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Image result for despicable democratsInterestingly, I think there are several prominent people who really do care (about you, about me, about us). One of them is AOC, Ocasio-Cortez, believe it or not. I don’t agree with most of her politics and I don’t like a lot of the ways she goes about things — what she says and more. But I think she’s sincere and I think she cares.

Unfortunately, she’s young, naïve and not well-informed, so in my book she gets an A- for sincerity and caring and much lower grades for content and substance. As regards behavior, she surely gets a D there.

Many of you might stop reading when I write the next few lines, but so be it. I also think President Trump cares. I think he cares about the country, about our economy and our standing in the world, and I think he cares about the American citizens. I agree with some of his politics and I think, looking at the big picture in the world, he’s got a realistic view of the direction America should be moving in and is trying to steer us in that direction.

That said, quickly, I think Bernie Sanders is all wet totally, but I think he cares. After him, no matter what they say, there’s not another prominent lefty I trust in the slightest or that I think is sincere or honest. As far as I’m concerned, the last sensible Democrat was Joe Lieberman and he was smart enough to retire.

I don’t have much more faith in the Republicans. In fact, the longer I’m alive and the more I see, I don’t have much faith in humankind at all. Our political class, the American Politburo, as a whole, is no better than the old Russian Politburo of the cold war, and America would do itself a big favor if it made term limits  mandatory all around. It’s clear that when we’ve come to what we’ve come to in this country, in politics and in the divide in our society, we need to throw the circuit breaker and shut things off for a bit. No better way to start doing this than by putting in term limits.

And so it goes.

Especially here and especially now I prefer not to get hung up on the who’s-to-blame game. The Despicable Democrats, aided and abetted by Pravda USA, the mainstream media and social media who are nothing more than shills for the Despicable Dems, would have you believe it is Trump, would have you believe Trump is every “ist” in the book known to people-kind. Along with their Hollywood friends (all multi-millionaires so fashionably fond of trashing the very capitalist system that made them multi-millionaires) they tell us over and over again, and over and over again and again, every day day after day that it’s Trump who’s dividing us.

I think they doth protest too much.

I think it’s way too easy to simply write it off that way.

The divisions we’re seeing in American now, probably much more overblown and over-dramatized by the media than they actually are down in the trenches where most of us live, surely pre-date Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and then as a president.

Following the money would be a good idea here. Checking out who’s been doing what since when, checking out who actually benefits from the divides in our country, who benefits from keeping the divides prominent and in the everyday narrative — that would be a good way to start to see what’s fact and what isn’t, what’s historically true and why. It might also offer some insight as to how badly the American people are being hoodwinked, conned and lied to.

My sense is that a real, no-holds-barred, eyes-open examination of what’s going on these days would surprise a lot of people. When you start to look at people like Al Sharpton, who he is, who he was and what he’s done, and then consider that he’s a major powerful judge of President Trump, well, that in itself speaks volumes.


You think they, the Despicable Dems, really care? Huh! What they do care about is power, getting it and keeping it. On that, they are all in, and they see their road to power as the road of demonizing anyone/everyone who does not agree with them. And so they keep an underclass which continually votes Democratic and which they can ever-use to accomplish their demonizing.

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Image result for despicable democratsDo you really think they care? Talking about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Elijah Cummings and most of those Despicable Democrats from Adam Schiff on over to Jerry Nadler.

Honestly now, you think any of them care about you? Care about us?

What about these people: Whoopi Goldberg, Robert DeNiro, ALSharpton? Madonna, Cher, Taylor Swift, George Clooney?


How about all those multi-millionaire media figures on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.?

More huh!

If they cared about us… If they really cared about us… On some level things wouldn’t be the way they are.

It’s easy for them, the uber-rich liberal politicians, especially the Despicable Democrat presidential candidates, to offer us all that “free” stuff and all that garbage-talk about how we’re all equal [talking about “as citizens” here] , even the illegal aliens from all over, many of them coming here not to work in America but for the free ride, when they are clearly talking down at us from up-high.

