broken governmentSo I was shoveling snow today. We had a little bitty storm overnight, maybe about two or three inches total. In its infinite lack of wisdom and common sense, the school did not have a delay, so I had to clear a path down our long, hilly driveway to walk my daughter to the school bus. It was just a little snow.  This was quick and easy. But it was still snowing, so what I cleared was quickly covered over again.

About 11:30, the snowfall having stopped,  I went out to shovel. It’s a  good two hour job for a small amount of snow, and while I could have used the snow blower, I chose to shovel and substitute the activity for my workout. Mostly the weather was already pretty nice, not too cold, not too windy. As I worked, I started thinking.

First, I wondered how many of those Hollywood celebrities, you know, the ones who don’t want to be referred to as the Hollywood elites and want to be thought of and referred to as normal people, how many of them have to shovel their snow or clear their driveway so they can get their car out. I’d bet none of them, except maybe for fun with their kids. I’d bet most of them think it’s beneath them to do such things, and I’d bet most of them pity the poor little people like me and the real regular people we the 99.5 percent of the population are for having to do such menial tasks. Of course that would be if they thought about it at all, thought about us at all. Privilege like theirs kind of makes them forget the everyday things, especially when they’re always done for them by someone they’ve hired who’s hired people to do them.

I know. I’m sure there are some exceptions. But I’d bet the great majority of them don’t do their own housework, their own gardening, never wash or wax a car so it lasts longer. I’d bet most of them don’t clean their own bathrooms or walk their own dogs. And I’d also bet most of them don’t have to do their own child care. I’d bed most of them have nannies to do that.

I know! They do do things. They make albums (CDs nowadays) and make millions of dollars. They make movies (which very often belie the values they claim to support) to make many millions of dollars. And they give to charity. But for many of them even their giving to charity is not like for us regular people. We write a check and money comes out of our accounts. They give their time, worth big money, and then they deduct that “payment” on their taxes.

And so it goes.

Then I got to thinking. I could use a new snow blower and a new lawnmower, maybe even a small riding one, to make the work I have to do besides working to pay taxes to support the rich lawmakers more than half of whom are millionaires easier. I was thinking about Nancy, you know, Pelosi, worth more than 120 million dollars. I was thinking about that crumb, the thousand dollars ($1000.00), which since I’m retired I won’t get. That thousand dollars would buy the snow blower and the lawnmower, or make the bulk payment on the riding mower. Hell, I thought, it would pay for all plowing of the snow for the year and the Fall clean up of the leaves too. Gee that would be nice. It would give me time to earn more money to pay more taxes to support her fat ass.

Someone ought to tell Nancy and all her people that that money is not a crumb. Most of us could use it and many, many of us really need it. Someone ought to tell Nancy that if she and her people got together with the rest of the government and started actually considering the needs of the American people again, maybe the Congressional approval rating could climb out of the low teens. But then, of course, that would assume she really cared about any of this stuff or any of us people.

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