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broken governmentThe Democratic Party is split down the middle right now. Half are convinced that the Mueller report is the end of Mr. Trump’s presidency. The other half are begrudgingly admitting that the smoking gun was firing blanks all along. Some of the names on the saner half might surprise you, but none of the morons calling for impeachment will.

This is hands down the most ridiculous situation our nation has ever faced. A pile of spoiled, sore losers have stamped their feet and held their breaths in an attempt to pretend that Donald Trump is somehow not their President. They have dragged many good names through the mud. They’ve spouted outrageous lies, and they’ve wasted two years of a mostly productive presidency by focusing half of the country’s efforts on a bogus investigation.

Mueller’s team was as anti-Trump as possible. They still found no evidence of collusion. None. If they can give the President a pass, then there’s no one on the planet who can find dirt on him. That’s because it doesn’t exist. So, after two years of lies and nonsense, we’re finally at a point where we can try to move forward and solve some problems.

But, the far left won’t budge, and they feel empowered because the media panders to them.

That’s a direct quote from Patriotic Viral News    patriotic viral news

Because it sums it up pretty well. Two years of waste. Millions and millions of dollars thrown away. Lots of lives ruined, lots of injustices perpetrated, and not, quite ironically, by the people being accused.

So here, I always say the same thing over and over again. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe anyone. Do your own honest research and look at all that has happened and why it has happened. Don’t believe Fox. Don’t believe the idiots, bigots and in-the-tank-for-Democrats on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS. Don’t believe what you read in the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. And surely don’t believe the censored crap you see on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Start with a premise: I’d like to find out the truth, whatever that truth is. Look at all the sources, all the think tanks, check out everything and all the places where you find contradictions, differences in opinions, different facts. Look to verify.

That’s how research is done.

Then listen to your sensibilities. Try to skip your emotion. Ask yourself some questions.

If Adam Schiff has real proof of Trump collusion, why doesn’t he show it now that the Mueller report seems to say there wasn’t any?

If Mueller wanted an unbiased investigation, why did he hire so many outright Clinton supporters for his team?

Who are the real investigative reporters and what have they uncovered?

Is Trump really a racist? A bigot? A Nazi? Or is that just part of the narrative being continually hurled at you, over and over, like a tape (or CD) on continuous loop?

As one of Obama’s last actions,   why did Obama have his people    unleash the Intelligence community by allowing the dissemination of information to seventeen agencies?

Why did Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meet on the tarmac? Do you really think it was a coincidence? That they talked about their grandchildren?

Is Barr really in the bag for Trump? Isn’t he really pretty straightforward and honest? Weren’t Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder in the tank for Obama?

What’s really going on in this country? Who’s benefiting from it? What are the Democrats really after?

And so much more.

It’s time for a real gut check. That’s what I think.

By Peter Weiss



Shhh. Maybe they won’t notice. That’s what our irrational and illogical leaders, you know, those millionaire-club members of Congress, seem to be thinking. Or at least maybe it’s one of the things they seem to be thinking as to why they think they can do what they’re doing.

And what they’re doing is egregious.

You wouldn’t know it, but it starts way back when, just about when President Trump announced that he was running for president. (Actually it starts way, way before any of us were even alive, but that’s a different story altogether, and at least back then the media was somewhat honest.)

Trump going down that escalator set in motion a host of actions taken within the Obama administration to try to guarantee that Hillary Clinton was elected. She was, after all, the anointed one. From what we see in retrospect, it was a done deal from their perspective.

From there it gets kind of hokey. There’s a lot of cover up, and believe me it’s not from the Republicans. There’s a lot of maneuvering, the likes of which we’ve perhaps never seen before.

One of the first things we can actually point to is the unleashing of the intelligence community such that intelligence material could be disseminated among 17 organizations. This paved the way for the leaks, for the continual berating of Trump and his campaign and for the spying on his campaign based upon the dissemination of materials that should never have been collected in the first place. All that, of course, led to the set-up which was about to occur.

It’s clear that especially under the Obama leadership justice lost its way. Unfortunately, President Trump is the one blamed for it, but that’s only because the media never reported anything about what Obama and his people did and they continually lie about Trump then report on their lies as if they are truth. Anyone who knows anything about honest research and honest science knows that the Democrats are off the wall and bouncing all over the place. Their climate research is skewed. Their political facts are brazenly untrue and misleading. They are incestuous, openly disregarding any ethical standards in law.

So now that Mueller has found no evidence of collusion, none, where is Adam Schiff’s evidence that he still claims he has? Why doesn’t he show it?

Would a real investigator and prosecutor actually hire thirteen Trump opponents for his team if he really wanted an unbiased investigation?

How does Hillary Clinton’s lawyer end up representing Michael Cohen? How is that ethical?