It’s even easier for the non-politician but lefty political advocate Hollywood-types and media moguls to act as spokespeople for the Despicable Dems and in many cases act like shills for them — to wit Pravda USA, the mainstream media/social media. First, they don’t have to use and/or depend upon what they’re offering us for “free” stuff if they get elected and they don’t have to live by the laws they want you/us to follow either.

And that’s what it really is.

So an anecdote by way of example.

A couple of years ago, the state I live in, a very Democratic sanctuary state, changed its “free lunch” certification qualifications. Used to be simply if you or your child were eligible for or on Medicaid you were automatically eligible for free lunch. But the state added an income element to it. So even if you are on Medicaid, free lunch eligibility now depends upon your income.

Hello! Many low, hard-working American citizens’ children were forced off free-lunch programs throughout the state.


It was virtually impossible to find out why the certification requirements were changed, literally virtually impossible. First, because they, the liberal politicians, don’t want us to know why. Second because the liberal-biased slants used by Google and social media make a search of such issues extremely obscure and difficult. Third, because the liberal politicians and their lawyers make the laws and such certification requirements overly complex so as to obscure the real reasons for being what they are, so as to obscure what they are. Remember Obamacare? 2200 pages — they didn’t have time to read it — why?

It’s like the paper-dump. At one point, when asked for discovery in a simple case, one city’s DOE dumped twenty-six cartons of paper at the lawyers door, twenty-five and a half of which were meaningless unrelated documents duplicated multiple times.

So one politician wholly  anonymously admitted that the influx of illegal aliens into the state swelled the welfare rolls so high they had to make the change. And one public school principal reluctantly said their free-lunch rolls more than doubled virtually overnight. (Two weeks after the principal admitted this, six kids were removed from their school — all illegals, all using a false address, all who lived in the next town over and wanted to attend a better school.

Get the idea?

Real hard-working American citizens just getting by got their assistance taken away, were not only forced to pay for their children to eat lunch in school , but were also forced to pay for those kids who shouldn’t be here in the first place to eat too.

So… Do you really think they care about you, about us? Do you think, if you are one of those people just getting by, they, the Despicable Dems and their uber-rich Hollywood and Pravda USA shills, “feel your pain?” Even worse, you really think they don’t already know and have not foreseen what the consequences are of  their promising us free stuff?

Let’s be real. That’s why they voted themselves off Obamacare.

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Image result for racism

The Despicable Democrats: Wow! Just plain wow!

So before actually starting, one reiteration: Pravda USA, the mainstream media and social media whose unbridled left-wing bias is now well-documented, a matter of record and obviousness and under scrutiny and investigation, is perhaps the single greatest danger America faces. How and why have already been presented here many times and no doubt will be discussed here again.

That said, the real racism in America is from the Democrats. Oh, all of you who swallowed the blue pill and don’t want to know the truth will say that’s crazy and you’ll laugh to yourselves believing you’re morally correct and far superior to anyone who doesn’t agree with you. That’s part of the problem.

Or, if we actually dropped the pretense of moral superiority and I-know-it-all and looked at things, we might be able to have a conversation.


So… Have you listened to the Democrats speak? They belittle and deride whites constantly and continually. They tell the whites how bad they are over and over and advocate violence toward them — why, they say, it’s morally justified.

Just listen to the Democratic candidates, even the white ones. The white ones are the worst. They apologize for being white, try to insinuate that they really support (and even include themselves with) people of color.

So the Democratic anti-white speak is inherently racist in nature and its effect on their own white candidates is to make them berate themselves, belittle themselves and apologize for the color of their skin.

Why, you’d absolutely think, to listen to the Democratic anti-white speak, that we were right back before the civil rights movement, like in the 1950s and earlier.

Martin Luther King Jr. must be spinning in his grave!

But that’s the least of it. It’s bad enough, but worse is what the Democrats have done to the blacks, to people of color, to the “minorities.”

