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jackassThe first and major purpose of a government is to protect its citizens and to protect the rights of its citizens. This is stated in various ways and goes back to the Ancient Greeks who said that the purpose of government is to improve the lives of its citizens. Note the operative word: citizens. One more time, since that word is very clear: to protect the rights of its citizens. The operative word is citizens.

No. The United States is not a world government. No. The citizens of the United States are not world citizens. No the citizens of the United States do not have citizens’ rights in any other country unless they hold citizenship there too. Similarly, and consequently, citizens of other countries do not have citizens’ rights in the United States. They are not world citizens unless other countries want to accept that fact, and honestly there aren’t any yet.

So, how stupid is America?

The first sure sign of America’s stupidity is the game its citizens allow the government to play with its language and its confuscating of the definition of citizen.

No. Illegal aliens are not undocumented citizens. No. Although the government under the past president would have you think so, it is not wrong to call illegal aliens illegals. It is also not wrong to call them aliens. They are not immigrants if by immigrant one means a person who comes to establish permanent residence. Permanent residence implies legal status though not necessarily citizenship. So if an illegal alien in his or her heart wants to stay here permanently, the best he or she can become is a long-term undetected illegal alien. He or she would not be a citizen, can never become a citizen without moving through the proper channels to do so, and is only here by the fact that he or she remains undetected.

Illegal aliens are not entitled to the benefits of citizenship and should not be. They should not be allowed to vote. They should not get public housing, welfare, social security or food stamps. They should not be entitled to any form of public assistance.

So how stupid is America?

America affords all of the above to its illegal aliens. The shameless leaders, from the Congress down to local state and city governments, offer us all kinds of silly arguments to protect their ability to keep the flow of illegals coming into the United States. It is in their best interests, but it is not in our best interests. Most of our leaders these days are millionaires and being leaders they do not spend much of their own money. They and their children and families, for the most part, live in the gated cities, protected by bodyguards and private security, and sometimes by the Secret Service. Their world is not our world.

How stupid is America?

State and city governments won’t even turn over public voting records to the Justice Department. They are required to do so upon written notice but fail to comply. Why? What are they afraid of? Why, in America, the land of the free where anyone can walk into a DMV and get an official ID, is an ID not required to vote?

There are only several reasons for the stupidity  the American Citizens are allowing their governments, local, state and Federal, to perpetrate. One is indifference. A second is not wanting to rock the freebie boat. A third is ignorance. The condition of our education, by the way, is a reason unto its own for why we are so stupid.

America the stupid. Only in America can an illegal alien get a legal aid lawyer and sue the government for not protecting his/her rights. Only in America are American citizens and taxpayers forced to support those who have broken our law, do not legally belong here and are very often treated better than the hardworking citizens supporting them.

So, how stupid are we?

By Peter Weiss


originally posted in October 2018. If you saw the House of Representatives on TV today, you know why it’s Kabuki Theater and you know how much stupid is going on in America. 

kabuki 1

Stupid is as stupid does—that’s what America has come to. It would be funny if it weren’t funny.

Not too long ago, in talking to someone who’s a recent college grad, it came out that they (gender pronoun purposely omitted to appease the PCP (political correctness police) did not know who Al Sharpton was or who Newt Gingrich was. It became apparent that when speaking about issues, this person was not firing on all thrusters. It became more apparent that if someone could go all the way in school through college and not know who these two people are, something is drastically wrong.

In all fairness, it might be possible to not know who Newt Gingrich is. But not to know who Al Sharpton is? That’s pretty incredible.

Not too long ago in another blog post it was mentioned that although America spends more money per student than any other country in the world we still only rank number 15 in the world in education. Of course we all know that money doesn’t mean everything. But America? Here too, apparently there’s something drastically wrong for us to be number 15 in the world in education.

We’ve done some other things that are actually pretty stunningly stupid. For example, we’ve fought the war on poverty since approximately 1965, or about 53 years, and spent approximately $23 trillion in real dollars on this war. Yet in all this time we’ve done virtually nothing to reduce the poverty rate in America. As well, we’ve done little to change the demographics of the poor.

Another thing we’ve done that’s incredibly stupid is go to Vietnam. The French fought there for almost 11 years and couldn’t do anything. What made us think we could do something?

Then of course there’s Afghanistan. Another stupidity on America’s part. The Russians fought there for about ten years. We should have known that we couldn’t do anything there, but stupid is as stupid does.

Shall we go on?

Many of the things America is doing now belies any sense of logic. For example, what kind of country can one have if one does not have borders, if one allows people to come into the country without being checked and then offers them medical care, welfare, drivers licenses and even the right to vote? In some places non-citizens can hold public office!

The first duty of the government, and the primary reason governments are formed is to protect its citizens. How is America protecting its citizens?