Maybe they really think we don’t notice. Maybe they think we won’t notice that the media is now owned and controlled by a few major players all of whom have their own personal political interests they allow to be played out on their media outlets.

You know who they are. You know the lies they continually spew, the false webs they weave, the phony narratives they throw at us in ways that are worse and more diabolical than the Politburo and Pravda ever were.

It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

They really think that we are not noticing what they are doing, that they can continually insult us and our intelligence by telling us things we know are not true and can prove are not true.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

If we don’t wake up, if we don’t speak up, we will lose our country. The Democrats have shown they care less for America than they do for their own power.

Shhh, they think. Maybe we won’t notice.

Shame on them.

By Peter Weiss

Originally posted in August 2018

media biasNo Truth, No Justice. What’s next? The American Way?

Well, we can kiss truth goodbye. When you can’t believe the FBI Director and the former Director of National Intelligence was found to have lied under oath… Or maybe we should look at Susan Rice, you know the Benghazi video lie, or Hillary herself, who lied to the parents of the deceased while telling her own daughter the truth… Oh the loss of the truth in America is clearly demonstrable and ever-apparent.

I know. The left-leaners will say Trump, Flynn, Manaforte and a whole host of righties lie. But doesn’t that just underscore the point?

Loss of the truth gets worse. It gets downright disgusting. Not only can we not trust politicians, but we are witnessing the complete breakdown of the free and independent press, and this is more dangerous than any lying politicians. The facts are clear. Ninety percent of all stories regarding President Trump have been negative. It’s unheard of. The media have an anti-Trump agenda and are using their powers to attempt to destroy him. When the free, independent press gets biased, no matter for which side, it’s no better than Putin controlling his press in Russia. In effect, as the in-the-tank-for-the-Democrats media continue to claim (and still with not one shred of evidence) Trump is connected to Putin, they  are actually  doing Putin’s bidding for him: weakening America by fabricating what the public sees and hears.

A biased press is un-American and the left-leaning media are moving America into very dangerous waters. They claim to talk for the American people. They profess to know what Americans want and need. At best, they can only speak for the half of the population that didn’t vote for Trump, the ones they call the deplorables. Their premise and their claim are false to begin with.

Justice got kissed away on the tarmacs. If there were any doubt remaining about  the outright bias in the media, any doubt remaining about their political agenda, that doubt died on the tarmacs. The biased media never truly explored the actual connection between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. It never took the time to explore the lack-of-justice department’s attempts to stymie FBI investigation.  The Democrat-leaning media ridicule the very notion of justice, just as they ridicule the very notion of truth.

The greatest threats to America are no longer external. They tell us it’s Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. They tell us it’s ISIS and Islamic Extremist Terrorism. They even try to tell us it’s global warming as the greatest threat.


The real threat to America is internal. It is the persistent and determined undermining of the American Way, of one of the core premises of our democracy, which is a free and unbiased press. The Democrat-supporting media are putting America in true jeopardy and peril not by their opposition to anything President Trump does even before he proposes it, but by attempting to destroy his presidency through ridiculous hyperbole and ignoring in their reporting what is actually happening.

So what’s next? Destruction of truth and justice is pretty much done. Is destruction of the American Way next? Revisionist history aims at that. In its biased and slanted coverage of it, it would seem the biased media will settle for nothing less.

By Peter Weiss

right way wrong way

RULE 5:   “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

RULE 8:   “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.

These are two of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

Do they look familiar?

Have you seen them at work?

Have the Democrats been bombarding you with the use of these tactics for the last three years now?

Have the mainstream media been aiding and abetting them?

Where are we headed? Where are they leading us?

Generally I stay away from the “I” word. And generally I try to present both sides of things when both sides of things are readily apparent. Lately I’ve been saying that we are way beyond politics now, which I use to mean that our Congress has totally dropped the ball and is leading us over the cliff. If you can take a step back and look at things rationally, that’s pretty much what’s happening.

Mostly it is the Democrats. They have become crazy, toxic parents.

Sometimes I talk about while Nero fiddled alluding to the fact that while our Congress is messing around with perpetuating its attack on and its attempt to unseat a president on the left side and the exposure of such and an attempt to defend against it on the right, Iran, Russia and China are not only laughing, but they are taking as much power and territory as they can get as quickly as they can get it.

Putin must be peeing in his pants laughing at us. How stupid are we?

Sometimes I talk about the biased media. I sit back and look at things and I wonder are they crazy? Do people really not see through the media bias? Do people really not understand that our major media outlets are now owned by political operatives who are billionaires and who are not interested in a free press that is fair and unbiased? Do they not see that those people who so vehemently claim they are the champions of the people are really part of the elite class and are attempting to stay in charge of things by pulling the wool over our eyes?

So yesterday the Attorney General testified in the House of Representatives. It was supposed to be a budget hearing, but it was more of the same, with the Democrats perpetuating what we now know with certainty to be a false narrative. (See the two rules above.)

