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quill-pen-300x300I hope you’ve enjoyed The Ferris Wheel. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Last year was a good year. The Ghost Writer: Rose’s Story was published. I do hope you’ve picked up copies of the published works.

More is coming. Fiction Outtakes: Bill Wynn The First Hundred is in progress as a collection. So too are the original Kitchen Stories. It’s too soon to put actual dates to their publication times, but tentatively it seems like a couple of months for the first one of them to appear.

Meanwhile, the Fiction Outtakes series continues and work on a new novel is in progress. Looks like very late this year or sometime early next year for that to appear.

I’m mostly staying away from politics lately. I have my opinions and believe I’ve made them pretty clear. Some opinions I keep stressing. For example, I do believe we’ve come to pure absurdity here in America. This is compounded by the fact that the media do not present the truth. Neither do the politicians on either side. All are concerned with using their rhetorical skills to distort any sense of truth.  This is very disconcerting and it is dangerous to America. If there were anyone I’d suggest listening to these days, it would be Alan Dershowitz . He seems to have a balanced take on what’s going on and he presents its threat to our democracy.

That being said, I go back to what I used to tell my students when I was teaching which was not to believe anything I said just because I said it. I implored my students to find out for themselves and to do so by checking out all points of view, by doing honest research into any given topic. That extends to what anyone says. Honest and balanced research leads toward truth. Fifteen-second sound bites, thirty-second video commercials, and flash-in-the-pan Facebook postings and re-postings of obvious propaganda posing as honest reporting lead toward distortion of truth. Distortion of truth is a goal these days of many of our media outlets and politicians. Their purposes for doing this are clear: maintaining power bases, personal gain and keeping the status quo.

Another opinion I continually advance is that man is by nature selfish and greedy. It is man’s selfishness and greed, which is ultimately driven by fear and hubris, that cause our politicians and leaders (from the Hollywood elite who want to be referred to as “regular people” to the politicians to the billionaire media owners) to hold on so strongly to the status quo, to the false narratives they present for their own enrichment.

So we move on. Do send comments about the writing if you are so inclined. Thanks to you all for following here and Bill Wynn 164 will be posted shortly.


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So that’s it for this year. Gonna take another little break here.

Of course Bill Wynn will return.

Look for the original Kitchen Stories to appear before the summer.

Look for The Ferris Wheel, a brand new short story, to appear in installments on the blog beginning right after the New Year break.

Pick up a copy of my published works here: Books by Peter Weiss. Don’t be shy about it. Don’t be hesitant. Don’t put it off. You know, support your unknown writer!

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For all my readers and my family and friends:

I’m gonna take a little holiday break, just a few days.  I do expect to post some things next week, probably mid-week. In the meantime, I hope you had a great Hanukkah, and we at my house wish you a joyous holiday season. May all the best and all you wish for come to you.


Thanks for following the blog. I  hope you enjoy the writing! Many neat things are planned for next year and a new novel is in progress. As a special treat, I’ll be posting a brand new short story, The Ferris Wheel, right after the new year. It will be in installments since it is too long for one posting. So keep a look out! And if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of  my published works here

Books by Peter Weiss

Meantime, hug your loved ones and cherish their presence.

Peter Weiss and Family


THanksgiving 2

Especially To My Family, Friends, Readers and Followers, and to everyone, a most wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving and best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.


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The Ghost Writer Rose’s Story: A Look At The Worlds We Hide is now available on Amazon.


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Purchase The Ghost Writer Rose’s Story here

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Peter Weiss author page 

Rose Friedlander tells her story, a story of murder and depravity, a story about what goes on behind closed doors in the worlds to which we are generally not privy.

Money and privilege have allowed the people in Rose’s life to create their own rules. Worth nearly a hundred million dollars herself, Rose believes her father has killed her twin sisters and her mother. The man she marries has unusual proclivities, a gross understatement. Rose is about to detail how even the most sacred of sacred can be bought and how the weakest and most vulnerable of us are never truly safe.

