kitchen-4Marie went downstairs first. She hurried into the ladies room and did her face again, this time in a big mirror where she could see clearly. She was excited in many different ways and she was happy too.

Bill peeked out the dining room door and had the waitress bring him another beer. He walked down the stairs slowly and when he turned into the hall Marie was waiting for him.

“Let’s smoke a joint first,” she said.

Bill stopped at his locker and got a joint. They didn’t go into the deep freeze. Odds were very good Tommy would not come downstairs until the morning, so they locked themselves in the ladies room where they sat leisurely and smoked.

“You really wanna do this?” Bill asked.

Marie looked at Bill. “Why?  You don’t?”

“I don’t want any hassles.”

“Won’t be no hassles.”

They were sitting on the counter. Bill was sitting next to her, almost on the sink. He reached a hand to her skinny thigh and stroked it over her dress.

“Let’s just get changed and go home,” he suggested.

“Let’s not and say we did.”

“Why? Why me?”

“I been waiting patiently. I know Henry Lee told you he don’t mind. I want it, that’s why. I want to be with a white man before I die. You might be my only chance. I think I told you this once already, so let’s get this done.” She reached over to feel him. “I can see you want it. So what’s the problem?”

Bill slipped himself off the counter and stood before her. “No problem,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. He leaned in and pulled her toward him as she sat on the counter. He kissed her, a long, hard, deep kiss, his tongue probing her lips and inside her mouth until it found her tongue and their tongues began to dance. “Ain’t nothing different but the outside color,” Bill whispered as they kissed.

“Make me cry with pleasure, white boy,” Marie said.


Bill smoked a cigarette afterward, while they changed into their civvies. It was getting late. He was tired and he wanted to go home. He knew he would find his fiancé asleep. He knew she had classes in the morning and that when he got home from work, whatever time that was, they would head off to Cleveland to spend the holiday at her parents’ house. That meant they would be driving at night and would get there in the middle of night, maybe between three and four in the morning. The dog would bark. They’d have to find their ways to separate bedrooms since they weren’t married yet. It would be a big hassle. He decided, standing there, smoking a cigarette with Marie, that he would petition his fiancé to leave the following morning instead of in the night.

“So?” he asked Marie.

“So what?”

“So? Any different?”

“You want the truth?”


“You smell different from anyone I’ve ever had. Your habits are different. I like the way you kiss, the way you lick. I like the way you feel.”

“It’s just the idea of different.”

“Well I’ll certainly take a second helping.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you will.”


“Well what?”

“How was I?”

Bill was tying his shoes now. He was dressed except he hadn’t buttoned his shirt yet. Marie was stepping into her shoes, sneakers, and as she bent over to tie them, Bill took a nice feel of her. But he didn’t answer. He just finished tying his shoes.

“Tell me,” Marie said.



“You tried too hard.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means if we ever do this again, relax next time.”

“I was relaxed.”

“You were too busy in your head. Next time I’ll give you some Quaaludes.”

“So I get a next time?”

“Your call, baby.”

“You wanna see my call?” Marie pulled Bill so he was facing her and slid softly to her knees.

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