more-truthWell, we can kiss truth goodbye. When you can’t believe the FBI Director and the former Director of National Intelligence was found to have lied under oath… Or maybe we should look at Susan Rice, you know Benghazi video lie, or Hillary herself, who lied to the parents of the deceased while telling her own daughter the truth… Oh the loss of the truth in America is clearly demonstrable and ever-apparent.

I know. The left-leaners will say Trump, Flynn, Manaforte and a whole host of righties lie. But doesn’t that just underscore the point?

Loss of the truth gets worse. It gets downright disgusting. Not only can we not trust politicians, but we are witnessing the complete breakdown of the free and independent Press, and this is more dangerous than any lying politician. The facts are clear. Eighty percent of all news stories regarding President Trump have been negative. It’s unheard of. The media has an anti-Trump agenda and is using its powers to attempt to destroy him. When the free, independent press gets biased, it’s no better than Putin controlling his press in Russia. So, in effect, the Democrats claiming (and still with not one shred of evidence) Trump is connected to Putin who is so bad are actually themselves doing what Putin does–controlling the press and media and now working overtime to destroy Fox News to make it a fait accompli.

This is un-American and the Democrats are moving America into very dangerous waters. They claim to talk for the American people. They profess to know what Americans want and need. At best, they can only speak for the half of the population that didn’t vote for Trump. Their premise and their claim is false to begin with.

Justice got kissed away on that tarmac. If there were any doubt remaining about Obama’s lack-of-justice department, any doubt remaining about the lack of integrity and outright bias, any doubt remaining about its political agenda, that doubt died on that tarmac. The biased media never truly explored the actual connection between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. It never took the time to explore the lack-of-justice department’s attempts to stymie FBI investigation. And James Clapper, DNI, who lied under oath, lied for…Obama, he was a team member rather than a truth teller. Justice? Where? Justice? When? Justice? Anthony Weiner ended up with all Hillary’s classified emails. Where’s justice? Now, Hillary, whose Clinton Foundation is kind of defunct, has begun a new money-collecting scheme to fund the opposition to President Trump. Justice? The Democrats ridicule the very notion of justice, just as they ridicule the very notion of truth. Justice? Calling for impeachment even before inauguration—justice?

The greatest threats to America are no longer external. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are all external threats and real ones too. ISIS, Islamic Extremist Terrorism, is also an external threat out there and a real one. In fact we are in the midst of a modern-day religious war. Cyber Terrorism is a threat out there. Global warming is not a threat out there, and it is not our greatest threat, as only the money-reaping few like Al Gore would have you believe. It is a concern that needs to be dealt with but kept in its proper place and explored in a truly scientific and unbiased manner.

The real threat to America is internal. It is the persistent and determined undermining of the American Way, of the core premise of our democracy, which is free elections. The Democrats are putting America in true jeopardy and peril, not by their opposition to health care, to budget, to appointments, to anything President Trump does even before he proposes it, but by attempting to destroy his presidency simply because Hillary Clinton, their candidate, did not get elected.

What’s next for Democrats? Destruction of truth and justice is pretty much done. Is destruction of the American Way next? It would seem they will settle for nothing less.

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