kitchen-4When he went back downstairs, Bill stopped in the bathroom. What he saw was more than he ever wanted to see. Marie was bent over the sink and Henry Lee, his pants about his ankles, was behind her.

“Jesus Christ,” he said.

“Take a turn,” said Henry Lee.

“Get out of here,” Bill said. He turned and walked out, went into the ladies room trying to forget what he’d just seen. While he was peeing, Lorraine walked in. She started to do an about-face but Bill told her not to bother. He was in a stall and although he hadn’t closed the stall door, he faced away from her so she couldn’t see anything.

“Visiting?” Lorraine asked.

“Men’s room’s busy.”

“My good fortune.” Lorraine leaned against the sink and watched Bill as he finished up. “How about you and me having some time together? You told me to think about it and I have.”

Bill shook his head. He went to the sink where Lorraine stood and washed his hands meticulously. “It’s a great offer,” he said.

“You bet it is.” She reached for him, pulled him close and kissed him. Bill kissed back and let her take his hand between them and up her skirt. With her free hand she helped herself to a generous and lengthy feel of him. “It’s time for me. I’ve been really stuck and need to get unstuck.”

They stayed this way a few moments, kissing all the while, enjoying feeling each other and the heat that was building.

“You know this goes nowhere,” said Bill.

“Exactly,” Lorraine said. Then, “I have to get upstairs.”

They separated. Lorraine went into a stall and sat down to pee. Bill watched her, watched her finish. She lifted a leg where she sat so Bill could look at her, which he happily did.

“See you later.” Bill stepped away as Lorraine stood up and adjusted her panties and skirt.

“We gonna do it?”

“After work if you’re closing. You smoke pot?”


“Then I won’t save you any. You closing tonight?”


“I need a safety?”

“No. Just desire and I’ll help with that.”

“Desire’s easy. You’re a sexy woman.”

“You really think so?”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t.”

“Good. Then I hope you’ll ravish me.”

“I’ll do my best.” Bill stepped back toward Lorraine. He took her in his arms and kissed her full. “I’m a bad boy, you know.”

“Good. You can teach me to be a bad girl.” Lorraine copped a last feel of him before he stepped out of the ladies’ room and headed to the meat room where he resumed cutting the steaks he’d been working on.

The meat had been sitting out untouched for awhile now and was slimy. Bill knew he needed to wash it but decided he would do it later. First stroke the knife slipped and he nicked his hand. He saw his blood along the thin line of the small cut.

“Shit,” he barked. “Goddammit.”

He put down the knife and went to the sink where he ran cold water over the cut. On the wall next to the sink was the first aid kit. He reached in and got a band aid and iodine. Before applying the iodine, he applied direct pressure to the cut with a clean hand towel and while the was doing that he walked to the bourbon drawer and took a good swig. When he was back at the sink, he finished with taking care of the cut.

He was still at the sink when Henry Lee and Marie walked in. He turned to them. Henry Lee was smoking a cigarette and went to his cutting block. Marie, wearing sunglasses, stood in the doorway. She looked to her feet.

“Apologize,” Henry Lee commanded.

“I’m sorry,” Marie said.

“Now get your funky ass upstairs,” he told her.

Marie turned and disappeared into the hallway.

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