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Quite propitiously, at least for here, Jeffrey Epstein, owner of the Lolita Express mentioned in part one, has been in the news. He’s more of a side issue, as it were, since the mainstream media is only interested in going after President Trump’s Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta.

Is that a surprise? Or is it a shocker? Is it more important for the mainstream media to get the president than it is to actually begin to deal with the issue of human trafficking?

Altogether this is a quintessential question in America today: is it more important for the Democrats and the mainstream media to bring down this president than it is for them to take care of the American people and the business of the country?

The paradigm of absolute honesty and morality calling for Acosta’s resignation is the wonderful Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you know, that scandal-ridden leader of the Democratic National Committee during the last presidential election. She’s the one who refused to turn over their computers to the FBI, effectively impeding them from investigating the Clinton e-mail scandal. She’s the one who employed that Pakistani “family” accused of stealing computer secrets.

You can’t make this stuff up. In fiction, simply put, no one would believe it.

Acosta was a major player in a deal that allowed the known pedophile, Epstein, to get off with a sentence basically, actually much more than basically, unbelievable.

“Epstein was accused in 2008 of organizing a network of underage girls to engage in sex acts at his Palm Beach waterfront mansion. Epstein also allegedly enlisted girls to recruit even more victims, some of whom would travel with him on his private jet to New York and his private island resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Under the terms of the plea deal, Epstein   was   convicted in  state  court of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. But a    Miami Herald   investigation by reporter Julie K. Brown in November noted that the allegations   against Epstein were originally much broader, accusing him of coercing dozens of underage girls into sex acts.

“The Herald    reports it was able to identify 80 victims—many  between 13-16 years of age at the time—who said Epstein had sexually abused or molested them between 2001-2006. Eight of them agreed to be interviewed by the Herald, four on video…

“…Instead of a   lengthy sentence that could have resulted from the 53-page federal indictment he was facing, Epstein pleaded guilty to two prostitution charges and served 13 months in a Palm Beach county jail, where he was allowed to leave on work release for up to 12 hours a day, six days a week.

“The agreement worked out by   Acosta “essentially shut down an ongoing FBI probe that had already discovered 36 victims and could have unveiled other powerful participants in Esptein’s sex crimes, the Herald reported.”

So the real thrust of all of this, today, for the Democrats and the mainstream media, Debbie Wasserman Schultz leading the charge, is to get Acosta and thereby to get Trump, Trump because he hired a guy who made such a deal in 2008.

Make no mistake about it. If Acosta was involved in such a deal, he should not be Labor Secretary. Period.

Whether or not Trump knew about it, is another issue. And whether or not Acosta broke the law is even another issue.

But the Miami Herald now identifies about eighty Epstein victims. Herein is the real story and herein is where the thrust of the media attention should be placed.

So the real cover up still goes on.

This should be about Epstein, about human trafficking, about sex trafficking and about the magnitude of the trafficking problem. But what it’s really about is getting President Trump in an unrelated-to-Trump cover up.

President Clinton rode on Epstein’s Lolita Express twenty-six times, a known fact. He didn’t use that airplane for transportation. Many, many other prominent people are listed as friends and/or associates of Epstein’s, President Trump included.

But you can bet that if Acosta and Trump were not associated, the cover-up would still be totally covered up.

And that’s the real problem.

(The link to the Miami Herald article is included above.)

By Peter Weiss


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