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more-truthForget who you believe. Forget which side you’re on. The real question is what do you want. Do you want a safe community, a safe country? Do you want to go to sleep at night without having to worry who’s going to break into your house? Do you want your kids safe at school? If you have a daughter, do you want her around boys culturally aligned with her ?

These are real questions that Americans face today. These are questions brought about by leaders who have no skin in the game that everyday Americans live in.

Last night you heard the president speak. Today the reports are that the fact checkers have found no real inaccuracies in what he said, particularly regarding the statistics on the crimes, the arrests, the drug deaths, etc. that he referred to.

After the president spoke, if you were watching TV and were tuned into it, you saw Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer speak. They said what they always say. They criticized the president, were wholly devoid of facts and spoke the hollow words of how they are for border security and a safe America. Such words are hollow coming from their mouths because they have completely reversed their course on the positions they used to have regarding border security so as to play politics. Their goal is only to deny the president any appearance of fulfilling one of his major campaign promises. The American people be damned!

That’s all this is from the left side. Politics. It’s mostly what it is from the right side too, and it’s very often what it is from the president, politics pure and simple. However, there are times when the goals of the politics and the goals of the people actually coincide. Perhaps, just perhaps, such is the case regarding the president’s positions on national security, the border, immigration, the economy and America’s standing in the world.

So there it is. Which one do you want?

Altogether, these questions don’t even scratch the surface. Last week, when Nancy Pelosi banged the gavel opening the new session of the Congress for which she is the Speaker of the House, number three in line to the presidency, her grandchildren were up there with her. So here’s the real question. Have her grandchildren in any one single one way been affected by the Democrats’ policies on immigration and border security she and Chuck Schumer so avidly seem to now support? She’s worth more than $115 million. What do you think? You think her grandchildren live in the same world you live in, go to the same schools your kids go to?

That’s the real issue. In today’s world in America the leaders lead but are not subject to the conditions they create or the laws they make.

So which one do you want? Do you want your government to protect you and do you want your leaders to be subject to the same conditions under which you live? Or do you want them to systematically divide you such that they can continue to live in “the gated cities” as depicted in movies like The Hunger Games?

Forget the left or the right. Think about what you want for America and figure out which America you want.

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By Peter Weiss


political darwinsimMan is by nature selfish and greedy. My father-in-law used to say this. He said it in relation to what he observed in the course of his life. It seems pretty poignant especially nowadays but it has probably always been poignant.

Selfishness and greed are only part of what has brought us to where we are. Another big part of it is the desire for power. It seems pretty clear that they all play in the sandbox together: selfishness and greed lead to acquiring wealth, and money is power. Sometimes power is power and that’s where politics seems to come in. Ask the Clintons about this one.

In our time, now, we have the advent of the political class in America,  those lifetime politicians whose one and only goal seems to be securing reelection, hence Political Darwinism, survival of the fittest, the fittest being the most able to get reelection, most able to stay in power. Ask Andrew Cuomo about this one. Ask him about nepotism. Ask the Kennedys and the Bushs and Cheneys too. They are only some of the nepotism beneficiaries. Cuomo has it best, though, with his brother a shill for him on CNN.

And so it goes.

The truly powerful today are the very wealthy on the one hand and those in the leadership/law business on the other, the politicians, judges and even some lawyers, particularly the ones who become prosecutors, district attorneys and lawyers to the politicians. They are all people who have within their simple and sometimes singular discretion the ability to destroy many lives with a stroke of the pen and/or pass laws (or not pass them) which affect a multitude of people.

One spectacular image: John McCain’s thumbs down vote on repealing Obamacare.

Of course it’s all more complicated than any one way of looking at it, so surely there are others who could be put on the powerful list. But for here, now, the focus is Political Darwinism, the survival of the fittest politicians and political parties, or those who manage to keep power and wield it.

Political Darwinism.

For those of us who lived through it and/or those who studied it, we were forewarned about Soviet society in which only two classes existed, the rich leadership (the Politburo) and the poor people. You had to be born into that Politburo class. You couldn’t just work hard and get into it. We were taught that leadership class was inherently evil because it suppressed freedom and raped the very people it was supposed to protect of all their wealth.

So here we are some thirty years after the fall of the Soviet Union. In our public schools and our colleges we are now taught that capitalism is evil, socialism is good. What’s more, beyond any sense of reason, we’ve allowed the American Politburo to rise to power.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Make no mistake about it! The only purpose of most, if not almost all of our politicians and of both the political parties in America today is to secure power and keep it.