Stupid is as stupid does. Look at our politics. It’s almost hard to know where to look without seeing stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does. All through America, lots of stupid going on.

By Peter Weiss

Originally posted in August 2018

media biasNo Truth, No Justice. What’s next? The American Way?

Well, we can kiss truth goodbye. When you can’t believe the FBI Director and the former Director of National Intelligence was found to have lied under oath… Or maybe we should look at Susan Rice, you know the Benghazi video lie, or Hillary herself, who lied to the parents of the deceased while telling her own daughter the truth… Oh the loss of the truth in America is clearly demonstrable and ever-apparent.

I know. The left-leaners will say Trump, Flynn, Manaforte and a whole host of righties lie. But doesn’t that just underscore the point?

Loss of the truth gets worse. It gets downright disgusting. Not only can we not trust politicians, but we are witnessing the complete breakdown of the free and independent press, and this is more dangerous than any lying politicians. The facts are clear. Ninety percent of all stories regarding President Trump have been negative. It’s unheard of. The media have an anti-Trump agenda and are using their powers to attempt to destroy him. When the free, independent press gets biased, no matter for which side, it’s no better than Putin controlling his press in Russia. In effect, as the in-the-tank-for-the-Democrats media continue to claim (and still with not one shred of evidence) Trump is connected to Putin, they  are actually  doing Putin’s bidding for him: weakening America by fabricating what the public sees and hears.

A biased press is un-American and the left-leaning media are moving America into very dangerous waters. They claim to talk for the American people. They profess to know what Americans want and need. At best, they can only speak for the half of the population that didn’t vote for Trump, the ones they call the deplorables. Their premise and their claim are false to begin with.

Justice got kissed away on the tarmacs. If there were any doubt remaining about  the outright bias in the media, any doubt remaining about their political agenda, that doubt died on the tarmacs. The biased media never truly explored the actual connection between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. It never took the time to explore the lack-of-justice department’s attempts to stymie FBI investigation.  The Democrat-leaning media ridicule the very notion of justice, just as they ridicule the very notion of truth.

The greatest threats to America are no longer external. They tell us it’s Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. They tell us it’s ISIS and Islamic Extremist Terrorism. They even try to tell us it’s global warming as the greatest threat.


The real threat to America is internal. It is the persistent and determined undermining of the American Way, of one of the core premises of our democracy, which is a free and unbiased press. The Democrat-supporting media are putting America in true jeopardy and peril not by their opposition to anything President Trump does even before he proposes it, but by attempting to destroy his presidency through ridiculous hyperbole and ignoring in their reporting what is actually happening.

So what’s next? Destruction of truth and justice is pretty much done. Is destruction of the American Way next? Revisionist history aims at that. In its biased and slanted coverage of it, it would seem the biased media will settle for nothing less.

By Peter Weiss


Because it seems especially appropriate today while the Kabuki Theater goes on in Congress with the AG 

While the show goes on in Congress, that unconscionable spectacle the despicable Dems in all their glory are insistent upon conducting today of all days…

Nearly every 30 seconds a human being will be abducted and trafficked for various reasons, the most diabolical of which is for sexual slavery.

While the show goes on and the taxpayer monies are squandered by our impotent leaders passing resolutions they know can’t succeed…

Virtually nothing will be done to stop or even try to stop those who are perpetrating the abduction of those human trafficking victims some of whom will be abused beyond any sense of what humanity understands.

While the mainstream media aids and abets the despicable Dems in conducting its unconscionable spectacle by advancing their narrative, a narrative any fact-based inquiry would debunk in a flash…

80% of those people abducted and trafficked will be girls.


The billionaire owners of the mainstream media, some of whom are themselves complicit in sexual abuses, will each personally make millions more dollars.

And on it goes.

Yes, this is what we’ve come down to.

While our millionaire-club leaders and their billionaire media-giant-owner abettors sell us a crock of s–t so ridiculous they’ve had to dumb-down education in America for decades to be able to accomplish it, some of the worst things imaginable are going on right under our very noses.

No. It’s not climate change.

No. It’s not that the world is going to end in twelve years.

No. It’s not that we have a Republican President.

No. It’s not all the phony-baloney crap incessantly being eructated about him over the airwaves and in our Congress.

It’s not that white supremacy is gaining ground, because it isn’t, that’s just one of their prevalent myths.

And it’s not that we are somehow more of a racist country than we were twenty or thirty years ago.

That’s just what they, the despicable Dems and their billionaire media-owner abettors would have us believe.

It’s much worse than any of that.

First and foremost, it’s the diabolical nature of the billionaire-owned media moguls who have monopolized and consequently weaponized the media. These are the people who own organizations like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, to name just a few, who have bought major media outlets to advance their own personal and political interests.