Or, Congress put on a show, here often referred to as Kabuki Theater. Or, Congress spent more of our money wasting our time and not attending to the business of the country.

So I wonder where they are leading us and why they are leading us there. Then I think of the Hunger Games movies and the multitude of other movies set in similar circumstances where there are huge masses (lots of times they’re zombies) ruled by an elite class of people who live in the gated cities.

Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. This is why our political leaders, mostly all members of the millionaire’s club, and our media leaders, mostly all members of the billionaire’s club, are so intent upon leading us “over the cliff.”

We go over, but of course they don’t.

Just for fun, here’s a link to a little Psychology Today article about dealing with “crazy” parents. If the shoe fits…     Surviving the Toxic Parent

By Peter Weiss


Because it seems especially appropriate today while the Kabuki Theater goes on in Congress with the AG 

While the show goes on in Congress, that unconscionable spectacle the despicable Dems in all their glory are insistent upon conducting today of all days…

Nearly every 30 seconds a human being will be abducted and trafficked for various reasons, the most diabolical of which is for sexual slavery.

While the show goes on and the taxpayer monies are squandered by our impotent leaders passing resolutions they know can’t succeed…

Virtually nothing will be done to stop or even try to stop those who are perpetrating the abduction of those human trafficking victims some of whom will be abused beyond any sense of what humanity understands.

While the mainstream media aids and abets the despicable Dems in conducting its unconscionable spectacle by advancing their narrative, a narrative any fact-based inquiry would debunk in a flash…

80% of those people abducted and trafficked will be girls.


The billionaire owners of the mainstream media, some of whom are themselves complicit in sexual abuses, will each personally make millions more dollars.

And on it goes.

Yes, this is what we’ve come down to.

While our millionaire-club leaders and their billionaire media-giant-owner abettors sell us a crock of s–t so ridiculous they’ve had to dumb-down education in America for decades to be able to accomplish it, some of the worst things imaginable are going on right under our very noses.

No. It’s not climate change.

No. It’s not that the world is going to end in twelve years.

No. It’s not that we have a Republican President.

No. It’s not all the phony-baloney crap incessantly being eructated about him over the airwaves and in our Congress.

It’s not that white supremacy is gaining ground, because it isn’t, that’s just one of their prevalent myths.

And it’s not that we are somehow more of a racist country than we were twenty or thirty years ago.

That’s just what they, the despicable Dems and their billionaire media-owner abettors would have us believe.

It’s much worse than any of that.

First and foremost, it’s the diabolical nature of the billionaire-owned media moguls who have monopolized and consequently weaponized the media. These are the people who own organizations like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, to name just a few, who have bought major media outlets to advance their own personal and political interests.

The continual and blatant media bias is perhaps the single most dangerous thing we face today in our society. Once the media inclusive of the Free Press stop seeking truth and start picking political sides thereby presenting a biased, political narrative, we find ourselves no better than a Third-World country in the throes of propaganda.

The second most dangerous thing going on in our society is the weaponization of the Justice Department and other governmental agencies. This was done for the very first time in modern times in the Obama administration where the attorneys general were political animals serving at the behest of a Democratic president that allowed the IRS to target political enemies. Remember Lois Lerner? She got a pension.

Within this politically weaponized Justice Department, the FBI has been allowed to selectively target the people it wants to get and to prosecute only them. When the laws are enforced selectively and not uniformly, it is not really law at all. Martin Luther King Jr. said this.

So while the Kabuki Theater goes on on TV conducted by our barrel-of-monkeys leaders, at the rate of nearly 2 per minute, how many people will be trafficked?

Yes, that’s a math problem most Americans are probably not able to solve anymore because of the dumbed-down education they’ve been getting. Certainly they would probably not be able to solve it without their electronic equipment.

The despicable Dems and their billionaire media-owner allies are leading us into what looks like the setting for the Hunger Games series of movies, that affluent gated city controlling the impoverished and enslaved districts.

On some level, it looks as if this is what they, those despicable Demand their media-mogul allies would have.

No matter how you slice it, it ain’t pretty.

By Peter Weiss

hooplaReally, they’ve unearthed a big, international buy-your-way-into-college scheme. It’s been all over the news for the last week, hours and hours and hours and hours. And now the nation is outraged.

Privilege is nothing new. But now with the narrative being spewed at us day after day, moment after moment on some networks, it fits right into their context. Actually, this one fits into everyone’s context.

Once again, privilege is nothing new. What’s new is that we’re being told that it’s evil, that the privileged are evil, that they must be eradicated.

Newsflash! Most socialist/communist countries have only two classes, the rich and the poor. You might call it, if you wanted to, the privileged and the non-privileged. No matter how you classify it, if you are born into the non-privileged class, there is no way in socialist/communist countries to move up into the wealthy class.