The American Politburo is pure Darwinism at its worst, the survival of a class of people whose only value is to keep power at any cost, even if the cost is to disavow the very purpose for which it was created.

Divide and conquer. Keep them poor. Make laws for them from which we are exempt. These are their unwritten and unspoken mottoes.

In the old days, they used to say “keep them barefoot and pregnant,” which referred to women and  meant keep them poor and tied down. This is the very same goal of the American Politburo today.

Political Darwinism!

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By Peter Weiss

originally posted in June 2016 

down_arrowLet’s not kid ourselves. The standards of ethics in America are greatly diminished if not just about gone. As it turns out, the greatest and richest nation ever, the one that promises freedom and the ability to “be all you can be” appears to be ending up like all other nations that made great promises to its peoples, a true disappointment. The reason is simple: man is by nature selfish and greedy.

l know most talk like this falls on deaf ears now, and this means the progression of the downward spiral which is our descent into oblivion, into the land of the Walking Dead, is so far under way that we may not be able to reverse it. Part of the reason so many of the ears are deaf is that in America now almost half of the people are on the take. These people, many of them, anyway, don’t need to be on the take and are scamming the government and at the same time abusing the hard-working, tax-paying citizens who are flitting the bill for them.

This is a simple fact and a sad one, one not even needing verification here since Welfare fraud, Medicare fraud and Food Stamp fraud is well documented. Sometimes it’s not even the people’s faults since in today’s lack-of-ethics America they’ve been taught they are deserving of their benefits, that those who have owe them their free ride, that they are entitled to anything and everything they can get. But they should know better. They should know that if you can’t afford it, you don’t buy it. It’s actually quite simple. Sometimes it’s a tough and bitter pill, but it is what it is.

Most of the people who have, by far the vast majority of them, only “have” because along the way they have sacrificed and made choices. They wore K-Mart shoes, not hundred-dollar Nikes, so they could save to buy a house. They went to State and City colleges so they didn’t run up terrible student debt. They worked two or three jobs and lots of overtime to get ahead. This is the reality of the majority of the haves. They are regular people who have worked their butts off and scrimped and saved to get ahead so as to live the dream. They didn’t get stuck on “things aren’t fair” or say “you owe me.” And they didn’t fall prey to selfish and greedy politicians who used them for votes by telling them they were owed something.

We hear it over and over again, how people have run up over a hundred thousand dollars in student-loan debt and can’t pay it back. First, if they’re smart enough to go through college, they’re smart enough to understand about finances and debt. But worse, the dishonest, greedy, vote-seeking panderer politicians tell them it’s the big banks’ faults and that they, the borrowers, are not to blame. They were entitled to go to college. And so they call for more government control and more regulation. But the government is comprised of people and man is by nature selfish and greedy. Therefore, the government is by nature selfish and greedy. And even if you don’t like the logic, just look at the government, and then look at the candidates, all of them, and the decline of ethics in America is as clear as purified water.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. In today’s America our standards of ethics are on a rapid decline caused by the selfish and greedy leaders, what I call The American Politburo, and if we don’t work ourselves out of this ethical descent we will find ourselves in the end stages of what could have been the greatest country ever.

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By Peter Weiss

originally posted in November 2018


They can accept 32 different genders. They can accept that Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. Pocahontas! They can accept that a boy of fifteen is allowed to walk into a girl’s dressing room because he says he feels like a girl on that particular morning. They can accept just about anything, no matter how preposterous, as long as it fits in with their narrative, with their beliefs, with their vision of how America should be according to them.

But they can’t accept that maybe, just maybe, their vision of how America should be isn’t the vision shared by the mainstream, Joe Q Average American, that same mainstream Joe Q Average American family who voted for Donald Trump. In not accepting that “maybe,” they’ve become Election Deniers and are willing to challenge the very pillars of our democracy.

The Democrats simply can’t believe that America isn’t the way they say it is and want to force it to be. They simply can’t believe that most Americans, regardless of race and ethnicity, believe in simple, straight-forward old-fashioned American values, values like believing in God and being allowed to express such a belief, even in a Judeo-Christian God. They simply can’t believe that most Americans want safety, secured borders, good jobs and good education for their kids. They simply can’t believe that most Americans are tired of the PC police, are tired of the false narratives (Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, for one) they’ve been yelling at us for over fifty years, narratives that are belied by the results of their failed policies.