The continual and blatant media bias is perhaps the single most dangerous thing we face today in our society. Once the media inclusive of the Free Press stop seeking truth and start picking political sides thereby presenting a biased, political narrative, we find ourselves no better than a Third-World country in the throes of propaganda.

The second most dangerous thing going on in our society is the weaponization of the Justice Department and other governmental agencies. This was done for the very first time in modern times in the Obama administration where the attorneys general were political animals serving at the behest of a Democratic president that allowed the IRS to target political enemies. Remember Lois Lerner? She got a pension.

Within this politically weaponized Justice Department, the FBI has been allowed to selectively target the people it wants to get and to prosecute only them. When the laws are enforced selectively and not uniformly, it is not really law at all. Martin Luther King Jr. said this.

So while the Kabuki Theater goes on on TV conducted by our barrel-of-monkeys leaders, at the rate of nearly 2 per minute, how many people will be trafficked?

Yes, that’s a math problem most Americans are probably not able to solve anymore because of the dumbed-down education they’ve been getting. Certainly they would probably not be able to solve it without their electronic equipment.

The despicable Dems and their billionaire media-owner allies are leading us into what looks like the setting for the Hunger Games series of movies, that affluent gated city controlling the impoverished and enslaved districts.

On some level, it looks as if this is what they, those despicable Demand their media-mogul allies would have.

No matter how you slice it, it ain’t pretty.

By Peter Weiss

originally posted in February 2019

media manipulation

No one questions that nicotine is a drug just as no one questions that heroin, cocaine and meth are. When you get down to it, sugar is a drug too. Once you get a taste for it you want more and more. It’s hard to withdraw from sugar as well.

We don’t generally think of hate as a drug, but these days in our world there is an awful lot of hate going around. Oh, we all know it’s probably been here all along, all this hate, but it’s mostly been concealed, certainly not fashionable to put it out on display.

That’s all changed. Turn on any of the major networks or the major cable media outlets. You’ll find their news people simply hate the president. It’s clear. It’s obvious. They even have 101 ways of explaining why it’s okay to do so because, as they’ll tell you, he’s the cause of all the evil we’ve ever seen in the world.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Chuck Schumer loves the words “the truth is.” The day before the State of the Union Address on the floor of the Senate he made a statement saying “The president will say predictably that the state of our Union is strong, but the truth is the state of the Trump economy is failing America’s middle class,” and “The state of the Trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence.”

Honestly, he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore than we do. Clearly the economic facts belie what Schumer relates to as truth. Furthermore, Schumer has no idea whether or not Trump’s administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. That’s his opinion. Opinions are not facts and we all know the joke about opinions.

Schumer is nothing more than a politician. He’s spent just about his whole adult life in politics. He’s been in the US House of Representatives and/or the Senate since 1981.

Schumer may be qualified to talk about political circles but he has little business experience, little experience making a product and/or being responsible for creating paychecks for people whose livelihoods depend upon the success of the business in which they work. In politics, maybe sticking with who you’ve got even if they don’t do a good job is preferable because it creates the impression that things are under control. God forbid they should give an impression that things aren’t in control.

In business producing is important. Surely on the top levels if you can’t produce you don’t get to stay. Thus, it is certainly possible that the turnover Schumer calls chaos and incompetence is nothing more than an attempt to find people who can best produce. In business creating the best product for the lowest cost is the formula for success. Our politicians with their endless supply of our tax dollars know nothing about that.

One thing is clear. With the popularity of our Congress down in the teens, some 30 points lower than Trump’s popularity, Schumer has little room to criticize the current administration or any administration about anything.

So what do you do when you have no policies, when you have no answers, when you’re disliked and unpopular?

The answer is quite simple. Manufacture someone to hate. Create a foe, a scapegoat, an object of derision and ridicule  to attack repeatedly.

This is the hate drug, the number one Democrat tactic. If you have nothing to offer, offer someone to hate. Offer someone to hate, have the media broadcast your hate all over the place all of the time and sooner or later you’ve got a good portion of the public hooked on your hate drug. They’ll tune in every day for their daily fix.

By Peter Weiss 

originally posted March 1, 2018

and the winner isFrom the start, Obama’s proclivity toward communism and his general disdain for the American way of life were inherent in his attitudes as president. While these proclivities could not be seen looking directly at him, they could be clearly seen in the group of people he brought with him to the White House. Every president surrounds himself with people he trusts, with people whose views are simpatico and in line with his agenda. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this. The electorate expects it then takes comfort in the fact that a president is limited to two terms, one of the built-in constitutional protections against a takeover.

In what was seemingly a normal, rational world, which we were at the time Obama became president, those who liked the new leader were happy. Those who didn’t, not all of course, but most, were at least respectful of the person and the office. They were generally tolerant of the changes, willing to give him a chance, and they were even hopeful that as the first African American president he would unify us as no other president before him had done.

