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Okay, so do I have to say anymore? At this very moment, that bird is sitting on my shoulder. I just took him off his stand after leaving him there to eat.  The cat is still sleeping on the bed, like Rip Van Winkle, since this picture is at least ten months old. All right, I’m kidding about the cat sleeping all that time, but truly she is asleep on the bed with her sister who looks just like her.

There are so many ways to connect, and I am not a visual-learner person. I go back to the right there from my dream reader entry.  Connection for me is being right there with someone or something. But then, I guess the bird and cat and person sleeping are all right there too.


I bought this painting about thirty years ago. Everyone I knew at the time thought I was crazy for buying it.  I’ve always liked it and thought it represented me and my feelings superbly.  Today, if I were to think about representing my sense of solitude, I would stick with this.  My feelings from thirty years ago are somewhat different and I have no real desire for this solitude in life, except when I’m writing and don’t want to be disturbed.



I’m a city boy but recently moved to the North East. Don’t ask me why! After last winter, perpetual freezing marked by relentless snow, I’ve gone on the five year plan, which means 5 years to find a warm-all-the-time climate.

That beautiful dog is a lucky girl. She gets walked off-lead in places like this, which is now a part of home, and if there is anything I would like to remember about my northeast experience it is how beautiful the trails are around here. The town owns them and the Army engineers maintain them, but don’t hold me to that as being wholly exact.

My home is a countrified home in a small town near all the amenities. Except for the hilly driveway that my front-wheel drive car won’t always get up in the frozen wasteland winters, it is idyllic.