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originally posted in March 2018

and the winner isOne would think that former president Obama must be sitting in his wonderfully luxurious home in Washington DC and laughing about everything that’s going on in America today. He truly was the big winner.

Former president Obama, like most recent Democratic presidents, enjoyed pretty much a free reign in saying and doing whatever he wanted. The press, the social media and most of the politicians in Washington allowed him to do this.

On top of being the media’s darling, he enjoyed a special privilege for the color of his skin, and he knew this was happening as did the people he surrounded himself with who carried out his orders unquestionably. When you hear them speaking now, if you consider who they are and what they are saying, you have to kind of laugh at it although what we are looking at is no laughing matter.

Throughout his presidency and even before it, former president Obama enjoyed the benefits of reverse racism, or, he enjoyed the privilege of being able to use the color of his skin to his advantage. While it’s called reverse racism because he is not white, the truth is that since he really benefited from the color of his skin, it is racism. Today we hear so much about white privilege. As a politician, as the president, Obama enjoyed black privilege, that privilege based upon fear of criticizing him due to the color of his skin. This too makes him the big winner.

America is in disarray. Way back when he began, former president Obama said that he wanted to fundamentally transform America. No one really asked him what he meant by this although we now know everyone should have asked. He surrounded himself with communists, socialists, and terrorists, not to mention racists and bigots. The names could be laid out here, but anyone reading this who agrees with what’s written knows all the names, and anyone who doesn’t agree with it doesn’t care what the names are, probably knows them, and scoffs at the very idea that this could even be so.

No matter how you slice it, and he deserves real kudos for it, former president Obama was able to accomplish his biggest and most desired goal. And for that, he truly is the big winner.

But for every big winner there is also a big loser. In this case the big loser is the United States of America. The people of the United States of America must now suffer through effects of what former president Obama left in place.

When he became president the national debt was a mere $10 trillion. When he left office it was $20 trillion and one really has two scratch his/her head to figure out what was gained by the expenditure of that $10 trillion. Do we see any new roads? Any improved electrical grids? Any new airports? Is our education any better? Is our military more equipped? Did he make our standard of living any better? Did the poor get any richer?

No. It’s pretty clear that what former president Obama meant by fundamentally transform America was to bring it down to not only disarray, but to third world country status. It’s not clear yet whether our status has come down that far, but it is clear that instead of improvements, what former president Obama left us was a deep state whose goal, a goal that he set up through organizing, was to disrupt his successor if it wasn’t Hillary Clinton. And this he did, big time. And for that he is the big winner.

By Peter Weiss 


originally posted March 1, 2018

and the winner isFrom the start, Obama’s proclivity toward communism and his general disdain for the American way of life were inherent in his attitudes as president. While these proclivities could not be seen looking directly at him, they could be clearly seen in the group of people he brought with him to the White House. Every president surrounds himself with people he trusts, with people whose views are simpatico and in line with his agenda. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this. The electorate expects it then takes comfort in the fact that a president is limited to two terms, one of the built-in constitutional protections against a takeover.

In what was seemingly a normal, rational world, which we were at the time Obama became president, those who liked the new leader were happy. Those who didn’t, not all of course, but most, were at least respectful of the person and the office. They were generally tolerant of the changes, willing to give him a chance, and they were even hopeful that as the first African American president he would unify us as no other president before him had done.

Obama truly offered hope and change. The problem was that few people understood what he meant by that slogan. Those people who did understand it had taken the time to look into his origins,  his upbringing and his associates.  Those people, of two kinds, were basically supporters or opposers. The opposers were quickly saddled with that racist label, branded almost immediately with the R word. The goal of the racist branding was to silence all opposition to the pro-communist, anti-American president of the United States.

So Obama was the big winner. He was the big winner because people were afraid to speak out against him for fear of being called a racist. He was the big winner because he carried the mainstream media in his pocket (and still does). He was the big winner because as a result of both of these trends he went unchecked and mostly free to do what he set out to do.