Rose’s story will open your eyes, hurt your heart and restore your resolve.

Buy it today! Enjoy the read.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The mother was eleven weeks pregnant when she started to show. The little girl noticed her mother seemed a little flushed in her complexion and that she was rather content. Before the pregnancy there had been an edge to her and several times the girl had heard her parents argue, something she had never heard before, not because her parents didn’t argue but because they never did it where the girl could hear it. When the girl asked her mother, her mother said not to worry about it, that everything was okay.

“The girl asked her father too. He sat her down on her bed one evening and put his arm around her. It seemed to the little girl that her father’s hand brushed her non-existent little breast and she wouldn’t have even noted it if it hadn’t seemed as if her father had taken a little squeeze there. Imagination, she would think later, and she would dismiss it totally as her mind playing tricks on her. The bed bounced, she told herself, and we had a little accident.

“The father said that everything was okay. His hand quickly moved to the girl’s shoulder and stayed there so he could squeeze her to him, side by side, in hugs. He told her that Mommy was really busy with a big society banquet for one of her charities and she hadn’t been feeling quite herself. He told her they didn’t know why yet and couldn’t seem to pin it down on anything, but if she didn’t feel better in a day or two, they’d head off to the doctor. ‘You don’t need to be concerned at all, my sweet,’ Daddy told her. Daddy hugged her to him, caressed her, and then he told her to get ready for bed since it was getting late. He said he would send Evelyn up to help her.

“Evelyn put her to bed that night. Evelyn did not ordinarily put her to bed. That was Mommy’s job, exclusively, though Daddy always came in to kiss her good night before she fell off to sleep. The little girl thought she heard another argument happening, but she wasn’t sure. Evelyn petted her gently and read her a story. Evelyn was always soft-spoken. She smelled like gardenias. The little girl asked Evelyn if her parents were arguing. Evelyn said they were, but that it was okay. Lately her mother and father had both been edgy but she didn’t know why except that they were pregnant and women weren’t always themselves in pregnancy.

“Evelyn kissed the little girl good night and told her not to be concerned. She told her that every marriage had rough spots and that for some reason her parents seemed to be going through one of those. She said she’d seen them before with her parents and she was sure it would pass.

Look for Rose’s Story on Amazon Kindle in a few more days.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“She was six,” Rose said. “A little girl, innocent, happy, born to wealthy parents who seemed so normal. She went to school in Bayside, in the best school district in New York City, which is why her parents didn’t immediately send her off to private school. They lived in Bayside Manor with their own boat dock on the bay.

“She was a good student. She got up and dressed herself every day, got herself ready for school, sat quietly and ate breakfast prepared by the housekeeper. Evelyn wasn’t a nanny although she served in that capacity when the girl’s mother was exceptionally busy with her work. Mommy was a socialite who did an extraordinary amount of charity work. That work kept her happy and busy and the girl would grow up to do the same, but not before becoming a stunning young lady, a debutante brought out at the debutante’s ball.

“Every day the girl came home from school and did the little homework a first-grader had and then she ate a snack. After the snack either her mother or Evelyn would take her out to her playground to play.

“ ‘One day you’ll have little brothers and sisters to play with,’ the girl’s mother had been saying for awhile. Then, one day the little girl saw the bulge, very small at first, but she knew her mother was pregnant and understood that her words about brothers and sisters had been designed to prepare her for the day that was coming.”

Rose poured coffee for herself and after returning the coffee pot to the kitchen she sat down to drink it. Today she was wearing a simple cotton dress and sandals and Murph could see she had not put on any makeup. “I’m going to show you my panties in a few moments, so don’t be shocked. And I’m going to ask you to touch me. Don’t get scared. It’s not sexual.”

Murph didn’t say anything. He was thinking about what Rose had told him so far—nothing much of anything—but he sensed where it was going though of course he had nothing but a gut feeling.

Look for Rose’s Story on Amazon Kindle this week.