It starts with Lyndon Johnson and the war on poverty. That’s the mid-1960s. This war on poverty is some fifty years old and more than twenty-three trillion dollars (that’s twelve zeros after the twenty-three) have been spent on it with a net decrease in the poverty rate that is so minimal it can hardly be seen. As well, the demographics of those in poverty haven’t changed much.

One might conclude that their war on poverty hasn’t been very effective. One might surmise that for all their talk about concern and care, the Despicable Democrats haven’t done very much for the blacks, Hispanics and other people of color.

For about seventy years the Despicable Democrats have run and/or controlled the big cities in America. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New York in part, and more. These are the cities failing, impoverished, highly-taxed, crime-ridden.

Again, abject Democrat failure displayed.

In reality, the Democrats want, need and keep people of color as an underclass. They do so to keep them dependent on their mostly-meager handouts so they’ll get their votes, and they do so to divide America. You know: divide and conquer.

All in all, when you really come to look at the Democrats and their policies, what you see is overt racism, real racism pure and simple.

So then they point the finger to divert you from seeing what they’re doing and have done. But they forget that when they point their finger at those they accuse of racism, three fingers are pointing right back at them.

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bass ackwardsLike always, our government, both sides, is driven by political agenda and personal interests. Our politicians, this has been said many times before here, are now a new class of people, the politicians. Many of them, again on both sides, are career politicians and some of them get their job almost by inheritance from parents or siblings who have held the job before them.

These career politicians have several goals in mind, none of them conducive to doing what’s good for America or for the American people. First and foremost, their goal is to get reelected. Their secondary goal is to enrich themselves.

This is not the way it used to be, not the way our founders envisioned it. They were all regular people who served, some of them not even wanting to, and then went back to their farms, businesses, whatever was their normal life.

Here’s a quick fix, which would only be a partial fix of course but definitely a step in the right direction: term limits. No one should be allowed to serve more than two terms in any political job.

So here we are and we discover that our government can’t really run anything efficiently, that it’s more divided than it’s ever been, that it’s now vicious and mired in infighting and party fighting. The Republicans got nothing done when Trump was elected and they had both houses. The Democrats, in their crazed hate-Trump furor, seem more intent upon running the impeachment game on the American people than accomplishing anything for the people in the house they control.

As said here many times before, the biggest losers are the American people and if any one of our politicians had any sense of shame, they would clean up their act and do what they are supposed to do which is represent the American people for the betterment of this country.

Don’t hold your breath on that!

But this is about the last two shootings and the response to them by our government. In general, the Despicable Dems have hit a new low, and they seem to be very happy riding along that bottom low, which, in an old saying, means that they have to look up to look down for how low they are.

The mainstream media and social media, Pravda USA, many of them run by Trump-hating billionaires, act as a shill for the Despicable Dems. They hide behind the First Amendment, pretend they are truth-seeking journalists, but anyone who hasn’t taken the blue pill and wants to know the truth, simply knows better. They would have you believe that which is not so and they are promoting the Democratic, all-whacked-out agenda more than presenting unbiased journalism.

So the government has the gun situation bass ackwards. Most people with carry licenses who own guns, by far the very very vast majority of them, do not use their weapons, do not commit crimes and keep their weapons for hunting, target shooting, and self protection. They virtually never use their guns for that last purpose, same as the vast majority of cops who never use their guns through the course of their career.

Simply put, it’s not the guns.

There’s something dramatically wrong in our country now regarding our mental health and why shootings like the last two occur more frequently. In a nutshell, it has to do with many things. A few of them are: the breakdown of the family unit, the absence and denial of God and persecution of those who believe in God, electronics and people not being taught to play and socialize with one another, no longer teaching civics and civility in schools, and yes, Hollywood, whose movies romanticize outrageous behavior and lead in the directions we’re going. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

And so it goes.  Driven by nothing more than self-interest and personal profit, our government, like always, has it bass ackwards.

