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disfluency_logoJudging people and things back then by today’s standards is only one disintegration of reasoning and language. There are many. Many!  There are many ways our language and reasoning have been and continue to be eroded.

A second major beginning of the breakdown of language and reasoning goes back to the eighties once again. That’s when, so far as generally accepted in the timeline, the gender issue in pronouns became an issue and when the language began shifting, moving into what became a most awkward period. The actual issue of gender consideration in language is much more longstanding. But the changing of the language, that is a serious matter whose effects must be understood in the context of what we end up doing as a people in our history.

Seat belts. When the first seat belt regulations came into play and the first seat belt laws came into effect, we were assured, even promised, that we wouldn’t be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt. Now, some years later, we see that that promise was pure BS.

E-ZPass. The advent of E-ZPass was a great convenience and time saver. But we were afraid  electronic tracking would compromise our privacy. So we were assured that E-ZPass records would be kept private, that they would never be used in court. Then along came that first clever lawyer with the great idea of using those supposed-be-to private records to prove marital infidelity, and lo and behold E-ZPass caved to the subpoena. Now E-ZPass records are pretty non-private, or they are easily used in courts.

History shows that first and foremost money talks and BS walks, no credit for that saying taken here. It also shows that government can’t be trusted to stay to where its rightful place is, which is protecting its citizens. The two examples above show the progression of things when left in the hands of our leaders, all of them, but primarily those who adhere to and preach the progressive narratives.

Gender-Specific Pronouns! So in the eighties these became an issue. At first the linguists looked at them in terms of messiness and discomfort. The language no longer  had the wherewithal to suit our needs if we wanted to be gender-fair and considerate. Language is our tool, they thought. If it no longer met our needs in regard to gender-specific pronouns, it would fix itself to do so. They thought language would adjust to compensate for equalizing or neutralizing gender references.

But as with the two examples above, that wasn’t quite what happened.

What happened was, like with the seat belt and E-ZPass examples, legislation and regulation. The progression that was supposed to be toward gender equality or gender neutrality in language so as to match what was perceived as happening in our society turned toward control. Or, to be more precise, it turned to control for the purpose of extracting money in the form of fines. Today, in certain states one can be arrested, jailed, fined or all three for incorrect use of gender pronouns.

What has this breakdown in language and reasoning wrought upon us? Or, from what was supposed to have been a move to empower and equalize the genders (he and she), or at the very least to neutralize them within the language and thereby equalize them, what has the erosion of language brought us?

Those same people who have led us at every turn to being controlled through fear of prosecution, can now prosecute us for using an incorrect gender reference. And with some thirty-something genders now, another result of the breakdown of our language and reasoning skills,  how would one know if one’s gender-pronoun usage is correct?

We have been led to confusion and dis-empowerment because the aim behind the breakdown of language and reasoning as mostly articulated by the progressive narrative is control and domination.

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disfluency_logoGo on. Just call me racist up front and get it over with. As was said in And the Winner Is, that word, the R word, is now applied so often and used so callously that its meaning is quickly dissipating. Like the Deplorable label, it becomes a badge of honor when one is called it for saying something true simply because one is speaking about a person or persons of color.

For example, merely saying that Al Sharpton didn’t pay taxes and helped publicly frame Steven Pagones in the Tawana Brawley case would make one a “racist” by today’s standards of the word even though there is no racial implication in the factual statement. That speaks to the breakdown of our language and our reasoning, both of which are different issues altogether though very essential ones and ones of course tied to the bundle of what’s going on with Obama being the big winner and what’s going on in America.

The argument goes like this: why are you picking on Al Sharpton? Lots of whites did a lot worse to blacks. Pick on them! Picking on Al Sharpton is racist. You are a racist.

Similarly, to say anything about Hillary Clinton causes one to be called a misogynist. The argument: Lots of men did a lot worse to women than anything Hillary has done altogether. Pick on them! Picking on Hillary makes you a misogynist. (And we all know that the reason she lost was because of misogyny and chauvinism.) You are a misogynist.

So, a little about the breakdown of our language and reasoning.

Way back in the eighties when studying literature in graduate school, we were taught that an author who wrote in the forties should not be called a racist in the eighties for referring to a black man as a Negro because that was the correct term of reference at the time the writer wrote. Or, forty years later, in the eighties, calling the author a racist or saying he/she was being derogatory back then is incorrect. It is logically flawed thinking. More important, however, doing so then was indicative of the beginnings of a breakdown in our reasoning and language that was being driven by a progressive narrative.

This type of breakdown in language and reasoning is evidenced all the time now and it leads to the revisionist history we are seeing today. It is the logical progression of that progressive narrative we are being force fed, and it is the danger within America. 