In the scope of things, overall, we don’t know yet if his direction was a good one. Whether or not where Obama led us in his eight years as president was to a good place would surely seem controversial. One thing that is not controversial is that he was the big winner.

So what was Obama really about? What was the purpose of what has come to be known as the apology tour? What was the purpose of decimating the military? Of growing the Federal Government’s bureaucracy to bloated, wasteful limits? Of willfully and purposefully dividing the American populace along racial and class lines? Of giving away the store to our enemies and alienating our allies? Of moving the Democratic party so far to the left that it would be unrecognizable to its greatest liberals of yesteryear?

This was his fundamental transformation and Obama was and is the big winner because he was able to partially achieve this transformation, a transformation we now know was the attempt to scale down the United States as a world power and world leader.

Unfortunately, the answers to what Obama was about are relatively simple but the issues are rather complex. In the end, the overriding answer to what Obama was about was power, pure and simple. The secondary answer is that he was about the taking down of what he was raised to believe was the evil capitalist empire that was so presumptuous as to dominate the world. Or, he was about the transformation of the United States into a non-power. He did not like the United States. Neither did his wife, his pastor or most of his friends and his associates.

Obama accomplished much of what he set out to do. And that makes him the big winner.

By Peter Weiss 

corruptionWhile the show goes on in Congress, that unconscionable spectacle the despicable Dems in all their glory are insistent upon conducting today of all days…

Nearly every 30 seconds a human being will be abducted and trafficked for various reasons, the most diabolical of which is for sexual slavery.

While the show goes on and the taxpayer monies are squandered by our impotent leaders passing resolutions they know can’t succeed…

Virtually nothing will be done to stop or even try to stop those who are perpetrating the abduction of those human trafficking victims some of whom will be abused beyond any sense of what humanity understands.

While the mainstream media aids and abets the despicable Dems in conducting its unconscionable spectacle by advancing their narrative, a narrative any fact-based inquiry would debunk in a flash…

80% of those people abducted and trafficked will be girls.


The billionaire owners of the mainstream media, some of whom are themselves complicit in sexual abuses, will each personally make millions more dollars.

And on it goes.

Yes, this is what we’ve come down to.

While our millionaire-club leaders and their billionaire media-giant-owner abettors sell us a crock of s–t so ridiculous they’ve had to dumb-down education in America for decades to be able to accomplish it, some of the worst things imaginable are going on right under our very noses.

No. It’s not climate change.

No. It’s not that the world is going to end in twelve years.

No. It’s not that we have a Republican President.

No. It’s not all the phony-baloney crap incessantly being eructated about him over the airwaves and in our Congress.

It’s not that white supremacy is gaining ground, because it isn’t, that’s just one of their prevalent myths.

And it’s not that we are somehow more of a racist country than we were twenty or thirty years ago.

That’s just what they, the despicable Dems and their billionaire media-owner abettors would have us believe.

It’s much worse than any of that.

First and foremost, it’s the diabolical nature of the billionaire-owned media moguls who have monopolized and consequently weaponized the media. These are the people who own organizations like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, to name just a few, who have bought major media outlets to advance their own personal and political interests.

The continual and blatant media bias is perhaps the single most dangerous thing we face today in our society. Once the media inclusive of the Free Press stop seeking truth and start picking political sides thereby presenting a biased, political narrative, we find ourselves no better than a Third-World country in the throes of propaganda.

The second most dangerous thing going on in our society is the weaponization of the Justice Department and other governmental agencies. This was done for the very first time in modern times in the Obama administration where the attorneys general were political animals serving at the behest of a Democratic president that allowed the IRS to target political enemies. Remember Lois Lerner? She got a pension.

Within this politically weaponized Justice Department, the FBI has been allowed to selectively target the people it wants to get and to prosecute only them. When the laws are enforced selectively and not uniformly, it is not really law at all. Martin Luther King Jr. said this.

So while the Kabuki Theater goes on on TV conducted by our barrel-of-monkeys leaders, at the rate of nearly 2 per minute, how many people will be trafficked?

