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quill-pen-300x300In light of the Special Prosecutor and in consideration for those who are pleading guilty, here’s the anatomy of a guilty plea when you’re coerced into making one. I’m re-posting this now given the Manafort trial and Michael Cohen deal.

Regardless of your political bent, how can anyone believe anything? How can the crazed political agenda of the left and left-leaning media be allowed to usurp a presidency,  to present a host of lies and innuendo without themselves being held to the same scrutiny the right and Republican President are being held to? Allowing this, allowing crazed mob mentality to run amok among our leaders is the real threat to America. The saying is: when you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.

jailhouse-door-2Ohio State University, 1970. More than six hundred would be arrested. Most of them would have their cases dismissed because of entrapment. I was the first person arrested.

The demonstrators were sitting on the gates to the campus. The gates were open and while demonstrators were hindering traffic, the road was not blocked other than by people. From inside the campus, in plain clothes, what would turn out to be undercover FBI agents entered into the crowd. They pulled one demonstrator from the gates and started beating him. They made no attempt to arrest him or identify themselves. They simply beat him.

I was standing there with one of my professors. We had met for lunch and he wanted to see what was happening. I pleaded with the crowd to help the kid being beaten but no one did. Finally I threw down my books and grabbed the guy nearest me who was beating the demonstrator. I was immediately knocked out from behind. I came to in the paddy wagon where an undercover cop started and led a conversation that showed up verbatim at my trial.

I was in a holding cell for about eight hours. I had no one to help me and no money for bail. Finally another professor of mine, a friend, bailed me out. He took me to the hospital where I was treated for a concussion and patched up. If not for this friend, I would not have had a lawyer. I had no money, no resources. I was hurt and in trouble.

I’ve told this many times in many contexts and written about it too.

A legal defense fund was started and my friend made some calls to find out if they would take my case. When I say I had no money, this means none, nada. I was on a work study program that paid my tuition and I received a meager SSI benefit for my deceased mother which paid my rent. This was my entire income.

The arraignment came. The judge told the prosecutor it was a ridiculous case, so outrageous that he should dismiss it outright.  He then turned to me and said he wanted to dismiss the case but knew that if he did they would re-arrest me the moment I walked out the door. He said they would then file felony charges against me, my bail would skyrocket, and worse, they’d put me in the penitentiary for a year. So in my best interests, he said, he was holding the case against me over for trial.

Then came the wheeling-dealing, all of which was handled by my lawyer. We met in his office and he laid it all out. I was charged with three misdemeanors, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. If I didn’t cop a plea, they would file a felony against me, Rioting One. The penalty for that was prison time in the penitentiary. As well, I had to face a disciplinary hearing in the university’s ombudsman’s office. If I didn’t cop a plea, they would try me immediately and if were found guilty, which I surely would be, not only would I go to prison for a year, but I’d also be expelled from the university and never be allowed to graduate. I was a senior in my last quarter.

So what choice was there for me? In the end, what I did or didn’t do didn’t matter. Truth didn’t matter. Getting their conviction was all that mattered and they were willing to ruin my life for that. 

This is the anatomy of a coerced guilty plea. Imagine what they did to General Petraeus, Michael Flynn and so many others.


shell gameFor years now our government has been running a Kabuki Theater on us. Every day we see the same crap over and over. We’re told one thing, but the government’s interests go somewhere else. We’re told the government cares and “will get to the bottom of what’s going on,” but it never does. Congressional approval hovers around 18%. About 50% of Congressmen are millionaires and more than 60% of Senators are millionaires. Their median net worth is more than one million dollars and thus one lawmaker’s net worth is more than eighteen regular American households. No wonder Nancy Pelosi referred to the tax cuts as crumbs.

We’ve come to insanity, of course. The informal definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In this regard we fought the war on poverty for more than 50 years without actually putting a dent in poverty in America or changing the demographics of the poor. In this regard, we’ve spent more and more and more money per capita on education and yet we rank approximately fifteenth in the world in education. And that’s being kind of kind.