As an example, consider slave owners during legal slavery times. Being a slave owner did not necessarily make one a bad person or one who should be erased from our history due to being judged by today’s standards of morality and right or wrong, which in and of themselves are quite questionable.

History shows there were many slave owners back then who were anti-slavery and kept their slaves because they knew that if they freed them other slave owners would gobble them up and mistreat them horribly. These “good” slave owners (I know, by any sensibilities it sounds like a contradiction in terms) treated their slaves humanely. They utilized them as workers, allowed them a decent standard of living, did not abuse or molest them, allowed them marriage of their choice amongst themselves and to stay in the families they themselves created. They did not sell off their children for profits.

As messed up as it may seem today, this was in many circumstances the moral thing to do back then. Not only was it moral, but it was courageous, for those who did it were going against the social and economic norms of the times. If found out, they were ostracized and boycotted economically such that they lost their businesses.

Judging people and things back then by today’s standards is clearly a breakdown in reasoning and language skills, not to mention it being nonsensical. Doing so ignores the concepts of time, context and knowledge, not to mention the differences between the accepted morays of the society back then as compared to now. Furthermore it denies rational logic.

The absence of logic in today’s discourse and the general breakdown of our language and language skills is a true danger to America.

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and the winner isFrom the start, Obama’s proclivity toward communism and his general disdain for the American way of life were inherent in his attitudes as president. While these proclivities could not be seen looking directly at him, they could be clearly seen in the group of people he brought with him to the White House. Every president does it, surrounds himself with people he trusts, with people whose views are simpatico and in line with his agenda. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this. The electorate expects it then takes comfort in the fact that a president is limited to two terms, one of the built-in constitutional protections against a takeover.

In what was seemingly a normal, rational world, which we were at the time Obama became president, those who liked the new leader were happy. Those who didn’t, not all of course, but most, were at least respectful of the person and the office. They were generally tolerant of the changes, willing to give him a chance, and they were even hopeful that as the first African American president he would unify us as no other president before him had done.

Obama truly offered hope and change. The problem was that few people understood what he meant by that slogan. Those people who did understand it had taken the time to look into his origins,  his upbringing and his associates.  These people, of two kinds, were basically supporters or opposers. The opposers were quickly saddled with that racist label, branded almost immediately with the R word. The goal of the racist branding was to silence all opposition to the pro-communist, anti-American president of the United States.

So Obama was the big winner. He was the big winner because people were afraid to speak out against him for fear of being called a racist. He was the big winner because he carried the mainstream media in his pocket (and still does). He was the big winner because as a result of both of these trends he went unchecked and mostly free to do what he set out to do.

In the scope of things, overall, we don’t know yet if his direction was a good one. Whether or not where Obama led us in his eight years as president was to a good place would surely seem controversial. One thing that is not controversial is that he was the big winner.

So what was Obama really about? What was the purpose of what has come to be known as the apology tour? What was the purpose of decimating the military? Of growing the Federal Government’s bureaucracy to bloated, wasteful limits? Of willfully and purposefully dividing the American populace along racial and class lines? Of giving away the store to our enemies and alienating our allies? Of moving the Democratic party so far to the left that it would be unrecognizable to its greatest liberals of yesteryear?

This was his fundamental transformation and Obama was and is the big winner because he was able to partially achieve this transformation, a transformation we now know was the attempt to scale down the United States as a world power and world leader.

Unfortunately, the answers to what Obama was about are relatively simple but the issues are rather complex. In the end, the overriding answer to what Obama was about was power, pure and simple. The secondary answer is that he was about the taking down of what he was raised to believe was the evil capitalist empire that was so presumptuous as to dominate the world. Or, he was about the transformation of the United States into a non-power. He did not like the United States. Neither did his wife, his pastor or most of his friends and his associates.

Obama accomplished much of what he set out to do. And that makes him the big winner.

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and the winner is

And the winner is…

Why, it’s President Obama.

Yes. He’s the big  winner and the more we move through the Trump presidency and see what’s happening with the country, the more apparent it  becomes.

So let’s get it out now. Go on and call me racist. It’s not okay. It’s just the flavor of the day. But be really careful because as it stands now the word is being so overused that it is starting to have no meaning whatsoever. And when the word racism ceases to have meaning, we will have a real nightmare.

Obama is the winner because as President he accomplished precisely what he set out to do. From even before day one, he said he would fundamentally transform the United States of America. And that is exactly what he did. But stupid us, we didn’t have the wherewithal to ask into what he was going to transform it. Or, we were as stupid as Nancy Pelosi deemed  we were when she told us a bill had to be signed to see what was in it. That was possibly the most  ridiculous statement ever made by a Speaker of The House, although there are assuredly many to choose from. It’s remarkable how truly stupid we were as an electorate. It’s positively remarkable that we have let ourselves be led into where we currently are.