Yes, that’s a math problem most Americans are probably not able to solve anymore because of the dumbed-down education they’ve been getting. Certainly they would probably not be able to solve it without their electronic equipment.

The despicable Dems and their billionaire media-owner allies are leading us into what looks like the setting for the Hunger Games series of movies, that affluent gated city controlling the impoverished and enslaved districts.

On some level, it looks as if this is what they, those despicable Dems and their media-mogul allies would have.

No matter how you slice it, it ain’t pretty.

By Peter Weiss

Lions and tigers and bearsBarrel of MonkeysIt’s unbelievable, actually, what they want us to believe. Our leaders are so FOS that it is positively scary. And it’s getting  worse. It’s not getting better.

Our leaders are worse than a barrel of monkeys. Or, on some level, they represent the worst in all of us but dressed in the best clothing. They go to show that if you look good and you speak well you can say and do anything and get away with it as long as you’re rich and not subject to the very laws you make.

We truly are entering into a new era in our country. It’s the wild west all over again only the marshals and sheriffs use laws and regulations instead of six-shooters. They bludgeon us with bills, try to baffle us with their legalistic jargon and ram through any old crap they want with no sense of honesty, integrity or even common sense. Worse, they lie, cheat and steal then make us pay for it.

In all, their biggest sin is hubris. They really believe they are all that. Then, they lie without any sense of conscience or remorse thinking they have done no wrong because they know there are no repercussions.

It’s all about power. And that shows how they’ve lost their way.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin anymore when talking about our leaders. Personally I’m awed by how they get away with what they get away with. That one of our representatives can say with a straight face the world will end in 12 years if we don’t do something about climate change… Really? What’s to say to that?

The earth has been around for 4.53 billion years. We’ve only been tracking the climate since the 1880s and have only been tracking the weather and temperatures since the early 1900s. What do we really know? That is a serious question, not a sarcastic one.

Anyone with real perspective and an honest and open mind regarding climate change has to admit that the majority of the research on the topic has been skewed by government funding  and government pressure.  It was  even further prejudiced by Loretta Lynch who ordered the states attorneys general to prosecute scientists whose results did not corroborate what the government wanted them to be.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

Like in the wild west, we are entering into an era of lawlessness. Or we are entering into an era where the government has weaponized its agencies to discourage, even prevent, opposing political views. No matter how you slice it, the Obama administration set it up to stack the odds for Hillary Clinton and to prevent a Republican from winning the office of the presidency. It used the IRS and Lois Lerner, and of course it used the Justice Department. Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch  are the two most biased attorneys general the United States has ever seen. The career people in Obama’s Justice Department targeted whoever they wanted as opposed to whoever might have broken the law and they chose their targets by political bent, race and religion.

The media has bought into it. The media today is now openly  biased. That is mostly because the major media outlets are owned by a few very rich people who are personally anti-Trump.

No matter what side you’re on, the biased media is the most dangerous part of  what’s going on in the era we’ve entered into.

Make no mistake about it,  we’re pretty far astray and way beyond politics. We are approaching absurdity and about to squander the resources and power of the greatest country that has ever existed.

And it is mostly because of the barrel of monkeys who lead us, our lawmakers, who  scamper about looking for  bananas  so they can keep their power, who’ll say and do anything just for those bananas.

Well,  maybe we do get what we deserve. Even more frightening, maybe this is the best we can do.

By Peter Weiss

Human Trafficking 1

We don’t hear much about the child trafficking business in America or in the world altogether. In fact, people could get killed talking  about it, trying to expose it and reporting about it. In fact people have gotten killed  trying to expose it and for reporting about it.

One wonders! One would think especially the Democrats, you know, the supposed champions of the downtrodden, would be jumping all over the human trafficking issue/problem. After all, it is the modern form of slavery and sexual exploitation.

Isn’t that what these so-called moral-elitist Democrats claim they so detest? have always detested and fought against?

But actually they’re only self-proclaimed champions and then they only advocate for something when it fits into their political interests. The story in Virginia exemplifies this clearly. Something has to fit into their political narrative in order for them to advocate for it or take umbrage against it.