It gets worse, not better. The Democrats, who have been mostly in charge of our inner cities, have managed to create and sustain urban centers where poverty abounds, murder rates soar, crime is rampant, education is sub-par and the homeless litter the streets defecating wherever they choose while the police are instructed not to bother them.

Of course when asked about this the Democrats will continually blame other people and other things and insist they have no culpability as they make sanctuary cities which allow more poor, more ignorant, more culturally dissociated people to roam freely and use the limited resources that are dwindling. Then they insist they are looking after the best interests of the American citizens.

Kabuki theater.

It’s a con, a shell game, a façade.

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more-truthWell, we can kiss truth goodbye. When you can’t believe the FBI Director and the former Director of National Intelligence was found to have lied under oath… Or maybe we should look at Susan Rice, you know the Benghazi video lie, or Hillary herself, who lied to the parents of the deceased while telling her own daughter the truth… Oh the loss of the truth in America is clearly demonstrable and ever-apparent.

I know. The left-leaners will say Trump, Flynn, Manafort and a whole host of righties lie. But doesn’t that just underscore the point?

Loss of the truth gets worse. It gets downright disgusting. Not only can we not trust politicians, but we are witnessing the complete breakdown of the free and independent press, and this is more dangerous than any lying politicians. The facts are clear. Eighty percent of all stories regarding President Trump have been negative. It’s unheard of. The media have an anti-Trump agenda and are using their powers to attempt to destroy him. When the free, independent press gets biased, no matter for which side, it’s no better than Putin controlling his press in Russia. In effect, as the in-the-tank-for-the-Democrats media continue to claim (and still with not one shred of evidence) Trump is connected to Putin, they  are actually  doing Putin’s bidding for him: weakening America by fabricating what the public sees and hears.

A biased press is un-American and the left-leaning media are moving America into very dangerous waters. They claim to talk for the American people. They profess to know what Americans want and need. At best, they can only speak for the half of the population that didn’t vote for Trump, the ones they call the deplorables. Their premise and their claim are false to begin with.

Justice got kissed away on the tarmacs. If there were any doubt remaining about  the outright bias in the media, any doubt remaining about their political agenda, that doubt died on the tarmacs. The biased media never truly explored the actual connection between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. It never took the time to explore the lack-of-justice department’s attempts to stymie FBI investigation.  The Democrat-leaning media ridicule the very notion of justice, just as they ridicule the very notion of truth.

The greatest threats to America are no longer external. They tell us it’s Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. They tell us it’s ISIS and Islamic Extremist Terrorism. They even try to tell us it’s global warming as the greatest threat.


The real threat to America is internal. It is the persistent and determined undermining of the American Way, of one of the core premises of our democracy, which is a free and unbiased press . The Democrat-supporting media are putting America in true jeopardy and peril not by their opposition to anything President Trump does even before he proposes it, but by attempting to destroy his presidency through ridiculous hyperbole and ignoring in their reporting what is actually happening.

So what’s next? Destruction of truth and justice is pretty much done. Is destruction of the American Way next? Revisionist history aims at that. In its biased and slanted coverage of it, it would seem the biased media will settle for nothing less.

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Unless you’ve been in the sights of the big powers out there, any big power, you don’t really know the force of the powers that be. And if you’re one of those people who have never been in the crosshairs, you’re likely to scoff at the idea of the notion that the powers out there even have crosshairs. That’s why this blog featured a series of entries entitled Which Shoes Do You Wear. That series simply says that depending upon which shoes you wear, that’s how you see the world.

Now in the scope of things that’s probably not a tremendously profound statement, but in the reality of the world today it speaks to whether you are one to believe the antics of either side of our government or one to be skeptical about them both. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

So I started by telling the story of the Ohio State University riots circa 1970 where more than 600 people were arrested.  Most of the arrests at Ohio State that day were thrown out of court when it was discovered that the riots were started by undercover FBI and undercover policeman who were waiting to beat up and arrest demonstrators.  That series of riots led to the Kent State shootings where four students were shot by National Guardsmen.  And so it went.

That I was in the crosshairs there and saw it firsthand, experienced it firsthand because I was the first one arrested at Ohio State, only goes to show that I can attest to the fact that the crosshairs of the powers that be truly do exist.