So what did Obama mean by fundamental transformation?

He started his political career in the home of Bill Ayers, a founder of the Weatherman Underground, a self-professed communist and dissident whose longtime mate, Bernadine Dohrn, served seven months in jail for failure to cooperate with a Federal Grand Jury regarding the 1981 Brinks Robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead. Dohrn, also a self-professed communist and dissident, was an active and ardent fundraiser for Barack Obama.

Obama spent twenty years in the church of Reverend Wright, a noted anti-white, anti-Jewish pastor who is much more than just Obama’s pastor. He is a mentor and adviser and friend.

The point of mentioning Obama’s associations is to set the context into which Barack Obama the man fits. As the saying goes, “show me a man’s friends and I’ll show you the man.”

Add to the picture someone who has gone under the radar for so long that it is mind-boggling, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Top Adviser and personal aide for his entire presidency and long before that too. Judicial Watch reports that her father, maternal grandfather, and father-in-law were “Hardcore Communists.” It further reports that as a product of her roots she maintains ties to hard-core communist and extremist organizations. She currently lives with the Obamas in their DC home and serves in his transition to post-president life as…

So Obama is the big winner, first and foremost because he got himself elected. Kudos to him for that. And he did it twice. But therein begin the controversies. In many ways Obama was not what he was presented as, although to his credit,  he understood that like no presidential candidate before him in our time, he could actually say what he truly believed, for as a black man and a Democrat he carried the media in his pocket and that racism word in his holster as a tool. Anyone crazy enough to speak up against him and about his connections was obliterated by that R word.

Undoubtedly, Obama was the big winner!

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Our real enemy is not external and our greatest problem is not climate change. Climate change is at best an issue and perhaps a concern. Iran, North Korea, Russia and China are foes, even enemies. But they are not the real danger facing the United States. Even Radical Islamic Terrorism, a danger for sure, isn’t the real danger. The real danger facing us comes from within. It is the willful attempt at destroying a presidency, an attempted coup d’état in the premier free country of the world.

It seems unbelievable, unreal, way out there. An overthrow of our government? To even say it sounds silly, even fantastical. However, all the elements are in place and at play. The government is divided. The country is divided. The media are biased, even controlled. Protests and protesters are paid by anarchists like George Soros and his cronies, and their true goals are couched by their labeling anyone who opposes them as racist.

Division, media control and paid opposition make the perfect storm for toppling not just this presidency, but any presidency.

There’s more. The deep state, as they call it, is actively anti-Trump and remains powerful because Congress is still dilly-dallying in approving Trump nominees. The deep state leaks false stories to the biased media who run with them, true or not. The politically correct, corrupt politicians, more accurately those who are paid off by big money, holding to the whims of their benefactors’ purse strings, dance to the rhythm of the false stories. These politicians are corrupt and even immoral in many instances, no better than the old Communist Politburo we used to abhor and chastise through the Cold War in the fifties and sixties. In fact they are very much the same as them. Some of these politicians, you know who they are, are driven by personal animus toward the man who is president, by simple hatred for him, and they are willing to put their personal feelings ahead of national interest. That is narcissism, even hubris, the very same qualities for which they attack the President.

Worst of all, and a common thread across the camps of those who would undo the presidency, is a willingness to re-write history. In their misguided political correctness they are willing to tear down the statues of our founders and heroes and replace them with icons of socialists we once reviled. Revisionist history alone threatens the presidency, the Constitution and our very existence as a nation.

Yes, our real enemy is within. The first thing a dictator does when in the midst of a coup is seize the media and suppress it completely until the coup is a fait accompli and the new dictator controls them. Here, now, for the most part, our media are already no better than Pravda was. They are biased, controlled and paid for by political foes. They spew pure liberal propaganda spun by presenting nearly incessant anti-Trump news, real or not. Facts and fact-checking are things of the past, replaced by gossip, purposefully incorrect leaks and outright fabrications. Thus the media are, in and of themselves, the greatest of the dangers within.

It’s simply the turnaround at work. See The Turnaround. So the real danger within is our overall erosion from within. Its origins, as stated many times here, emanate from human selfishness and greed. That selfishness and greed have caused our leaders to dumb-down education and brainwash the upcoming generations that have no context for the realities of socialist dictatorships, for their evils and failures. With no context they are easily cajoled into thinking those systems are preferable to our freedom and capitalism and easily led into any other thing the leftists would have them believe.

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S & W 442 AirweightIn Chicago a Police Commander who was attending a meeting responded to a radio call, was ambushed in a stairway and shot to death by a man with a long criminal record.

In Florida, seventeen are dead, killed by a lone shooter, a nineteen year-old with a reportedly disturbing social media profile. It is being reported as a premeditated attack.