The Trump-opposers, these Dems and socialists who claim their moral superiority, mocked the President when he reported about the human trafficking issue at the border. In their arrogant and demeaning way, wreaking of their better-than-thou, condescending attitude, they joked that the President had seen what he was talking about in a movie and was now presenting it as real.

Lions and tigers and bears, said they.

Turns out, and it’s no surprise, that the President was correct and his facts are real facts. One in three women coming toward our borders in those caravans, toward that border where they say there is no crisis, are sexually assaulted, abused or raped and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Turns out that the trafficking issue as a crime in the modern-day world is every bit as big, if not bigger, than the drug problem. Worse, the product of it, human beings, unlike drugs, is easier to ascertain and individually much more profitable. Furthermore, there are so few criminal prosecutions for trafficking that overall and in every regard it is well worth the risk to the traffickers.

So let’s get this straight. Let’s get a real understanding of the situation before actually looking deep into it.

Sexual exploitation is covered up, sometimes applauded, overlooked, apologized for, and/or generally regarded as some kind of less-than-terrible type of crime. This is so because many prominent people are somehow involved in it. Prominent people’s involvement keeps it secretive and un-discussed.

We, the tax payers, paid more than seventeen million dollars in settlements for the very secretive Congressional slush-fund. Unwittingly, we covered up our lawmakers’ sexual indiscretions.

Similarly, former President Bill Clinton took twenty-six rides on the Lolita Express owned by Jeffrey Epstein, a known pedophile. Clinton ditched his secret service people for the rides. Up there on that plane, it’s all about underage girls.

Then there’s Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski and about two hundred fifty other prominent people who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct (at its least) and rape (at its worst). Many of these people are media giants, major celebrities and lawmakers, so most of these prominent people go unpunished and/or relatively unscathed by their actions, actions which very often destroy their victims’ lives. Then they keep it all hush-hush.

Human trafficking and child trafficking are parts of this very secretive and relatively un-discussed issue. Trafficking as a crime, is very big business, but with all the prominent people tangentially involved in some realm of its sexual aspects, there are few prosecutions for it and it somehow remains low-priority. It has even become fodder for scoffing and ridicule, as the Democrats have now shown.

It gets much worse. Much worse.

Trafficking is inherently tied into our own child welfare system here in America. This is another reason it stays so under the radar, mostly unreported and hidden.

By Peter Weiss

originally posted in February 2018

money-greedy1Selfishness-and-greed Truman

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. My first father-in-law used to say this when I was a kid, just in my early twenties. He also used to say that when the National Debt exceeds the Gross National Product the government will be bankrupt.

Well, the first part of what he said is so absolutely true that it is almost incontrovertible. But because I was an English teacher for more than thirty years and because I taught Forensics (Debate) for about eleven years and coached my high school debate team for that same amount of time, I won’t say it’s a fact. No matter how true it seems, it’s still an opinion. It was his opinion and it is my opinion, and the thing that frightens me most is that saying it is like pissing in the wind because no one wants to hear it and the words just seem to dissolve into nowhere.

The selfishness and greed is manifested by mostly everyone, but the rich and famous are the ones we see it in more regularly. So, for example, we rarely see those welfare, food stamps and Social Security recipients who the taxpayers are supporting as they drive around in their new Mercedes Benz automobiles which they can afford because they have no expenses and work off the books too. These people make more than many of us who support them and hide their money. They wear all brand name clothes and pay cash for everything so as not to leave a trail. Many of them register their cars in a relative’s name so as not have a trail there too.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy!

We see it in those beggars in the street too. Not all of them of course and that’s the problem. You can’t easily discern who the real needy are. If we could easily distinguish between the scammers and the needy, not only would we have plenty of money to help the needy, which everyone in America wants to do, but we could start trimming that National Debt which in and of itself is an obscenity.

But man is by nature selfish and greedy.

Now I know you’re not supposed to use the word man. I know there are some states where I could be arrested for using the wrong gender pronoun. Yes, arrested and either jailed or fined or both! (I also know that that is not a complete sentence.) It is precisely such ridiculousness in the hands of the selfish and greedy politicians that has brought us to the absurdity we see each and every day in America, the greatest country in existence today.