Shoot forward to today. Ask Michael Flynn about the crosshairs. Ask any of the organizations earmarked by the Obama IRS for not getting tax-exempt status about the crosshairs. Ask the policeman in Baltimore, those six who were eventually acquitted, about the crosshairs.

I could go on and on and on and on. Ask Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren who’s in their crosshairs. And just to be fair, ask President Trump who’s in his.

Truth is, the crosshairs exist. People are targeted all the time. Before the civil rights movement you might say it was the blacks in the crosshairs. Today, you might say it’s the whites, particularly white males. That’s depending upon which shoes you wear, of course.

One thing is sure, once you’re targeted by any one of the big powers out there, your life as you once knew it is pretty much over.

Some truly diabolical things are going on and have been going on for a long time in this country but more so since the Obama presidency. When Obama began his run for president the media showed their true colors, how in the tank they were for the liberal cause. Now in and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with the media supporting a side. However it is very dangerous when a biased media portrays itself as a free press and enjoys the protections saved for the free press despite the fact that it is not acting in good faith as a free press.

Crosshairs! We’ve come to the point where we’ve thrown reason into the garbage and have split into two sides with each side holding the other in its crosshairs. What’s next, another Civil War?

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disfluency_logoSo an Orthodox Rabbi was asked how Orthodox Judaism had managed to survive all these years without changing any. The answer came amazingly quickly and was stunningly simple.

“If you don’t want anything to change, you don’t change anything,” he said.


In our society we have this discussion all the time. You can see it on the news every day. It’s generally a question of where you draw the line. In fact, in today’s world, one of the most dramatic examples of this involves free speech. If it’s okay for a leftist activist to speak at a university, how can it not be okay for a right-wing conservative to speak at the same university? Or, where do you draw the line?

Common sense says either you allow both to speak, or you allow neither one to speak. But if you don’t want the right to free speech to break down in America, you can’t pick a side according to an agenda.

Orthodox Judaism has made some adaptations. With the advent of electricity came non-stop elevators in high rise buildings so an Orthodox Jew can now live on the forty-fifth floor of an apartment building in New York and go out to synagogue on Sabbath since it is not considered riding (like riding in a car) and it isn’t considered work (since one doesn’t have to push a button to pick the floor to stop on). Similarly, slow cookers and crock pots allow food to stay warm all Sabbath long without one actually cooking.

Adaptation is okay. After all, it is how the human race (should we call it hu-people?) has come about and gotten to where we’ve gotten. But… when it starts to go against reasoning that’s a different matter.

English Language Learners (ELLs) have caused a dramatic breakdown in our language. More precisely, allowing multiple languages to be spoken by offering accommodations to people living in America such that they don’t have to learn the language is what has done so.  Again, reasonable adaptations to the language are expected, but out and out grammatical breakdowns and misinterpretations are not acceptable.

ELLs are not to blame, of course. But the global nature of things has magnified the effects of multi-languages being spoken in America on dysfluency. So, for example, when you call your credit card company and someone in India answers the phone to handle your customer service issue, you may not only not understand him/her due to his/her accent, but you may also be subjected to a host of incorrect English speaking, misunderstandings, non-understandings and even, perhaps, confusion. Sooner or later, the language breaks down. It breaks down much more rapidly under these conditions.

The internet is another way this happens, again because the person writing the text you are reading may have extremely limited English language skills and, after all, the work is being outsourced since it is less expensive. The company doing the text might be located anywhere in the world, but usually of course they are in countries where the labor rate is much lower than here. There’s no guarantee that the editor, if there is one, will pick up any errors.

The sum effect of this, over time, is a breakdown in the language. With errors occurring being overlooked, sooner or later an error occurs in an area where it actually affects meaning and/or interpretation of the wording.

Bingo! Then it depends upon what the definition of is is.

Once again, what is most germane in this discussion of the breakdown of language and reasoning is who benefits from it. If one can say nonsensical things and not be called out for them and one can put forth wholly illogical arguments without being shot down for them, language and reasoning go into a free-fall, which is kind of like where they are now.

You have to ask: who benefits from this?