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hypocrisy meterDoesn’t matter whether or not you like President Trump or whether or not you agree with his policies or his personal behavior. In the scope of things, liking him or agreeing with his policies is small potatoes. What matters is what the Democrats, the top people of some of the Intelligence Agencies, the media and Hollywood did and are still doing to our country.

They would have us believe they are acting in response to what Trump is doing as president, but that’s a crock, they know it’s a crock and they know that it has nothing to do with anything except their extreme animus for the man who got elected instead of Hillary Clinton.

And so it goes.

Take the pill you want, blue or red. Take the blue one and believe what you want, facts be damned.

The Democrats and the their liberal/socialist sponsors are re-writing history, re-writing the very origins of this country as they would like them to be presented to the generations who have not been taught any better. In fact, they are controlling what is being taught and reconstructing certain narratives to read according to the way they wish them to read. As well, they are writing new ones which they know are fictions, hoping, even betting that the majority of our people who listen to the mainstream media and get their news from social media will believe their concocted stories. And apparently a good portion of the loyalist Democratic supporters have swallowed that blue pill.

The Despicable Democrats break all the rules of real research, use fact-checkers who are biased and listen to the people who, like Al Sharpton as an example, are revered by many but who should be reviled by all.

They go even further. Along with the multi-billionaire media owners, the ones who hate President Trump, they have turned what used to be a free press (in reality, for all we know, a mostly-free press) into Pravda USA, a media consisting of cable networks, print and social media that do nothing more than repeat, mimic, and front for the Despicable Democrats.

And then there’s Hollywood. You know them. Like the Despicable Democrat leaders, they are mostly all multi-millionaires who live in the gated cities but condemn fences as immoral. They preach Medicare for all but have their own private medical policies. They want your guns taken away but have armed bodyguards. On and on.

Many of them, like Whoopi, for example, said they would leave the country if Trump were elected, yet they’ve stayed to make more of the almighty dollars while they tell you, the regular people, to give up yours because money, being rich that is, is evil.


The net result of this, the real net result, is a threat and extreme danger to America as a country. Those Despicable Democrats, supported by the Hypocrite Hollywood elite (they’ll laud Roman Polanski yet say they support women—have those Democrat leaders in Virginia resigned yet for their sexual and racial indiscretions?) will tear America down in order to…simply be in power and keep power.

It begins under Obama’s watch and continues through the first now-almost-three-years of Trump’s presidency. How immoral and uncaring are these groups, led by the Despicable Democrats, supported and promoted by the mainstream media and Hollywood!

The worst part of it all is they know what they are doing and their own self-interest is more important to them than the very country that has allowed them to become as rich as they are and to speak out freely.

Shame on them!

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media manipulationThe thing is they know better. The thing is they know exactly what they are doing and why, and some of it — not all – is coordinated. All of it is calculated and planned. They know what they’re doing and they know it’s bad for America.

Talking about the Despicable Democrats. Talking about the fact, and it is a fact, that they continually say they are doing what the American people want when about the best they can reasonably say is they are perhaps doing what some of their supporters want.

So, in fact, when they tell us, those Despicable Democrats do, that what they are doing is what the American people want, at the very best it’s a calculation. They are betting that the mainstream media, Pravda USA, will echo what they say and repeat it in almost an endless loop over and over such that the people listening will believe it as fact. They are purposefully manipulating, or at the very least attempting to manipulate, “the American people.”

Gee, I thought they were supposed to represent us. I thought they were elected to carry out our wishes. I thought their function was to come together as a legislative body, solicit what the populace wants and needs and then work to accomplish that.

I didn’t think it was their job to tell us what they want us to want and then attempt to manipulate us into believing it is what we want.

Silly me!

So a few facts. The first is a very simple one: there is a difference between facts and opinions, or, as taught in freshman composition class, there is a difference between observation and inference. It is one of the first lessons taught in basic rhetoric.