Rich and greedy? Start with the Clintons. They are the most obvious. Move along to the Whoopi Goldbergs and the other celebrities who said if Trump was elected they would leave the country. Why are they still here? They’re making lots and lots of money, not piddly money but real money to the tune of millions and millions, by selling their hatred and warped opinions while exemplifying perfectly the notion that man is by nature selfish and greedy. Move along to the Al Gores and DiCaprios, those epitomes of true conservation.

And on and on.

Nope. Man is by nature selfish and greedy. President Obama somehow increased our National Debt by ten trillion dollars in a mere eight years. For the life of me, I can’t see where the money went. Can you?  I only know that if we don’t wrestle the power from the selfish, greedy politicians and if we continue down the path we are on, our selfishness and greed will be our demise.

FYI: Interest on the National Debt for Fiscal Year 2017 was 277 billion dollars. That’s more than half the total Defense Budget was. What has our reckless spending gotten us? What is it costing us?

Man is by nature selfish and greedy.

Published works by Peter Weiss

Barrel of MonkeysSo the monkeys are busy at work. We saw them at their best last week, on Friday, when they had that hearing, which, like most of what they do, was far removed from what they’re supposed to be doing.

Monkeys indeed!

Actual monkeys, however, are much better animals. They’re honest. They don’t lie, deceive, play with words or deny what they’ve done. WYSIWYG. With actual monkeys what you see is what you’ve got.

Over the weekend, the monkeys in the House added a little condition to the negotiations that were supposed to be taking place. This was breaking news late last night. Negotiations for keeping the government open et al. seem to have broken down. A new condition was added that has something to do with limiting ICE in doing its job. And, of course, there is still no real consideration for giving the president the wall by any name you want to call it.

So the monkeys have been acting like monkeys again.

They were elected to serve the people. They were elected to govern the country. First and foremost, the responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens. That, ladies and gentlemen, historically is why people join together in governments.

People don’t elect people to go on and spend their money indiscriminately. Or, they don’t elect people to limit their freedom or to stop them from living their lives.

Our representatives have stopped protecting us. They stopped doing it a long time ago when instead of serving the American people they started serving the almighty dollar. Of course, that’s not surprising. It’s not surprising since most of them are millionaires and many of them are lawyers, and millionaires and lawyers are known to spend other people’s money so as to save as much of their own as they can and to write laws to protect themselves, the people be damned!

Of course it is much more complicated than this but a few simple examples will serve the purpose. First, in a private household, when money runs out and money has to be borrowed, the  borrowed money  has to be paid back, with interest of course. The household can borrow more money up to the point where the bank realizes it’s no longer a safe risk to loan them money, at which point the bank calls in the debt.

Most sensible households live according to a budget. Money is allocated monthly and when it runs out the household stops spending. At the very worst, it borrows into the next month’s budget but decides how it’s going to cut the next month’s budget to cover the deficit.

Our monkeys, on the other hand, don’t live by any budget. They spend our money indiscriminately, blatantly lying to us all the while, and when they need more money they raise taxes. We have to pay them or we go to jail. (Some people don’t, like Al Sharpton.) The left-side group of those monkeys has already said it’s going to raise taxes and will do away with the tax cuts we recently got.

A second example regards healthcare. If you remember, at the last minute and again in the dark of night, they voted themselves, way back when, an exemption to Obamacare. If Obama care was so great, the greatest thing they could have possibly done for any of us, why didn’t they keep it for themselves?

We could go on and on, example after example.

Friday’s hearing was supposed to be about oversight on the Justice Department. What it was, and not surprisingly, was another attempt for the left-side monkeys to justify attempting to crucify a duly-elected president simply because they don’t like him.

Yes the monkeys are at it again. Yes the monkeys who represent us really are worse than real monkeys.

Yes, maybe we’re the monkeys since we keep electing them.

Published works by Peter Weiss

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