Another day another two shootings! And so it goes. This has become life in America. On one level, in some ways, we get used to it, become numbed to the feelings so that we can move on with a “there but for the grace of God.” But on another level  we never get used to it. We find it incomprehensible and we look on in anguish. We wonder how those who’ve just lost loved ones go on. We thank God it wasn’t us personally. We look for answers, for whys,  for some insight into what’s going on in this country. We look for some understanding of what we’ve become as a people.

Maybe you know about guns, not necessarily about handling them or shooting them as much as about the information regarding them.  Maybe you don’t. One thing is sure, if whatever you do know is from anti-gun talking points posted on social media would-be news, then maybe you don’t have a real sense about the gun situation in America. So just a couple of simple facts.

  • All guns start out as legal guns.
  • Legal gun owners commit less than a fifth of all gun crimes.
  • More than 80 percent of gun crimes are gang related and perpetrated by illegal gun possessors with illegal guns.
  • 30 percent of guns that end up at crime scenes are stolen guns.
  • While the number of guns in America can be counted, the number of illegal guns cannot.
  • The overwhelming number of gun dealers are law abiding and relatively few of them have guns they’ve sold traced back to them as used in a crime.
  • More than 70 percent of Americans favor the ownership of guns.

As I write this and go through my own feelings, like what might be going through my grandson’s mind—he attends high school in Florida—and what’s it going to be like in several years when my youngest child attends high school, I can feel from the reporting I am hearing that we are headed back into the ridiculousness of the old arguments about gun control. I fear that like with the whole Russia collusion story the big picture of what is really going on in America will be obfuscated by the selfish political interests of the power-hungry American Politburo who now lead us into what appears to be our decimation.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Resorting to the gun control debate is that insanity. The facts belie the story being propagated. That’s how it is with the gun control issue and many other narratives we are being force-fed by power-hungry politicians and biased media outlets.

It is important to understand that we are being lied to and we are being hoodwinked by an elite group of people who, for the most part, live in gated cities, who travel with armed bodyguards, and whose only interests are their own well-being and personal wealth.


money-greedy1Selfishness-and-greed Truman

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. My first father-in-law used to say this when I was a kid, just in my early twenties. He also used to say that when the National Debt exceeds the Gross National Product the government will be bankrupt.

Well, the first part of what he said is so absolutely true that it is almost incontrovertible. But because I was an English teacher for more than thirty years and because I taught Forensics (Debate) for about eleven years and coached my high school debate team for that same amount of time, I won’t say it’s a fact. No matter how true it seems, it’s still an opinion. It was his opinion and it is my opinion, and the thing that frightens me most is that saying it is like pissing in the wind because no one wants to hear it and the words just seem to dissolve into nowhere.

The selfishness and greed is manifested by mostly everyone, but the rich and famous are the ones we see it in more regularly. So, for example, we rarely see those welfare, food stamps and Social Security recipients who the taxpayers are supporting as they drive around in their new Mercedes Benz automobiles which they can afford because they have no expenses and work off the books too. These people make more than many of us who support them and hide their money. They wear all brand name clothes and pay cash for everything so as not to leave a trail. Many of them register their cars in a relative’s name so as not have a trail there too.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy!

We see it in those beggars in the street too. Not all of them of course and that’s the problem. You can’t easily discern who the real needy are. If we could easily distinguish between the scammers and the needy, not only would we have plenty of money to help the needy, which everyone in America wants to do, but we could start trimming that National Debt which in and of itself is an obscenity.

But man is by nature selfish and greedy.

Now I know you’re not supposed to use the word man. I know there are some states where I could be arrested for using the wrong gender pronoun. Yes, arrested and either jailed or fined or both! (I also know that that is not a complete sentence.) It is precisely such ridiculousness in the hands of the selfish and greedy politicians that has brought us to the absurdity we see each and every day in America, the greatest country in existence today.

Rich and greedy? Start with the Clintons. They are the most obvious. Move along to the Whoopi Goldbergs and the other celebrities who said if Trump was elected they would leave the country. Why are they still here? They’re making lots and lots of money, not piddly money but real money to the tune of millions and millions, by selling their hatred and warped opinions while exemplifying perfectly the notion that man is by nature selfish and greedy. Move along to the Al Gores and DiCaprios, those epitomes of true conservation.

And on and on.

Nope. Man is by nature selfish and greedy. President Obama somehow increased our National Debt by ten trillion dollars in a mere eight years. For the life of me, I can’t see where the money went. Can you?  I only know that if we don’t wrestle the power from the selfish, greedy politicians and if we continue down the path we are on, our selfishness and greed will be our demise.

FYI: Interest on the National Debt for Fiscal Year 2017 was 277 billion dollars. That’s more than half the total Defense Budget. What has our reckless spending gotten us? What is it costing us?

Man is by nature selfish and greedy.

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