of several Hollywood-should-be-ashamed-of tapes, videos that are comical, but which show how out of touch those people are. These are still ridiculed and laughed at. Oh Madonna! Oh Ashley Judd, you nasty woman!

So, Obama was called in to take the big steps. First was to call foul with the cyber attack alleged to Russia. That one went  for weeks and involved all the intelligence agencies. No demonstrative proof was presented, or none that we  little people could see. Obama neglected to say that he knew about Russia’s cyber actions fifteen months beforehand and decided not to do anything about it. That’s when he believed Hillary was a shoo-in and he didn’t want to upset that apple cart. He feigned dismay at tampering with an election, yet he did the same with Netanyahu’s re-election, attempting to cause Netanyahu to lose. This ploy continued with much fanfare, but when all involved admitted that no ballot boxes were tampered with or affected and that no votes were changed, it pretty much fizzled out too. We were left with cyber attacks, which is a real issue.

Between the above and the Dems next big Obama-heralded step was the fake news story attempting to slander Donald Trump and a major cable station carrying the story. This was an intelligence-leaked story, showing the true politicization of our intelligence agencies. Russia should learn from this that apparently they can be bought.

Next, Obama pressed further since his original step didn’t do what he had hoped. Highly pushed for by the Clinton people, Obama brought an investigation against Jim Comey. Oh, not just him (wink, wink), but his in-the-bag lack-of-justice department led by the totally dishonorable Loretta Lynch who, oh my God! is not subject to the IG investigation. Surprise! Surprise!

Concurrently, two Congressmen set precedents. Corey Booker, himself scandal-ridden, testified against Jeff Sessions (on racial issues), the first senator to ever testify against a cabinet appointee at their confirmation hearing. Then John Lewis stated that he does not consider the President-Elect a legitimate president, that he was elected by a conspiracy with the Russians. You go boy!

The Despicable Dems Losing Playbook: emotional attacks and scare tactics,  arbitrary recounts, assertions of Russian interference (though no actual effect on the election results is found), intelligence leaks and investigations and finally the declaration of the illegitimacy of the election by a Congressman.

This was unprecedented. Hillary herself said that not accepting the election results was   Anti-American. Of course she said this while her paid operatives were directing and participating in the non-acceptance tactics. It reflects a Democrat breakdown, insane election-loss denial, and a thorough misunderstanding by the Democrats of the true pulse of America and what Americans want and perhaps need. God help us all for what they are doing to our Democratic system.

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