kitchen-4Bill and Marie went down to change together. They had done this many, many times and Marie always took her civvies into the ladies room to change there. Bill used the open store room since it was easier and faster and no one was around this late at night. In the morning he, Bea and Mary uninhibitedly changed together in the hall.

Marie really was messed up. Before she went to change, she went into the meat room and took another long gulp of bourbon. Bill followed her in and took a small sip, but not much. He was driving and he wanted to be mostly straight.

After she drank and Bill had tucked the bottle away, she hopped up on the counter where Mary always sat, crossed her feet at the ankles and swung them the way Mary did.

“What you doing?”

“Pretend I’m Mary.”

“Get out of here. And let’s get out of here.”

“Aw, boo-hoo.” Marie jumped off the counter and almost fell, actually did fall into Bill’s arms. He had to catch her to stop her from falling. She kissed him and pressed herself to him, but he led her by the hand back into the hall where Marie simply stood and stripped without going into the ladies room. Naked on the bottom, bra on the top, she stood before Bill who, because he couldn’t help himself, bent over and kissed her once, there, just a quick fun kiss. Then he slapped her bare ass and told her to get dressed. She turned around and told him to kiss her ass first, which Bill did, one cheek then the other. Then he slapped her again and told her move along.

He drove carefully, maybe too carefully, because they were only a few blocks from the restaurant when Bill was pulled over. For the life of him, he couldn’t tell what he’d done wrong and he was scared, but he felt lucky because he was not drunk and he wasn’t carrying any drugs at all. Everything he had he’d left in his locker at work.

“License and registration.”

Bill handed them to the officer silently praying first that Marie wouldn’t say anything and second that he wouldn’t get busted for breaking probation by not going straight home. In the first month they’d watched him all the time. In the second month it was sometimes. Now it was hit and miss, meaning sometimes they were there, sometimes not, mostly not, and even if they were they didn’t generally hassle him though sometimes they followed him at least until he hit the city limits. This time he hadn’t seen them and he had turned out of the parking lot in the opposite direction since Marie didn’t live in downtown Columbus.

“Where you headed?”

“Just dropping her off and then heading home. I do something wrong?”

“Checking you out.”

Marie bent over Bill so she could see the policeman’s face. “Good evening officer.”

“Evening ma’am.”

“It’s my fault he’s going this way. I had too much to drink and didn’t want to drive home. We work together.”

“You have some ID, ma’am?”

Marie reached in her purse and handed her ID to Bill who handed it to the officer.

“Where’d you leave your car?”

“At work.”

“What you been drinking?”

“Bourbon and beer. I don’t know what got into me.”

“Anyone at home waiting for you?”

“My husband.”

“You been drinking?” the officer asked Bill.

“A couple of beers over the last few hours.”

“Wanna walk a straight line for me?”

“Want me to?”


Bill stepped out of his car. The officer went back to his cruiser and asked Bill to walk over. He did. When he got there, the officer handed him both IDs.

“Make sure you take her straight home then head home yourself.”

“I will, sir.”

“And you be careful.”

“Yes sir. Good night officer.”

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