ferris wheel

The Ferris Wheel

Peter A. Weiss

Copyright © 2017 by Peter Weiss

All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

(3rd Installment)

Lilly turned her head and kissed Paul. She kissed him hard, deep, pushed her tongue into his mouth and allowed it to meet his tongue. Then as abruptly as she’d begun the kiss, she ended it.

“Don’t get any crazy notions, Paul. You can kiss me and maybe fondle me a little. But when the ride’s over, it’s over. I go back to work and you go on with your life.”

Paul looked at Lilly. Suddenly he was quite sad, so sad he felt he could cry. “It’s okay, Lilly. I don’t need charity.” He withdrew his arm and moved apart from her.

“Ain’t charity, stupid. I would have picked you. Everyone has their own taste and you’re mine. But it’s okay. We can just enjoy the ride.”

They didn’t kiss or touch the rest of the way. They hardly spoke. They watched the darkness sweep over the fair and were fortunate to be able to look down at the bright lights from high above. Then the ride was over and they walked to the booth where Lilly had to go back to work.

“I have to relieve all the ticket sellers,” she said. “I don’t get another break till ten.”

“Want me to wait around?”

“Not if you’re gonna keep sulking.”

“That what I was doing?”

“Like a baby got his nipple taken from him.”

“Where should I meet you?”

“Right here.” Lilly kissed him, a goodbye kiss. “I’m glad you’re coming back,” she said as she headed off.

They went back on the Ferris wheel. Lilly told the operator to leave them for half an hour, her whole break. This time they kissed as soon as they were up a ways and they kissed just about the whole while. She allowed Paul a little liberty with her but not too much and Paul did not try for much so she had to lead the way. Then, once again it was over and they were back at the booth where they’d started.

“See you in my dreams,” said Lilly. “Have a great life.”

“See you in my dreams,” said Paul. They shook hands and went their own ways.


Paul didn’t care if the others picked up girls and he didn’t. He didn’t care if they chose and scored with a group of four and he was odd man out. He was a sophomore in college now running a 3.75 point average. He had been a walk-on for the college’s football team and was a starting linebacker. He’d missed camp last year, so it had taken him six long weeks to make first team. But he did it. Then he’d had a good season and had shined in camp this year. Next week was the first game of the new season. It wasn’t a league game. Their first league game was two weeks away.

Once he made the starting team, things changed. Suddenly girls wanted him and he had plenty of opportunity. He found himself amidst groupies, girls who just wanted to be around the football team. Many of them were much prettier than Lilly, much sexier. They were willing, sometimes even lewd about it, and they all directly promised him a good time. His body and his desires screamed at him. Outrageous peer pressure tore at him.

Lilly appeared often in his dreams. He made love to her many times there, kissed her, touched her, laughed with her. They were friends as much as lovers, companions. Sometimes he lay awake wondering if Lilly met him in her dreams too, and if she did, he wondered what her dreams were like.

to be continued

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