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Are you maybe someone who has lost a family member, maybe a son or daughter, because of an illegal alien? Drunk driving incident? Convenience store robbery? In the wrong place at the wrong time? Gang incident?

Maybe you haven’t actually “lost” anyone, but maybe you or someone you know has lost benefits because of illegal aliens, like a disabled child no longer eligible for lunch subsidies because your state has accepted and is paying the benefits to illegal aliens, which, by the way, you, the taxpaying citizen, don’t have a right to know about?

Maybe you haven’t actually lost benefits, but maybe you just can’t get to see the doctor you want to see because he/she is so overworked and overbooked due to the influx of those illegal immigrants on Medicaid (who are not supposed to be receiving benefits but who are, despite what they say) that the next appointment which you need now is a month away.

Which Shoes Do You Wear?

Maybe you are an illegal alien who was brought here as a child with no say in the matter, someone who has gone to school, learned the language, and not broken the law.

Or maybe you are an illegal alien who came here on your own and worked here for years and years keeping a low profile and not getting into any trouble, someone who has tried to remain invisible as much as possible so you can stay here and have a better life than you had where you came from.

Which Shoes Do You Wear?

Any way you slice it, this one is a really tough one. Unlike many other issues, this one is truly complex and difficult, one for which there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

But there are some things that are facts.

  • Illegal immigration into the United States is a real problem.
  • Our government and its illustrious leaders (on both sides) have been derelict in their duties of dealing with this problem, kicking the can down the road, so to speak, for decades.
  • Our government and its illustrious leaders are not telling us the truth about illegal immigration, who is coming in, where they are being relocated to, what states are accepting them, whether or not they are getting welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and Social Security benefits.
  • The media is not reporting accurately regarding this issue and many others. The media does not report the reality of the problem, choosing instead to promote a left-wing liberal bias leaning toward socialistic values.
  • Spokespeople for the illegal immigration population do not present an accurate or fair depiction of their clientele and opt for the heartbreaking talking points about how all the “good” illegals who came here by no choice of their own will be deported by this hateful president (the all or nothing argument).
  • The left-wing Democrats depict this issue in the same way the media mimics it.
  • DACA is not what it seems, and when one reads the reality of what it is versus what it was supposed to be, that becomes evident.
  • American citizens should be the first priority of the American Government and no one else’s rights should abrogate or supersede American citizens’ rights.

That last point is incontrovertible. Also incontrovertible is the fact that the government, by its inability or lack of desire to deal with this issue has simply exacerbated it.

So, which shoes do you wear?

Are you paying for the illegal aliens when you can hardly put food on your own table? Are they taking jobs that you would want but can’t get because they are working for lower wages than you would expect to be paid? Are you a victim of their crimes?

Are you an honest, hard-working illegal-alien person just trying to get by? A child who was brought here by no choice of your own?

This one is a tough one.   Which Shoes Do You Wear?

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