ferris wheel

The Ferris Wheel

Peter A. Weiss

Copyright © 2017 by Peter Weiss

All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

(4th Installment)

It took him some time to finalize the decision, but after that night with Lilly, Paul decided he would stay a virgin until he saw her again. He thought it would be spectacularly super if he lost his innocence with her. She wasn’t the best looking girl and she wasn’t what he might have called his type. But she was the one he thought he wanted it to be with.

So he was at peace in the girl department this year as he, Elliot and the three musketeers descended upon the fair. On one level, he felt stupid for holding off since he didn’t know if Lilly would be there, and even if she was, if she would go with him. On another level, the girls hanging around the football team were air-heads. They didn’t want him. They wanted bragging rights to having screwed a starter. He wanted someone who wanted him for him.

They walked in shortly after seven. Darkness was already peeking around the corner. The others were dressed for scoring, fashion jeans and nice shirts. They were made up, spruced and smelling pretty. Paul was low-key. He wore plain jeans and a T-shirt with a sweatshirt tied round his waist. He could have worn his varsity jacket with his name and the football logo on it. But he didn’t. He kept that to himself, just like he’d never mentioned Lilly to anyone.

Elliot complained about it. He argued that Paul should wear the jacket and lead the way now that he had celebrity status. He argued that the girls would see the letter on his jacket and flock to him, to them, so they’d have their pick of the litter. The three musketeers agreed, but they didn’t care one way or another. They had girlfriends, not steadies but regulars, friends with benefits. They were getting it anytime they wanted.

The fair being once a year, once a year they took this opportunity to come out, hang out and do what they did. It was free time. Their girlfriends, since they weren’t steadies, did the same thing with their friends, came to the fair in a group hoping to get picked up. Paul had dreamt once that he’d unknowingly picked up Steve’s girlfriend and had his way with her. Remembering the dream, he’d had a good laugh.

First thing this year, they took their bearings. They decided to walk the grounds and look at the livestock barns, the motorcycles and the tractors. This night was the collision derby where cars were crashed. Paul didn’t see much in that. He wasn’t a NASCAR fan or a racing enthusiast. It was all he could do just to drive safely. One of his other friends was big into motorcycles. Paul was reticent. He stayed away from things that could potentially hurt him, not that he was planning on being a pro football player, but because he just didn’t want to do anything stupid. Getting hurt when he still had three full years to play seemed stupid.

On the stage, still being early, bands were arriving and setting up or storing their equipment. Big loud speakers played music at the moment. They watched as that happened, checked out the groups of girls that were starting to hang around where the musicians congregated. Paul noted the different types of girls, those that were just kind of country, somewhat like Lilly, he imagined, and those that were dressed to kill, to score with the musicians or their boys, and if not that, then just to flatter themselves by seeing how many boys they could attract. Paul knew some of those types of girls.

to be continued

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