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social DarwinismOn some level, it doesn’t matter all that much if private corporations succumb to Social Darwinism by making profit their bottom line. That’s capitalism! Of course the product must not be compromised and the employees must not be abused. Work conditions and wages must be appropriate. But there are always decisions to be made and very often there are trade offs. For example, sometimes everyone must make a sacrifice for the sake of a business to remain in existence. Sometimes it’s better to make a small sacrifice and remain employed than refuse to do so and become unemployed.

In the private sector, unions can only get away with what the market will bear. Through the union era, labor unions pushed for wages and benefits. When demands became too great, businesses pushed back, very often threatening to close and reorganize while protected under bankruptcy laws. Obama’s seizure of the auto industry short-circuited this process, not for the better since taxpayers were burdened where they shouldn’t have been and non-favored, perhaps not-paying-off businesses, were forced under. Left to its own devices, Ford survived wholly on its own, surely making a mockery of Obama’s claim of saving the industry and underscoring the fact that when government intervenes in the free market both the market and the taxpayers suffer.

Public service unions whose contracts are with governments are different animals. Governments do not go bankrupt, though perhaps they should. Their funds are unlimited and the unions know this, the politicians know this, and the taxpayers know this since it is always their money that is taken. Unions in this sector continually demand, politicians promise, and governments routinely borrow to meet the demands. In big cities like New York, the government is held hostage by the sanitation workers union in the hot summer when their contract expires. Ever wonder why their contract expires in the summer? Garbage not picked up for a few weeks doesn’t really stink in the freezing winter. But it’s pretty gross in the summer swelter. Some genius union leader got really smart.

Overall, private sector union membership has significantly decline since the 1980s but currently public service union membership is approximately five times that of private sector union membership. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union membership is nearly half what it was in the 80s. In 2015 total union membership rate was 11.1 percent. It was 20.1 percent in 1983 when records started being kept. Currently, private sector membership is about 6.5 percent while public sector membership is over 35 percent. BLS News Release 1/2016.

This is all part of Social Darwinism. The primary purpose of unions originally was to protect the worker. Now, in an era where unions are somewhat outdated and even extraneous, the unions’ key goal is survival. Following sanitation’s lead, generally the police and fire unions get quid pro quo. Often, the teachers get less since in America teachers are considered tantamount to babysitters. But the teachers went national and have grown to epic proportions. Today, the AFT is a key player in elections, national and local, and in similar form so are the police and firefighters.

National municipal unions in today’s America do very little to protect and serve their rank and file. We hear about the high profile cases but seldom see the routine and mundane lack of services provided the general membership. Continual expansion, collecting dues and supporting political candidates for the purposes of union survival is now the primary function of public service unions. About 900 million dollars of union money went to, you guessed it, Democrats in 2004. That was to swell the size of government or increase union dues base. More than that went out in 2011 and 2016 is a municipal back-Hillary priority for the same purpose.

Public service employees must join their unions and must pay dues. They have no say where their union donates, so union members very often contribute to a candidate not of their choice. More important, the unions no longer exist to serve the rank and file. Having succumbed to Social Darwinism, they now exist to exert political capital to expand their membership base through swelling government. This is with no concern whatsoever for whether expanding government is beneficial or detrimental to the union members and the clientele they serve.

Survival at any cost has usurped their original purpose. Survival, not benefiting the people they are supposed to serve or even their clientele, is now their prime directive. They have succumbed to Social Darwinism.

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By Bernard Kerik
Tuesday, 31 July 2018 12:32 PMCurrent | Bio | Archive

Read Newsmax: Mueller’s Weaponized Justice System Should Scare All Americans |

Last night I came across a   tweet   by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in which he said, “I wish we had Lt. Columbo right now, to walk into the special counsel’s office and say, ‘You know, there’s something about this that bothers me…'”

He also attached an article, titled: “A Look at Manafort and Cohen, as Manafort Trial Starts.”

His focus and rightfully so, is on Manafort and Cohen’s distinctively different approaches on how they’re dealing with being selectively and politically targeted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the U.S. Justice Department.