Obama truly offered hope and change. The problem was that few people understood what he meant by that slogan. Those people who did understand it had taken the time to look into his origins,  his upbringing and his associates.  Those people, of two kinds, were basically supporters or opposers. The opposers were quickly saddled with that racist label, branded almost immediately with the R word. The goal of the racist branding was to silence all opposition to the pro-communist, anti-American president of the United States.

So Obama was the big winner. He was the big winner because people were afraid to speak out against him for fear of being called a racist. He was the big winner because he carried the mainstream media in his pocket (and still does). He was the big winner because as a result of both of these trends he went unchecked and mostly free to do what he set out to do.

In the scope of things, overall, we don’t know yet if his direction was a good one. Whether or not where Obama led us in his eight years as president was to a good place would surely seem controversial. One thing that is not controversial is that he was the big winner.

So what was Obama really about? What was the purpose of what has come to be known as the apology tour? What was the purpose of decimating the military? Of growing the Federal Government’s bureaucracy to bloated, wasteful limits? Of willfully and purposefully dividing the American populace along racial and class lines? Of giving away the store to our enemies and alienating our allies? Of moving the Democratic party so far to the left that it would be unrecognizable to its greatest liberals of yesteryear?

This was his fundamental transformation and Obama was and is the big winner because he was able to partially achieve this transformation, a transformation we now know was the attempt to scale down the United States as a world power and world leader.

Unfortunately, the answers to what Obama was about are relatively simple but the issues are rather complex. In the end, the overriding answer to what Obama was about was power, pure and simple. The secondary answer is that he was about the taking down of what he was raised to believe was the evil capitalist empire that was so presumptuous as to dominate the world. Or, he was about the transformation of the United States into a non-power. He did not like the United States. Neither did his wife, his pastor or most of his friends and his associates.

Obama accomplished much of what he set out to do. And that makes him the big winner.

By Peter Weiss 

originally posted in October 2017

Barrel of MonkeysRemember the gorilla in Trading Places? Well that was Al Franken, the Senator from Minnesota who licked Obama’s shoes. Literally, that was him. He was the actual actor. In real life, he’s really no better than a gorilla. Feed him bananas and he’ll vote the way you want. As silly as he was in the movie, that’s how silly he is in Congress.

Do you know Master Politician Pelosi, of the self-praise stinks clan? Or teary-eyed Chucky? He’s from the weep-for-effect clan.

Yes, these are our leaders.

But this is not about them. Truly, they are despicable. They are unconscionable liars and they are hypocrites who are mostly immoral, self-serving beasts. Why they keep being elected is beyond any sensibility whatsoever.

But really this is not about them. This is about the elephants in the room.

I know. Maybe it’s a mixed metaphor. Maybe not. Turns out, though, as far as our leaders go, there’s not much difference. They’re all a barrel of monkeys.

This really is about the elephants. McConnell should be ashamed of his inability to rally his majority and pass repeal and replace. You know, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on us all and a pox on your house. Now it’s on to tax reform and smart money says Ryan and McConnell don’t perform here either.

Then there’s John McCain. It’s clear that his personal dislike of President Trump is more important than his responsibility to his job. Ditto with Lindsay Graham. Ditto for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and on and on.

So the Senate’s approval rating, which was under ten percent, sits now at about fifteen percent. The Republican voters, according to a recent poll, aren’t angry at President Trump, but they are angry at Congress and they blame Congress for nothing having gotten done.

Here’s the overriding metaphor for our wonderful Republican representatives: sixty times they overwhelmingly voted to repeal and replace Obamacare when their vote was symbolic and meaningless because Obama was president and they didn’t have the votes to override his veto of any bill they would send. Then they punked out of doing what they were elected to do when they had the power to do it simply because of their own individual personal self-interests.

What a bunch of goons. What a bunch of loons.

So we come to the bottom line. Our government no longer serves the interests of the American people. The Republicans, like the Democrats, are all monkeys dancing for the bananas thrown at them by the big money interests. They adhere only to the tenets of Social Darwinism. Their only goal is reelection. They will say and do anything for that and spin their actions in the finest, prettiest jargon they can pay their publicists to write for them. Overall, they are filled with hubris and driven by greed and selfishness.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. In Shakespeare (although the monkeys in education have deemed he no longer be read, minimizing and marginalizing one of the most astute recorders of human nature ever), wisdom and truth come from the clowns, the jesters and the blind. Not that President Trump is any of those, and whether you like him or not or agree with his policies or not, he is surely right that we must drain the swamp. Getting rid of the barrel of monkeys, in this case the elephants in the room would be a good start.

Term limits are certainly in order.

Published works by Peter Weiss

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