The Democrat story is that of that naked emperor whose subjects were too afraid to tell him he was naked though everyone could see it but him. He thought he had the most beautiful set of new clothes on and insisted everyone agree how beautiful they were.

The Democrats repeat over and over that they speak for America and that they are imposing their will on America because all America agrees with them.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

So they’ve become election deniers and disruptors whose only goals are to discredit the President, undermine his presidency and disrupt everything he does even if it means ripping apart the very foundations upon which America was founded.

For Obama, who has consistently shown himself to be petty and spiteful, maybe it’s payback for Trump’s birther-issue stuff even more than trying to protect his legacy,  a legacy only he thinks, like that naked emperor, is a good one.

The more the Democrats hold to the moral high ground they assume they possess, the more lowdown they become and are seen to be. As election deniers and disruptors, the more they deny, the greater the chance they lose more and more of their support base and their power, precisely what they most fear.

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By Peter Weiss

originally posted in October, 2018


It’s not cool to look at history these days. Nowadays, it’s much easier to see something on social media and press a few buttons to post it as if it were fact. History is being revised and rewritten. This is one of the greatest modern dangers being pushed by the leftist Democrat supporters and being tolerated, hence accepted by the Democratic party. Not only is revisionist history a modern danger. It is a clear threat to America’s existence as a free country.

Another of the greatest modern dangers and threats to America is the readily apparent bias in the media. When more than the 90 percent of the stories about the President, like  him or not, are negative, bias is pretty obvious. Then of course there are the narratives, quite false for the most part, that are continually pushed. You know, the racist narrative and the collusion narrative.

Most despicable is the comparison to Hitler and the overtly calling him Hitler-like.   This is offensive to everyone who actually suffered through what Hitler did.  It especially insults and belittles the actions of our WWII heroes and their remaining families.   Here again is the demeaning and negative work of the Democrats and their blatant disregard for America and the American people.

The Democrats should be calling for an unbiased mainstream media. Their not doing so only  underscores their lack of concern for the country and their acceptance of the support of a biased media hiding behind the First Amendment. Bias in the media is antithetical to what America stands for.

A third great modern danger and threat to America was played out in the Kavanaugh hearings. It was/is the disregard for   innocent until proven guilty, the main tenet of the American justice system. As in the Russian collusion debacle, now, after the fact, we hear the stories of how NBC sat on definitive evidence that Avenati’s client—the one who made claims of Kavanaugh’s spiking the punch at the ten gang-rape parties—was not telling the truth. Yes, they had evidence to debunk those claims but held it back. Ring a bell? NBC has done that before, recently too.

A fourth great modern danger and threat to America is the continual attacks on America’s institutions. The Democrats now call for abolishing the Electoral College, abolishing ICE and disregarding law and order. They call for sanctuary cities. They advocate for allowing illegal aliens to vote, hold office and collect welfare and social security benefits. They  hide the costs of these things to the American public and allow illegal alien criminals to prey upon the populace. The media assist the Democrats here too by perpetrating the false narrative that “those poor people”  are all innocents. In fact, their very first acts in America are to break the law and then hide from it.

The Democrats would have us believe the real threats we face are global warming (now called climate change)  and Russia. In fact, the real threats to America are their relentless disregard for the rule of law and the continual undermining of the very institutions upon which America was founded.

When the Democrats’ desire for power is so great they are willing to allow history to be rewritten, bias in the media to be perpetuated and the very institutions upon which America was founded to continually be attacked, we are in real peril.

broken governmentDon’t talk to me about morality!

The incident with the Saudi Prince, the murdered journalist, Khashoggi, and President Trump’s actions regarding it brought to light the notion of morality. The Democrats, who would not grant President Trump the correct time of day, tell us that it’s immoral for him to continue dealing with the Saudi’s based upon their action. They now say “a wall” [on our borders] is immoral too.

President Trump reminds us that to back out of certain deals with the Saudi’s would cost us more than $110 billion which would assuredly benefit the Russians, the Chinese, and ultimately the Iranians. His is a more practical viewpoint, one which more realistically looks at the way the world is situated. His view regarding the wall is also more practical.

The fact is that Congressmen, left or right, wouldn’t recognize morality if it hit them in the face.

The notion of our Congress and our leaders lecturing us on morality is farcical.  They are mostly all proven liars. Most demonstrate the old adage about lawyers—that you know a lawyer is lying because his/her lips are moving.

