since whenStupid is as stupid does—that’s what America has come to. It would be funny if it weren’t funny.

Not too long ago, in talking to someone who’s a recent college grad, it came to light that they (gender pronoun purposely omitted to appease the PCP (political correctness police) did not know who Al Sharpton was or who Newt Gingrich was. It became apparent that when speaking about issues, this person was not firing on all thrusters. It became apparent that if someone could go all the way in school through college and not know who these two people are, something is drastically wrong.

In all fairness, it might be possible to not know who Newt Gingrich is. But not to know who Al Sharpton is? That’s pretty incredible.

Not too long ago in another blog post here it was mentioned that although America spends more money per student than any other country in the world we still only rank number 15 in the world in education. Of course we all know that money doesn’t mean everything. But America? Here too, apparently there’s something drastically wrong. America? For us to be number 15 in the world in education is shameful.

We’ve done some other things that are actually pretty stunningly stupid. For example, we’ve fought the war on poverty since approximately 1965, or about 53 years, and spent approximately $23 trillion in real dollars on this war. Yet in all this time we’ve done virtually nothing to reduce the poverty rate in America. As well, we’ve done little to change the demographics of the poor.

Another thing we’ve done that’s incredibly stupid is go to Vietnam. The French fought there for almost 11 years and couldn’t do anything. What made us think we could do something?

Then of course there’s Afghanistan. Another stupidity on America’s part. The Russians fought there for about ten years. We should have known that we couldn’t do anything there, but stupid is as stupid does.

Shall we go on?

So many of the things America is doing now belies any sense of logic. For example, what kind of country can one have if one does not have closed borders, if one allows people to come into the country willy-nilly and then offers them medical care, welfare, drivers licenses and even the right to vote? In some places non-citizens can even hold public office!

The first duty of government, and the primary reason governments are formed is to protect its citizens. How is America protecting its citizens?

Stupid is as stupid does. Look at our politics. It’s almost hard to know where to look without seeing stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does. All through America, lots of stupid going on.

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