media manipulationIt’s a good bet that if one begins a piece of research with a preconceived opinion and explicit bent one can find proof for that opinion or bent. So, if you wanted to prove that President Trump is a racist, you could pore over everything he’s said for which there is video or audio or actual print quotations, cite only that which might be construed as racist, disregard anything that would ameliorate or counterbalance your selections, and voila, you would have research, which could be verified, that he’s a racist.

Not quite. Not exactly. Not even close. But as per the insanity of today’s print standards, it would be cited as valid research by all the media outlets whose one goal is to undermine President Trump and de-legitimize his presidency.

Just to put it out there, because it’s the right thing to do, The Washington Post, same paper Mark Levin and others call The Washington Compost, hired some twenty or so reporters just to get dirt on Trump. There’s a giant likelihood that their reporting is skewed, slanted, biased. Now the  dirt-finders are  responsible for verifying their stories but their job is dirt, not whether the dirt is real or true. Furthermore, their salaries (and success) depend upon their finding dirt, not upon their finding truth.

Overall, looking at the mainstream media outlets that have presented about ninety percent negative stories on President Trump, there’s a good bet they have an ulterior motive, a slant, a bias, a direction they are purposefully heading in. A look at their owners provides clear validation of this point and indicates that the media and our news are now driven by personal interests and political bent rather than the quest for truth.

This continual attack on the President is unprecedented. It’s unheard-of. On some levels it strikes at the very core of our democracy, at the very core of the basis of our government which is the peaceful transition of power. It’s where no man has gone before in our society. In terms of who and what we are and what we say we stand for, it’s pure insanity for the mainstream media to rock the foundation of our country because they don’t like the president who was elected.

We’ve really gone off the deep end.

Also just to put it out there, the previous president was, for the most part, given a free ride by the press and social media for eight years. He bitched and moaned about the one outlet that did criticize him but the rest of the mainstream media thought that he was cute. He hung out in a racist church and listened to a racist pastor for some twenty years. He started his political campaign in the home of a domestic terrorist. Yet he was literally given a pass for this and oh so much more.

The politicization of the media is dangerous and diabolical. It threatens our country, our Constitution and our very democratic existence. It is insane for the American people to allow it to go unopposed, to not fact-check it and call it out for what it is. It is insane for us to dance with the real possibility of destroying the underlying foundations of the greatest country around merely for personal political interests.

In the fifties, they used to say “I’d rather be dead than red” meaning it was better to blow up the world with nuclear bombs than allow the U.S. to become communist. This was a statement of human arrogance and pure hubris. We used to think we were the only planet with life forms and by extension that humans were the superior life form of all. That was more human arrogance and hubris.

To act as the media are, by political beliefs rather than quest for truth, and thereby risk eroding the very foundation of our country, is the same pure human arrogance and hubris. It is actually beyond pure insanity.

Let our media go to any communist country they so readily espouse or to any totalitarian one and do there what they are doing here. Let them see how long they would survive.

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