Make no bones about it. Most of our leaders are paid off in one way or another, are silenced by the pressures of those more powerful who are paid off in one way or another, or just simply turn their backs and take the perks of being a leader. This leadership class, generally referred to here as the American Politburo, wholly reminiscent of the despicable Politburo we used to criticize in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, is a millionaire’s club whereby it’s members making only $178,000 a year can and do quickly become multimillionaires. This fact, especially when coupled with a few of their quite obvious actions (like granting themselves an exemption from Obamacare at the last minute or allowing themselves to engage in inside trading or using taxpayer dollars for a slush fund to pay off their sexual indiscretions) show their true natures, again left or right.

You would think our leaders have never heard of videotape or audiotape. You would think they forget that what they said some eight or ten years ago is recorded somewhere and can be played back. When it’s brought back on Fox News it is  labeled pro-Trump propaganda by the other networks and media outlets which then quickly downplay the blatant lies by justifying them or explaining them away.  All the while they continually claim that they, the media, are unbiased and ever-seeking the truth.

Don’t make me laugh. It would be funny if it wasn’t funny. It is absolutely farcical. Using morality as a political tool is immoral. Now, lately, they’re even using the same religion they’ve taken out of our schools as a political tool.

No, our leaders have no morality and wouldn’t recognize morality if it walked up to them and introduced itself directly.

Want to talk about morality and immorality? More than 800,000 children go missing in America every year. Our Congress, the same Congress that talks about morality in regard to President Trump’s actions with the Saudi’s (and everywhere else), has known about this for years and years and years and years yet doesn’t do anything about it.

You can’t have it both ways. Morality is not subject to political whim.

See: Human trafficking by the numbers

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By Peter Weiss

Originally posed in October  2015

two women and a horse

Murph guffawed, half to  himself, half out loud. He remembered the conversation he’d had with Carla about redefining marriage and the consequences of such a move.

“Two women and a horse,” Murph said. “That’s what I want my marriage to be.”

“You’re crazy.”

“You watch. If they legalize same-sex marriage, polygamy and whatever you call marrying an animal is next.”

“I’ll do a three-way with your other wife,” Carla had said. “But forget the animal unless I get to pick the dog of my choice.”

“You’re a sick person,” Murph had said.

Carla laughed. But now that was happening. Since they had legalized same-sex marriage, Murph had read about a push to polygamy—after all it was a God-given right, right? A new term had popped up, a throuple, which was being defined as a three-parent couple. Now that was cool! Murph couldn’t wait to see how our brilliant leaders fixed health insurance and Social Security to cover everyone.

This is how it appears in a piece of fiction I’m writing. But when the first real discussions of changing the definition of marriage happened and the same-sex marriage push became popularized, I kidded with my wife that when they changed the definition of marriage to allow same-sex marriage, the logical progression would be the push for polygamy and bestiality. We’ve already had one woman marry herself and I do think that is kind of cool since it sort of changes the bar regarding nihilism and hubris.

Lo and behold along comes the throuple. A throuple is a three-parent couple. So far, by the definitions I’ve seen, it is two mommies and a daddy or two daddies and a mommy. But my shepherd, Brandy, may she rest in peace, was a better parent than many of the parents I know. She watched over my kids and protected them no matter what. No one could steal my kids or harm them. She never yelled at them, washed them constantly, and she loved them unconditionally. Even when my grandson punched her, he was just a little tot, she only waited till he wasn’t watching, jumped up on him and licked his face repeatedly. So of course what I’m getting at is a throuple could eventually be inclusive of animals too.

This is not about being against same-sex couples or about their right to be together or their right to the same benefits as married couples regarding health insurance, social security and everything else. Personally, I strongly support all of that and have no problem with any of it. I very much believe we should be free to be who and what we are and able to do what we want within legal limitations. I also feel that whatever floats your boat is fine, but if it’s not what floats my boat then don’t bring it to me.

So here we are. Suddenly one of our society’s major institutions has been rocked. The changed definition of marriage has thrust many Americans into religious conflict as was predicted in the dissenting decision from the Supreme Court. We find ourselves in a time of flux with a hypocritical government selectively enforcing laws and choosing whom to enforce them upon. Wasn’t it Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke so eloquently (and brilliantly) about the nature of laws and the unequal application of them?

I wonder: is this the best we can do?


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By Peter Weiss