Manafort appears determined to fight it out and defend himself from charges that would have never been brought had he not supported and worked for a short period of time on the president’s political campaign. Apparently he has the money to do so… at least for the time being, as the prosecutors have an endless amount of money to spend in their quest for victory and are accountable to no one, as to how they spend it, or why.

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn started out the same way, wrongfully assuming what most Americans once did, that if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, and your cooperation is your best bet.

Unfortunately, he learned the hard way, that politically motivated prosecutors aren’t concerned with the truth, or give a damn about your service to our country, or how devastating their pursuit for a conviction can be — personally, financially, or professionally, annihilating you. For years, prosecutors have compelled guilty pleas of innocent people by pressuring their families, or extorting false witness testimony to obtain their convictions, it took this, the Manafort, Cohen and Flynn cases, for the public and press to pay any attention to it. In Flynn’s case, he pled guilty to making a false statement, but had he not, the government would have targeted his family, and bankrupted him, so he had no choice.

The Michael Cohen case is no different in the sense that he was politically targeted, but has revelations that are completely baffling.

I was outraged, as I’m sure was the president, that Cohen too, was targeted by the Special Counsel’s office, another victim, who would have never been in their crosshairs had he not worked for President Trump.

I was also stunned when the government raided his home, office, and hotel room, seizing his personal and professional records. This action was above and beyond the norm, but done for a purpose: to create a conflict between the president and his former counsel, and to insure that Cohen and president couldn’t communicate, and then to apply pressure on Cohen, like Flynn and Manafort, to flip on the president — in this case his own client.

Although I didn’t know Cohen personally, we had many mutual friends and just about every one of them described him as an extremely loyal and tough guy. In my eyes he turned out to be neither.

As someone that’s been through this nightmare and known many others that have, I can tell you that the personal pressures are enough to drive you into a manic depression, with thoughts of suicide. It kills or cripples you, or makes you stronger, and I personally feel bad for Cohen, because he is definitely not as tough as everyone thought.

What baffles me more, is his conduct before this all began, when he secretly taped private conversations between him and his client, Donald Trump. That raises serious questions about his motives, character, and credibility. There’s no logical answer as to why Cohen secretly taped his client, which creates the blatant perception that his motives were sleazy and ill intended.

Strangely, now he’s put himself in a position where the one and only person that could ever help him has realized his true character; and his chances of cooperating with the government have been diminished substantially due to his credibility, motives, and who knows what else. In the meantime, all the president’s critics have become his new best friends, milling about like hyenas in “The Lion King,” at least until they determine his usefulness. Then he’ll have no one.

All of this makes for great headlines and intrigue, but what bothers me more than anything, is that it doesn’t bother many members of Congress, or the ACLU, or the criminal justice reform advocates — like dozens, maybe hundreds of them.

Groups that rake in millions of tax dollars, calling for justice and pushing out messages on prosecutorial misconduct, over-criminalization, prosecutorial discretion, and selective targeting and prosecutions. There’s never been a greater public demonstration of all of this than these prosecutions, but because the intended target is Donald Trump, they’re eerily silent.

Last night Alan Dershowitz said that, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hoping that Paul Manafort will opt to testify against the president, rather than face a lengthy prison sentence.”

Doesn’t that bother the members of Congress sitting on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees? That our government weaponized its criminal justice system to specifically target the president and in the process, are destroying American citizens for selective and political reasons.

Perhaps because they’ve never been through it, or never known anyone that has. Perhaps they don’t give a damn as long as it suits their political needs and agenda?

Cohen, Flynn, and Manafort were targeted for political reasons, and that should scare the hell out of every American in our country, no matter what color you are, how you vote, or how wealthy you are, and something must be done to stop it.

It’s time for the U.S. Attorney General to stop this madness, and create internal policies to prevent it from happening in the future, and if for some reason, he cannot get the job done, that the president must find someone that can.

As New York City’s 40th Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik was in command of the NYPD on September 11, 2001, and responsible for the city’s response, rescue, recovery, and the investigative efforts of the most substantial terror attack in world history. His 35-year career has been recognized in more than 100 awards for meritorious and heroic service, including a presidential commendation for heroism by President Ronald Reagan, two Distinguished Service Awards from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and an appointment as Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.