A fact is something empirical, something known or proved to be true. An example would be that 65,844,954 people, according to CNN, voted for Hillary, and 62,979,879 people voted for Trump. Even if these numbers aren’t exactly correct, they are verifiable and so could be accepted as fact.

What’s not a fact is the CNN headline that comes up first in a Google search of “how many people voted for Hillary” which is “It’s official: Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote — CNN politics.” She did beat him in popular vote. That’s a fact. Did she “swamp” him? That’s an opinion. An opinion is a view or judgment not necessarily based upon facts or knowledge.

The most famous line of this is “it depends upon what the definition of is is,” spoken by — you guessed it — a Democrat.

So when we come down to it, lots of things are in play. In regard to the voting, you can’t say that everyone who voted for either candidate actually supported that candidate. Maybe someone voted for one of the candidates simply because they couldn’t stand the other one. Or vice versa. And on and on it goes.

We’ve come into an age of linguistic breakdown, where hyperbole rules and where opinion is passed on as fact simply because someone says it, the mainstream media repeats it, Pravda USA, telling us it is so and desperately attempting to coerce us, to manipulate us into believing what they want us to believe.

Overall and without doubt, what’s going on in the Democratic-led House of Representatives is dangerous to America. Inquiry is good. Honest inquiry is even better. Honest inquiry would look at all aspects of what really happened. Honest inquiry coupled with doing the business America really needs done, like fixing our immigration policies and what’s happening at the border, like enforcing our laws, like dealing with the homeless and the poor and needy American citizens, like working on the National Debt — you know what the real business is — would be best.

But alas, man is by nature selfish and greedy and clearly the Despicable Dems care more for power and personal wealth than for the good of the American people or for America itself.

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By Peter Weiss

Related imageSo let me get this right. According to the farce of the hearing that was held in the Congress Wednesday, it’s your thoughts that make you guilty and not the actions you take.

Okay. That’s what the Democrats would have you believe.

I worked as a teacher for more than thirty years. I worked as a cook and chef for about twenty-five years. I’m a male. I’m retired. I’ve been married most of my life.

I can honestly say that there’ve been at least 100 women I looked at and thought to myself that I would like to get them. Some of them I undressed in my mind, some of them I had detailed fantasies about. Not one of them did I get with, not one of them did I approach, not one of them did I discuss any of my thoughts or fantasies with.

So am I guilty of adultery?

Next case. There were at least 100 times in my teaching career that I wanted to take a student who was disrupting my class and throw them out the window. Am I guilty of assault? If I’d done that they would have fallen to their death. Am I guilty of murder?

And that’s just in regard to students.

There are at least 100 other times when I knew that my boss was wrong, didn’t know what s/he was talking about, was lying to me, was lying to the whole staff, had a political motive for what s/he was doing, and/or was just plain outright being stupid. Does thinking these things make me guilty of insubordination?

Next case.

In the kitchens there were a good twenty times when I wanted to stab the chefs with my knife. I pictured in my brain not slitting their throats but just sticking them, cutting them a little bit, telling them they were assholes. Does that make me guilty of assault with a deadly weapon? Should I have been fired even though I never expressed my views outwardly to them? Because I told the cook next to me that I’d like to kill “him,” does that make me guilty? When one of the chefs came every night to the sauces that I made and put just the slightest pinch of salt in them, not in any way enough to effect the flavor of the sauces at all, and I told the cook next to me that I’d like to shove the sauce down his throat, did that make me guilty of assault with a deadly sauce? Insubordination? Anything?

Got the point?

So as we look at what’s happening on TV led by our Trump-Derangement-Syndrome-crazed Democrats, the party with the most outstandingly evident failure record in our nation’s history, remember, they would have you believe that political correctness police (PCP) is not enough, that Thought Police is even better.  According to them, it’s not what you do, it’s what you think.

Pick up a copy of Bill Wynn: The Second Hundred and all my works here: 

By Peter Weiss

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