kitchen-4Red stilettos and a purple mini, mini, twenty-six year old Lexi Greene met Bill Wynn in the parking lot of Steakhouse East for their first full encounter. Bill got into his car and followed her as she led him to her apartment. She did live close by, less than ten minutes, and in less than twenty minutes they were sitting in her apartment on her sofa sipping white wine and smoking a joint that Bill had provided.

Lexi was cool. She smoked like a pro and Bill could see she was a drinker too. She downed the first glass of wine quickly and refilled it equally quickly. The joint smoked to a little roach, she stood up, stood before Bill who sat comfortably on the deep sofa.

“Anything I can get you?”

“I’m good. Want a couple of Quaaludes?”

“You kidding me? You bet.”

Bill took a small pill case from his pants pocket. He dumped four Quaaludes on the coffee table and handed two to Lexi who still stood before him. He took the other two and popped them in his mouth. Both he and Lexi swallowed them with their wine.

“What else you got in there?”

“Some black beauties. I have more pot too, but not in there.”

“Good man. You’re a walking drug store.”

“Gets me through the day. Where’s your kitty?”

“Right here.” Lexi lifted her mini to show Bill what she had. She wore no panties so her kitty was right out there.

“Okay. So where’s your pussy?”

“Don’t you know one when you see it?”

“Yeah, I do. So okay. Where’s your cat?”

“Oh, she’s around somewhere.”

“What’s her name?”


“Here Pussy. Pussy, Pussy, Pussy.”

“I thought you’d never invite me.” Lexi came forward and sat on Bill’s lap. She was light and easy to hold and she took a moment to snuggle in the way she wanted to be.

Bill was immediately roused. He knew Lexi could feel him and he knew what she was searching for as she snuggled on him. Once she put her arms around him and they started kissing, he helped her by adjusting himself for her pleasure. That’s when Pussy took it upon herself to come.

Bill saw she was a black cat like one of his own. He liked black cats. He saw this one was not much different from his. His was a bit larger, a bit more short-haired. But this one was just a cat like his. She paced back and forth next to him, rubbed herself against him, rubbed her whiskers against his hand where she could touch it.

“Play with my kitty,” said Lexi.

Bill freed one hand from around her and reached to the cat’s face. He did not touch the cat but waited for her to rub against his hand which she did readily, happily, he could hear from how loudly she purred.

“I meant mine.”

“I am.”

“Pussy likes you.”

Bill laughed. “I like pussy. I have one just like her.”


“Yeah. And a white and calico one too. I like black cats.”

“Me too.”

While they talked the cat rubbed her whiskers along his hand, sometimes strong enough to turn up her lip so he could feel her teeth. At those moments she purred even louder. Meanwhile, Lexi rubbed on Bill too, ground on him deeper and harder.

“I feel so dreamy. Those ludes are really nice.”

“Yeah, they are. Want another one?”

“Why not. And so more wine and weed too. Might as well get really wasted.”

They spent awhile fixing their heads, Bill petting the kitty for as long as she stayed by him. Then it was time. Bill refilled both their wine glasses. Lexi, sitting next to Bill now, rubbed his shoulder and turned his face to kiss him. He thought he heard her purr. He was surely purring.

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