Fun with words and words for fun

I would like to say the most important thing I do is write and for most of my life that has been true. These days, however, my eleven-year-old daughter takes precedence over everything else in my life. Part of why I retired when I did was to be able to put her on the school bus each morning and be home to take her off too. That action is one of the greatest pleasures for me.

Apart from people, family and relationships, writing remains my first love and my greatest love. I used to believe it was a divine inspiration, but whether it is or isn’t has long been irrelevant. I passed through the philosophical issues a long time ago, you know, art for art’s sake, if publishing is the be-all and end-all, etc., and I hobbled through many of the stages of suffering artist and solitude-driven, sacrificial-artist-lamb to come out the other side as just a regular guy who has worked his whole life and written his whole life, someone whose greatest personal pleasure is to sit at a computer or with a pen and put words to  paper. In this regard, I am quite fortunate. Give me a stack of paper and a writing instrument, leave me alone and I will amuse myself forever. Being able to start with nothing and end up with something really rocks!

And so it goes. If you want to know about me, to look deep within my heart and into my soul, all you have to see is that I started writing at fifteen and for all the years since then, through the entire course of my life thus far, despite anything and everything else, it is what I have done. I have no plans to ever stop, only plans to write more and more and more.

My vitals:

Education: BA, MA English, MS Education, Ed.D.

Employment: Author/Educator/Consultant; currently retired from NYCDOE and self-employed


  • Master Teacher with 30 years experience teaching in college and high school
  • 50+ years writing experience: fiction, non fiction, research, freelance and more
  • 20+ years kitchen experience as saucier, line-cook, broiler cook and so much more


  • Writing
  • Editing, proofreading, rewriting, story consultation
  • Small School creation, development, & administration
  • Teacher Training & Curriculum Development
  • Professional cooking

1 Comment(s)

  1. Wisdomfromtherooms

    February 25, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    I think you and I are brothers in arms. You knew me as Michael. Really glad to have stumbled acros your blog

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