Upward mobility, the promise that with hard work and perseverance someone can move up in economic class, is one of the promises of capitalism or certainly capitalism here in America.

Somewhere along the line, and it’s been happening for a very long time although it seems to have escalated since Obama was elected president, we’ve lost sight of the upward-mobility promise. Somewhere along this line we’ve begun being taught, and again this has been happening for a while, that things must be evened out, that it’s not opportunity that must be equal but wealth.

The notion of Distribution of Wealth in order to equalize things is a fallacy, an illusion, part of the false narrative some of the leaders here in America would want us to buy into.

It fits in along with the idea that there are no winners and no losers in the sports games among children, that we can’t keep score in such games, that we can’t have winners and losers because the losers feel bad. It fits in with the notion that we can’t say certain things, can’t wear certain things (like a MAGA hat) because someone is offended. It fits in with the idea that we should scrap the concepts of integration and freedom of speech so that the “offended” people or groups can have a safe space.

It also fits in with the narrative that that boy wearing the MAGA hat was the aggressor because he stood his ground when he was approached by the man who was beating the drum. Of course it was just the opposite. We’ve seen such ridiculousness before, you know, the-you-have-to-sign-it-to-see-what’s-in-it-concept lauded by Nancy Pelosi about Obamacare.

So let’s get real! We’ve lost all sense of logic. We’ve lost all sense of perspective. The Trump administration is not evil and President Trump is not an inherently evil man. President Obama’s administration was not without scandal, no matter what the media wants to tell you. President Obama was not Pollyanna, an all-wonderful, all-perfect, all-good man.

The college scandal that’s been unearthed is just another one of the scandals plaguing our times. There are many worse things going on such as human trafficking, child abuse and not taking care of our elderly or our veterans. If one really wants to see the abuse of privilege all one really has to do is look at our Senators and Congressmen and what they’ve been doing probably forever.

What’s real is that here in America everyone should have equal opportunity. That is the goal we should be striving toward. But our corrupt leaders are most likely not the ones to get us to that.

By Peter Weiss 

originally posted in February 2019

media manipulation

No one questions that nicotine is a drug just as no one questions that heroin, cocaine and meth are. When you get down to it, sugar is a drug too. Once you get a taste for it you want more and more. It’s hard to withdraw from sugar as well.

We don’t generally think of hate as a drug, but these days in our world there is an awful lot of hate going around. Oh, we all know it’s probably been here all along, all this hate, but it’s mostly been concealed, certainly not fashionable to put it out on display.

That’s all changed. Turn on any of the major networks or the major cable media outlets. You’ll find their news people simply hate the president. It’s clear. It’s obvious. They even have 101 ways of explaining why it’s okay to do so because, as they’ll tell you, he’s the cause of all the evil we’ve ever seen in the world.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Chuck Schumer loves the words “the truth is.” The day before the State of the Union Address on the floor of the Senate he made a statement saying “The president will say predictably that the state of our Union is strong, but the truth is the state of the Trump economy is failing America’s middle class,” and “The state of the Trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence.”

Honestly, he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore than we do. Clearly the economic facts belie what Schumer relates to as truth. Furthermore, Schumer has no idea whether or not Trump’s administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. That’s his opinion. Opinions are not facts and we all know the joke about opinions.

Schumer is nothing more than a politician. He’s spent just about his whole adult life in politics. He’s been in the US House of Representatives and/or the Senate since 1981.

Schumer may be qualified to talk about political circles but he has little business experience, little experience making a product and/or being responsible for creating paychecks for people whose livelihoods depend upon the success of the business in which they work. In politics, maybe sticking with who you’ve got even if they don’t do a good job is preferable because it creates the impression that things are under control. God forbid they should give an impression that things aren’t in control.

In business producing is important. Surely on the top levels if you can’t produce you don’t get to stay. Thus, it is certainly possible that the turnover Schumer calls chaos and incompetence is nothing more than an attempt to find people who can best produce. In business creating the best product for the lowest cost is the formula for success. Our politicians with their endless supply of our tax dollars know nothing about that.

One thing is clear. With the popularity of our Congress down in the teens, some 30 points lower than Trump’s popularity, Schumer has little room to criticize the current administration or any administration about anything.

So what do you do when you have no policies, when you have no answers, when you’re disliked and unpopular?

The answer is quite simple. Manufacture someone to hate. Create a foe, a scapegoat, an object of derision and ridicule  to attack repeatedly.

This is the hate drug, the number one Democrat tactic. If you have nothing to offer, offer someone to hate. Offer someone to hate, have the media broadcast your hate all over the place all of the time and sooner or later you’ve got a good portion of the public hooked on your hate drug. They’ll tune in every day for their daily fix.

By Peter Weiss 

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